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I was invited to go to a school pancake breakfast (and by the way, did you know that today starts Pancake Week? And I didn't make that up? Yay Pancake Week! Thanks Tara!) with some of my neighborhood elementary-school friends, but it got cancelled this morning because of the weather. It's not bad here, on our street at least, but I'm watching the Today show where they're showing pictures from the Midwest and it is frozen out there. Yipes. If you can swing it, I highly recommend a warm bowl of Malt-O-Meal. Sprinkled with a little bit of cinnamon sugar, the warm bowl is really a time-machine back to childhood snow days, I think.

By the way, speaking of bowls, when we were in Seattle a few weeks ago having breakfast with Blair we stopped in at a new-to-me Polish pottery shop at Pike Place Market (they don't seem to have a web site) and, B, I haven't stopped thinking about it since. Now I want new dishes. Or a few new dishes. My dishes, these solid, white standbys, have been with us for years — I got them all for a quarter per piece from a guy I knew who used to own a restaurant and was getting rid of it all. They're good, but seriously: Look at these. Gah. Maybe just a few? A few little Malt-o-Meal bowls? A sugar and creamer set? I can't decide what pattern I like. I like the little calico cream-and-blues. Well they're all pretty much calico cream-and-blues. I think I like the Morning Delight. I don't know, it's all just beautiful.

The embroidered dishtowel above is an old Martha from Kmart, which seemed appropriate because I've been designing a set of embroidered days-of-the-week dishtowels myself. I'm going to make them available in some format or another, either as a simple download pattern (do you hate transferring patterns?), or possibly a set of iron-ons (prefer to iron them on?) with a whole kit — I don't know, I haven't decided yet. My idea is to update the towels with, instead of teapots, images of heart-shaped pancake molds and pastry bags — the things I really use in my kitchen. I'll keep you posted on this, as I'm very excited about it! We go through dishtowels like Kleenex around here. I made lots of them as gifts before I had a blog so I don't have any photos, but I've never made any for myself. Anyway, blah blah. Just excited.

Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you for something. I just want to say thank you for welcoming Miss Clover Meadow as you have done these past four months. I don't talk about it very very much, because sometimes I have trouble saying things that are very important to me, but . . . thank you for being so kind to and enthusiastic about her. She is in every way as beautiful and wonderful as her auntie and, strangely, she also lets me cuddle her constantly (which is very much not like her dear, independent auntie) and . . . just thank you for so warmly and so sincerely welcoming our little four-leaf Clover. It means a lot to us.


How could we not love Clover? I'm not even a dog person and she makes me squeal every time I see her. What a peach.

I found your blog via web.mac.com/glamorouswhimsy
and I'm so happy I did. This is one of the best blogs out there.

If you can wait the long wait until September, the Polish festival at St. Stanislau's (on N. Interstate) always has a stand where beautiful Polish ceramic dishes are sold. And butter keepers, mixing bowls, serving dishes, and lots more! I covet the ones with the little blue stars on them.
And you get to devour yummy potato pirogies while you shop!

Oh, I just love day-of-the-week towels. Downloads would be fine with me.

Much love here for the little Cloverpuppy. She's adorable.

What a time for me to be out of Malt-O-Meal. Your picture makes me REALLY want a bowl. ;-)

It is hardly an effort to coo over pictures of such a sweet faced, furry, baby such as Clover.

Alicia, the same people who own the Polish Pottery shop in Seattle have a shop in Portland, too. They're located in NW Portland, just off of 23rd. I believe it is their daughter who runs the Portland shop. So head on over . . . I want to say that it's on one of the cross streets, just West of 23rd, between, say, Glisan and Northrup. Go on over and shop!

Oh, and the booth that sold Polish Pottery at the Polish Festival IS the same family that runs the shop I told you about on NW 23rd, so you don't have to wait until next autumn! We went to the Polish Festival this year (wonderful!) and yes, the lady there said the shop on 23rd is still open.

Wow! Those bowls over at Polish Pottery are GORGEOUS! A bit out of my price range, but gorgeous none the less!

Hi - The TJMaxx on Plainfield and La Grange Rd has a ton of the Boleslawec pottery. You may want to take a look there the next time you're home. Or you can send your Mom on a mission! They had seasonal stuff too which usually ends up in the clearance aisle ...

Love Polish Pottery. I started collecting them when I lived in Germany 8 years ago. I went to Poland and my jaw dropped when I went to Boleslaweic where they are all made. The whole town was one factory after another. Look for them at TJMaxx or Marshalls where they are available once in a while for a price that nobody can beat.

I love this site.

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