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I was invited to go to a school pancake breakfast (and by the way, did you know that today starts Pancake Week? And I didn't make that up? Yay Pancake Week! Thanks Tara!) with some of my neighborhood elementary-school friends, but it got cancelled this morning because of the weather. It's not bad here, on our street at least, but I'm watching the Today show where they're showing pictures from the Midwest and it is frozen out there. Yipes. If you can swing it, I highly recommend a warm bowl of Malt-O-Meal. Sprinkled with a little bit of cinnamon sugar, the warm bowl is really a time-machine back to childhood snow days, I think.

By the way, speaking of bowls, when we were in Seattle a few weeks ago having breakfast with Blair we stopped in at a new-to-me Polish pottery shop at Pike Place Market (they don't seem to have a web site) and, B, I haven't stopped thinking about it since. Now I want new dishes. Or a few new dishes. My dishes, these solid, white standbys, have been with us for years — I got them all for a quarter per piece from a guy I knew who used to own a restaurant and was getting rid of it all. They're good, but seriously: Look at these. Gah. Maybe just a few? A few little Malt-o-Meal bowls? A sugar and creamer set? I can't decide what pattern I like. I like the little calico cream-and-blues. Well they're all pretty much calico cream-and-blues. I think I like the Morning Delight. I don't know, it's all just beautiful.

The embroidered dishtowel above is an old Martha from Kmart, which seemed appropriate because I've been designing a set of embroidered days-of-the-week dishtowels myself. I'm going to make them available in some format or another, either as a simple download pattern (do you hate transferring patterns?), or possibly a set of iron-ons (prefer to iron them on?) with a whole kit — I don't know, I haven't decided yet. My idea is to update the towels with, instead of teapots, images of heart-shaped pancake molds and pastry bags — the things I really use in my kitchen. I'll keep you posted on this, as I'm very excited about it! We go through dishtowels like Kleenex around here. I made lots of them as gifts before I had a blog so I don't have any photos, but I've never made any for myself. Anyway, blah blah. Just excited.

Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you for something. I just want to say thank you for welcoming Miss Clover Meadow as you have done these past four months. I don't talk about it very very much, because sometimes I have trouble saying things that are very important to me, but . . . thank you for being so kind to and enthusiastic about her. She is in every way as beautiful and wonderful as her auntie and, strangely, she also lets me cuddle her constantly (which is very much not like her dear, independent auntie) and . . . just thank you for so warmly and so sincerely welcoming our little four-leaf Clover. It means a lot to us.


On the transferring vs. iron on debate... I vote for iron on, please! While I always *think* that transferring is going to give me more flexibility (oh, I can enlarge it, change things up, etc), I realize that ironing on gets me actually *moving* on the project. I mean, you just iron. And go! Looking forward to what you've got cooking. (Er... no pun intended there. Really.)

As for Clover... how could we *not* welcome sweet Clover? No one could ever replace darling Audrey, of course, but we've got room in our hearts for both of them. Always. There's no limit to heart room, right?

Pancake Week!?! Better break out the maple syrup. Yum thanks for the notice.

Clover - what a cutie - of course we love Clover. How could you not?


i just love reading your blog. there's something about it that just feeds my soul.

Hi there-

Just stumbled on your delightful blog! It looks like you might be a fellow Portlander? If so, have you checked out The Polish Pottery Place on Hoyt and NW 23rd? It's pricey, but they have gorgeous gorgeous stuff!

How could we not love Clover? There is something wrong with a person that doesn't like puppies, Corgi puppies in particular.

As for the embroidery, iron-on, please! I hate doing the transfers myself. Yes, I am a lazy embroiderer. :o)

love the idea of the the patterns/kits!

and it's pancake week? i might have to make pancakes for lunch to celebrate.

i love that polish pottery place in the market. it is all so beautiful and happy.

sending you joy and sunshine on this wintery day!

I am much better at iron on than I will ever be at transferring. Along the same lines as I may never figure out how to make anything with yeast. It's just not in me.

What a sweet thing to say about welcoming Clover - you seem such a lovely person - maybe it's all an assumed identity for this here blog world but I want to give you and that gorgeous Clover a big hug - oh and could you make me a bowl of malt o meal - off to search the web and see whether I can get it in the UK :o)

Yum! Malt-o-Meal is a childhood favorite of mine. I like it savory, with cheddar cheese and salt and pepper.

well, i think of clover as my dog who is staying with you and andy, forever! we're really thinking about getting our own "clover" and i would take "peturnity" leave from work because it just seems so great to have such a bundle of love in the family.

iron on transfers are better. and, what is malt-o-meal? i suspect it's on the same shelf in the supermarket as the campbell's tomato bisque soup, which we can't find anywhere. dude, what's up with that?

