Green Curry, and at Least One Plan for 2007

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Curry1 I'm a fan of curries. Thai green curry is my favorite. I tried to make it several times and was always disappointed until my little sister wrote this recipe for me. It's easy, and I'm sure you could substitute chicken for the shrimp, or leave either out and just do the veggies. (The stove, fluorescently lit, was the only thing I could get a photo of yesterday.)

Susie's Green-Curry Shrimp

1 large clove garlic, crushed
1 large shallot, minced
1 yellow onion, diced
1 red pepper, diced (no ribbing please! — red parts only)
1 head broccoli florets
1 lb. shrimp, peeled and deveined
1 Japanese eggplant, sliced then cut into quarters
2 cans light coconut milk
1 T. green curry paste
1 c. frozen peas
1 small can bamboo shoots (julienned)

Saute shallot and onion in equal parts butter and oil (enough to coat bottom of your pan) until translucent. Add garlic and cook a few more minutes. Add about a teaspoon of salt and enough pepper so that you can see it freckling the onion-y stuff. Add broccoli florets and saute until almost tender. Add shrimp and eggplant and cook until shrimp turns pink. Add curry paste and stir until everything is coated, then add coconut milk and stir until combined. Don't boil, just simmer until shrimp are fully cooked (just a couple of minutes at most). Add peas and bamboo shoots and heat through. Serve over hot jasmine rice.

Curry2Susie gave me an enormous cookbook called Hot Sour Salty Sweet for Christmas. It's kind of like a coffee-table book more than something you'd want to splatter with curry sauce on the kitchen counter — I'm very intimidated by it. The authors have a complicated web site that my computer doesn't like very much, but the book is really beautiful. I aim to learn some things about Asian cooking this year. It's the type of cooking I just automatically assume I cannot do well. For Christmas I got Andy a first edition of The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook I mentioned last fall. We've made egg rolls, fried rice, and chicken with leeks and peanuts and I'll tell you, it was exciting. It totally worked. I couldn't believe it. It takes patience, and preparation. It's a good lesson for me, as I tend to rush through things most of the time. It takes some effort to make egg rolls from scratch, for instance. But the results were worth every little bowl I dirtied (and oh, there were many, many dirty little bowls, to hold all the little chopped up things, so many little bowls I actually ran out). It was sort of like Christmas: lots of preparation (fun), a lot of fun at the event itself, and then some serious clean-up, when you least feel like it. Oh well. That's life.

Anyhoo, where are we here. January 3? Time to start putting together a plan for 2007. Except that I don't plan. Except that I feel a serious need for one currently. Except that I personally find January rather challenging and overwhelming with all its expectations; I'm slow to sort out my "fresh start" stuff. However, I don't think it's too much to ask to do sit-ups every day, and it certainly is called for. I think I'll start with that.

The weather has been sooooo gloomy here I can't get a good photo of anything, but I've made a ton of new stuff I would show off if I could. Incessant movie-watching and an apparent inability to leave the property has resulted in a lot of crafting. But never mind. There are so many beautiful things to peruse at the Kim Family Benefit Art + Craft Auction, which started on Ebay today. I checked it out this morning and my heart just inflated with gratitude; there are so many bids on everything already I can't even believe it. Sob! Thank you to everyone who is out there supporting all of us artists as well as the Kim family, and an very heartfelt thank-you to Lisa and Stephanie and Gerrie, who have doubtless put in more hours on this than we'll ever know. Elodie-Anne and I are honored to be a part of it, and so grateful to those of you who have already bid, and those who, doubtless, will. Thank you. I do love this community so much.



Thanks so much for the recipe - I've been disappointed by the green curries I've made at home as well - is there a brand of green curry paste you recommend? I haven't had much luck with that either.

Happy new year, Alicia! One thing I'm going to do better this year is to "speak up" more, so, Hello. I have been reading your blog for months and love everything. Thank you for the inspiration, and thank you for sharing so much of you with us!

