Rare Sunbreak in the Stacks, and a Baby Clover

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The weather in the Northwest is blustery and cold. Snow routes and ice scrapers are part of the morning. Andy took the bus today after almost getting stuck and then having to push someone up the hill yesterday morning, getting covered head to toe in slush, and all in his snazzy clothes, too! Portland is hilly, so one part of town can be perfectly fine, and just a couple miles away it's a much different story.

I didn't notice the snow and ice on the lawn, really, because I was in the studio all day and it's always pretty summery in there, it's true. This whole studio needs a good reorganizing. This is the only corner that looks neat and tidy. I definitely don't wash all my fabric before using it, by the way. It totally depends on what I'm making; if I'm not going to wash the finished thing, I don't prewash my fabric. I do put it in a giant laundry basket if I'm taking it out to the television to refold it all while watching ice skating competitions. And I actually came to the conclusion that I don't have too much fabric, I have too much fabric I don't take care of properly, as in I throw it back toward the shelves from across the room and then later, when I'm closer to the shelf, stuff it all frantically in there like a wild-eyed hamster hard at work, which, though physics is not my thing, doesn't seem like the most efficient use of space. (That's physics, right? I don't even know.) Anywy, it's something that doesn't come naturally, whatever it is. I have to take it all out and refold it regularly, lest it all come cascading off the shelf. A calico waterfall.

I've got a to-do list for spring that's filled with birds and flowers: new Friendly Birds, new Clothespin Doll Kits (these will be Flower Girls), new Cagelets. New postcards, new crochet patterns. Possibly new Bookbags (you can see some of the vintage fabrics there). Lots of things. My fingers are twitching. I'm almost there, but not quite. Not yet. Just thinking out loud here. I can't help it. I confess that I have been absolutely bested by my in-box and my P.O. box the past couple of weeks. I have a lot of catching up to do — the timing on everything has been kind of feast or famine around here. Slow and easy for a while, then everything happening at once. That's always the way, yeah? But thank you again to everyone who continues to write with such nice comments and emails about the article I wrote for the February/March issue of Hallmark magazine. It was a difficult story for me to write, and I'm completely overwhelmed by your kindness, I really am. Thank you.

I think I'll make some Malt-o-Meal for breakfast, to counteract the blustery weather. Don't you love that stuff, especially when it's lumpy? A little bit lumpy.

My mom sent me this photo yesterday, taken by her the first time she met Clover the first week we got her. Aaaggghhh! Oh honeygirl. I can't stop looking at this. Clover Meadowsweet two days in a row, but this is a great one. I didn't think you'd mind.

Cloverbaby Oh, I gotta go kiss her now, right on that droopy, fuzzy-wuzzy wittle wip.


I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that there can never, ever be too many puppy pictures.

I've never had Malt-O-Meal, but has anyone ever had CoCo Wheats? They were a staple on Saturday mornings in the winter when I was a kid! My mom would heat up the milk in the green pot and then stir in the CoCo Wheats when the milk was steaming. I would have a big bowl with a nice crusty layer of sugar over the top (which I would scrape off and eat and then replace with a new layer, repeat, repeat). And yes, the lumps! Yum!

I've tried to make them for my own husband and kids, but they never caught on. Oh, what they're missing - a bowl of CoCo Wheats, a cup of milk, a seat at the coffee table, and the Smurfs on a cold Saturday morning!

Laura in Naperville

Very cute picture of Clover. It shows her puppiness.

I love Malt-O-Meal!!! Maybe this is a midwestern thing? I always eat the original kind, but I use a little cream and a little pat of butter. And then I have a pile of chocolate chips, and I have to place each chip in pointy-side down. You can tell when they're thoroughly melted because the exposed circular chip-bottom turns uniformly darker. Then each spoonful MUST contain one chip. Heaven forbid eating a spoonful without a chip. Yuck.

My family won't eat Malt-O-Meal without lumps - the lumps are mandatory! LOL What a cute little girl that Clover is! How do you get any work done with her around?

I love the pictures of Clover! A couple of years ago we had a dog that we got from the shelter, his name was Wilson. He died unexpectedly and broke my heart. Actually, he's been gone over 2 years now, but I just miss him so-such a sweetie. Since he was a mutt from the shelter, we didn't know his breed. But looking into Clover's sweet, soulful eyes, I am convinced that my Wilson was part Corgie, and it's making me want another.

gah! she's so adorable i can barely stand it.

i covet your fabric closet. :)

oh sweet sweet puppy love!

My little boy is afraid of dogs, REALLY afraid. Yet, he loves animals and pretends to be them all of the time. I almost feel like we should get a dog to help him love doggies. But for now, I will just show him Clover's photo. :)

Alicia she's precious. I'd worry about you and the puppy talk if I didn't do the exact same thing with my doggies and 2 kitties. They'll always be babies won't they?

Please...you could post a Clover picture every day and NO ONE would complain. What a darling girl and what a lovely, lucky owner!

There is no such thing as too many cute puppers pics. I am also re-organising my craft room, slowly but surely, but seem to be on a roll with thrifting and ending up buying more, and adding it to the pile of stuff to be sorted out. I can't resist a bargain, especially where it's craft related. I justify it by telling myself that most of the things I make will be for sale, and that by buying things, I am contributing to the costs of my wedding later this year.... You have some lovely fabrics!

What a sweetie face!

You don't have too much fabric, you simply suffer from the same problem we all have: not enough hours in the day to sew!

I just read your story in the Hallmark mag. I'm so glad you are doing so well. Is Andy still working in nursing? What kind of nursing does he do?
Crafting and creating is a wonderfully healing art. I look back on my own difficult-sad times and realized that I have created some beautiful quilts that helped me process my grief-sadness. Thank you for this blog!

do you still make and sell the darling paper mache birdies with the flower necklaces?

Mmm Malto Meal. Life is good.

Grace Palazzolo says: January 29, 2008 at 09:41 AM

I read your blog everyday and love it! Of course But I was so touched by your article in Hallmark. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for the article and your cuteness on your blog. Hugz Grace

I think I would have to frame that photo of clover. She looks so sweet in it.

That is one cute puppy!!

I love Malt-O-Meal and I'll add it to the shopping list along with grits. My grandmother was a milliner so I'm all about those flowers. Thanks for the memory.

Bring on the puppy pics! i love them!

there can never be too much clover. the whiskers in particular are killing me right now.

Oh I love Malt-o-Meal all buttery and sugary and warm. The Hallmark article is LOVELY. And I think that with most creative people it is almost always Feast or Famine...

I love your puppy, it's so lovely.

Clover every day, that would be great.

And I remember your studio from the AT Got Color contest, it still makes me green to think of it. I am sure your description of the havoc therein is exagerrated for our amusement. :)

I love Malt-o-Meal..yummm! Cannot wait for all the wonderful goodies you have in store for Spring! And, no, there can never be enough adorable, sweet and fuzzy Clover. :)

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