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A day in the studio, oh joy. I'll even vacuum it first. I've been cleaning a lot this weekend — did my Posie storage cabinets (hello Goodwill) as well as the dressers and my closet (double-hello Goodwill).


I gave several of the bookbags to my college friends, so now I only have five, but I really think I'm going to have more finished by the end of today and will put them in my web shop this week. I know I always say that. I've spent so much time on my 'ghans that I haven't made very much for anyone else lately. Yipes. Well, you gotta stick with your inspiration sometimes. Otherwise it feels like jogging on a treadmill — you know it's good for you, what you should be doing, but not that fun. . . .


But I've been going kind of slowly and steadily lately, trying to enjoy things rather than slam through them. When my intention is to go slow in my own life, deadlines and needs and demands of others necessarily speed it up, but I figure that just speeds it up to about regular speed instead of warp speed. Spring races past fast enough. Already the flowers on my trees are gone, replaced by small curly leaves. Others have yet to bloom, of course, but still, you know what I mean. It happens like a whoosh.


Alicia, your studio looks so lovely. I was admiring it in another post last week. A metals studio doesn't have quite the same feel, but I do what I can. What a great space in which to create. I love the new bags. You have such a wonderfull design sense, even the "hanger" photo. deedledumpling (diana)

All so springy and cute. Glad you're enjoying you days.

I know exactly how you feel. It seems everything just turned green overnight around here. My Soulangiana Magnolia tree dropped all of its flowers (which I was glad it flowered anyway, it is so messed up, it usually blooms in the fall for some reason?) I need to do some serious cleaning and arranging in my sparebedroom/craft room... but I have just been too busy outside enjoying the wonderful weather we are having before it gets to the "man, it is hot out here, wasn't it just spring yesterday?"!

It's a good thing you live in a different state, otherwise I'd be hanging out at the Goodwill stalking your stuff.

Those bags look delicious and also, why aren't my mundane plastic hangers photogenic?

Those bags are adorable! Those books will be very lucky to be hugged by bags as cute as those. Hooray for spring cleaning! Makes you feel good inside and out.

I'd be stalking that goodwill with Beth if I could! Instead I guess I will just roll around in your blog most the morning and then go shopping full in inspiration!

Hi alicia
I have been cleaning out my studio for about 3 mths now I am almost to the bottom yippeee I am so jealous that you have yours done

I LOVE the colours in your studio!!

Alicia, the little kid you describe on your store's homepage is ME!!! It makes me miss sitting in my grandmother's kitchen drinking iced tea, and makes me want to buy all the delightful things you make.

Luckily for me, I don't have to do any Spring cleaning because we've only been in this house for 2 months.

All this Springiness is making me want to spend more time outside, reacquaint myself with the blooms I haven't seen in a whole year!

You have such a beautiful studio. And I guess your cleaning is contagious, that is what I plan on doing today. I have to tell you I am so amazed, only you could see beauty in hangers, and it was there all right!

I've been cleaning out the nooks and crannies too. It is so difficult to start, but feels great when it's done. I wish-wish-wish that we had curly green leaves spouting here. But no, still just brown sticks. Yesterday at our Costco, I spotted branches of curly leaves and others of sprouting pussywillows in the florist section. I didn't buy them, but have been regretting it since then. I may go back today just to cheer myself up.

all the colours in this post are delicious! i applaud your intention to slow down and enjoy.

Oh, that's too funny--we're all fantasizing about lurking around the Goodwill bins to score Alicia's castoffs!! I'm guessing you didn't drop off in central North Carolina, though, so I'll just sit on my hands until the tote bags are out.

I think the cleaning up and clearing out makes more room for creativity, don't you? I can't wait to see what you do next!

Spring just won't stay put as much as we wish it would. My hyacinths bloomed yesterday and I am trying to savor the smell.

goodness, you even make plastic hangers look lovely! unbelievable.

Now I wish I frequented your local goodwill!I love to see your studio it always inspires me xxx

I love looking at the pictures in your blog... the colors are like a pleasant dream!

So, all kidding aside, where *did* you drop off? No, don't tell me. I need LESS stuff, not more. :-)

Yes, a whoosh is the right word! Those bags are so unbearably pretty. Hope I can catch one.

Angela Haselton says: March 26, 2007 at 04:54 PM

Aargh! I have such spring fever! So many things I want to do, so little time! Cleaning, shopping, crafting, gardening...I need to quit my full-time job so I have time to do my interests! Not to mention having time to do...nothing, absolutely nothing. Just watch spring...spring!

I ADORE your studio. I first saw pics of your home and studio in Romantic Homes magazine and it inspired me in decorating my own "craftnook" (a converted breakfast nook).

Oh, I'm so glad you're done sprucing up your place... now what must I do to entice you out to Astoria so you can organize my world? Heh...

It was amazing here yesterday! Sunny and bright. But alas, today is grey again and I'm finding it hard to believe we might ever see Spring!

(ps--loving the new banner, but... um, it's missing someone!)

Oh, and we need to have a chat about those plastic hangers! Tsk tsk. :D

I know what you mean. It seems as though no sooner has it begun that it is over. I remember getting all excited about the first crocus shoots and now the flowers themselves are on the way out. Oh well, ho hum! Onward and upward!

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