Oh! I am SO excited about the days-of-the-week towels! I wonder, do you use the thin paper-y kind that a grandmother-type gives me yearly or do you use regular towel-ish towels? Because I feel badly about using the very thin ones (they're tea towels, I guess) but we really needs gobs of actual, wiping-things-up towels!
Keep us posted!

i prefer an iron on. :)

those dishes are beautiful!

Hooray for embroidered day-of-the-week dish towels!
I prefer to iron on, but don't mind transferring either since I have a good light box now.
Kits are cool, by the way. Seems I've heard that somewhere before.

aw, you put the rosy glow right into the world, you know that! Your blog IS malt-o-meal on a cold morning. You and that adorable pup and the dapper "I make my own cowboys and Indians pajamas" Andy.

weighing in on the embroidery pattern - since I finally bought some dissolvable Sulky, I don't mind transferring patterns nearly so much. So downloads work here!

happy snow day, Alicia! Wishing we had some of the white stuff down here. (it's cold enough. BRRR! I had to buy a very stylish hat *snicker* at Rite Aid this am just so I could bear to wait for the bus!)

Amy Garner says: January 30, 2008 at 10:50 AM

Happy Pancake Week to you and yours! My vote is for downloadable because I can load the printer up with iron-on transfer paper and get the best of both worlds that way.

It would not be possible to feel anything other than pure joy at seeing little Clover's sweet, eager face--a thousand welcomes to you, little sweetheart!

Oh my gosh, the POLISH POTTERY. So when my brother and sister-in-law were living in Holland, they bought loads and loads of the stuff. I got a couple small pieces as gifts, but my sister-in-law has a rediculously large collection. Lots of casserole dishes and pie plates and platters and trays for deviled eggs and butter containers and on and on. She has this big cabinet full of it and when I'm over there and have to go into it to get something, my eyes just glaze over. I covet that collection so much!

So my mom and I have decided (since she's next going to Belgium) that we're going to get lots of Polish Pottery while she's over there. I can't wait! It's just lovely stuff.

Yay! Dishtowels! But no transfers - they never wash out and I can't stay on the lines!! My favorite way is to use one of those washable blue markers and hold everything up to a window or lightbox.

Oh, a kit would be wonderful. I've wanted to embroider daily dishtowels for a while, but I've had a mental block as far as putting the whole project together goes. It would be so nice to have a kit assembled by someone who not only has experience and an eye for sweet design, but who also truly cares about the product she sends out.

Many kisses to Clover!

Midwestgal says: January 30, 2008 at 11:17 AM

Ahh...the Polish pottery. I spent 4 summers in Poland as an English teacher at a USESCO camp for teens, and I became hooked on their pottery. It's cheap there, but the Polish people never use it themselves. They want the new designs from Germany or Scandinavia, which I could not understand!

ooooooooo - Polish Pottery - One of my best friends lived in Eastern Europe for about five years where she began aquiring Polish Pottery - actually getting to go the factory stores in Poland. She has mixed and matched several different patterns. They are so beautiful to look at and to use. (And they hold up well). I am not a blue person - but even I had to aquire a few pieces when I went to visit. While there in Hungary I fell in love with Herend Village Pottery - http://www.herendimajolika.hu/angvers.htm - which is hard to find in the US - but which makes me infinitely happy. So I say, buy yourself some Polish Pottery - you won't regret it.

My Polish Aunt absolutely loves Polish pottery and has tons of it. She gave me a round baker with handles when she brought a veggie side dish to my house for a pot luck. It's really pretty and a great size. On the dishtowels, I did some hand stamped flour sack towels this fall using print blocks from India that I found at a bead shop (random place). I think I must use and wash about 10 dishtowels a week!

Hi Alicia, about the polish pottery! I bought my first few pieces at full price. But if you have the stores Tuesday Morning, Home Goods or TJ Maxx, they also carry pieces of it there at really great prices!!! I have several pieces now. Jeane

I love that pottery site. Now I want a mini cheese lady!

I don't think my first comment posted - or I have to wait - so maybe there will be two comments... anyway - I LOVE Polish Pottery. One of my best friends lived in Eastern Europe for 5 years and in that time aquired a beautiful collection of Polish pottery - most from the actual factory stores in Poland - how cool is that? The patterns mix beautifully and are so happy! Even though I'm not a big "blue" person, I had to buy a couple pieces myself when I went to visit her. In Hungary, I fell in love with Herend Village Pottery - http://www.herendimajolika.hu/ - which has become my own personal pottery addiction - so sad I can't find it in the US - or maybe good for my wallet. Anyway - I say you should go ahead a buy a few pieces - you won't regret it (and the Polish pottery holds up quite well in the dishwasher...)

sometimes they have nice selections of the Polish Pottery at Marshalls, TJ's or Homegoods ( all basically the same store, but different selections)...we like diferent selections :>)


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