I grew up in Taiwan and although I love all kinds of food I can't go more than a couple of days without Chinese food. I don't feel like I have eaten otherwise, you know. My kids seem to prefer Asian dishes as well, so I'm kind of stuck with spending lots of time cooking Asian dishes most weekday lunches and dinners. Lots of work! One tip I recently read in RealSimple magazine is to use coffee filters as dishes for chopped bits and pieces, then you don't have too much to wash afterwards. I haven't tried this yet though... Best of luck with your cooking adventure! Love to hear more.

Now that looks simply gorgeous! Green curry paste hmm! Now that would make life a lot easier! I am off to the Asian grocery near my brother's house next weekend, I have an urge to make sushi! Fingers crossed that they have some there.

gorgeous doll and I am definitely trying the green curry, thanks!

The curry looks delicious. Thanks for the recipe. I'm so glad the auction is going well. Had a look this morning and couldn't believe how high the bids are already. I noticed that Elodie-Anne is doing particulary well. Not surprised. She is very cute and someone will be very lucky to get her. I'm sure she'll go to a lovely home.

Your green curry looks very yummy, I shall have to look for "green curry", I have never seen it before. My hubby and I love curries, so this is one I will try. BTW, I love the little dolls that you make. Cindy

Yum! I miss you, I think I should drive down to Portland and impose myself on you so we can sit around with tea and make things.

Tell Arden we got her letter, Emma was super excited. Let the pen-pal-ing begin!

Yum! I miss you, I think I should drive down to Portland and impose myself on you so we can sit around with tea and make things.

Tell Arden we got her letter, Emma was super excited. Let the pen-pal-ing begin!

ooh... the green curry looks wonderful! i am so looking forward to trying it out. thai cooking is on my 2007 goal list too... we've tried thai curries a bunch of times and never been really happy with them, so this is very exciting.
and the kim auction... wow. i have been amazed by the generosity and kindness of the arts&crafts community.

do you know why your doll has been removed from the action early??? about half of the items are no longer up for bidding. it hasn't even been 24 hours. whats happening??

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds January intimidating. I have so many pipedreams in my head, but all I feel like doing is hiding under the covers. Better yet can we stop time so I can catch up?

HotSourSaltySweet is one of my favorite cookbooks ever, in the reading and getting inspired category. The photography is amazing. The recipes are quite good, too. Less intimidating (for me anyway), is the book Home Baking by the same authors. Lots of regional recipes from all over and they really are approachable--the book is just so beautiful that it takes a while to believe the recipes are as easy as they seem. They're either writing or have just published a new cookbook, too, and I imagine it will be just as glorious. Happy Cooking!

I love your blog, and I love the fact you left your 9-5 to set up a business doing what you love. That is exactly my aim. Please take a look at my blog which I just started up - I would love to be added to your blog list (if you think me worthy, that is).

This was delicious...thanks for posting it. Perfect winter comfort food.

Hot Sour Salty Sweet is an awesome cookbook, and their other one, Mangoes & Curry Leaves, is even better! No need to be intimidated: when you read their stories about how they lived, traveled and ate, you'll find the book deserves some nice splatters. :-)

I was so excited to see your curry, I made my own version! Thank you!

I've been lurking for far too long - it's time to leave a comment. I absolutely love your blog, love your style and love your creations. You are one very talented woman.

I finally tried the green curry recipe and it is fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing!

Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I made it tonight for my parents and they loved it! I added carrots in place of the eggplant, which I couldn't find at the grocery store, and they turned out great. Next time I might try another veg in place of the broccoli (maybe sugar snap peas?) because my dad is a notorious broccoli hater. I definitely will be making it again, too: it was delicious, a big hit, and there's plenty leftover for lunch tomorrow!

thai food lvoer says: October 03, 2008 at 09:22 AM

hi. it might be because of the light coconut milk ... the very brand i've used is the full (i.e., not light) Aroyo-D it has a thick cram to it. alternatively, you might add coconut cream but i find ended up using to much and it tasted a bit oily. Also, cook everything in the broth first, then slowly add the coconut milk so that it does not curdle.

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