Seattle Weekend

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We returned from our very quick train trip to Seattle last night, exhausted but positively glowing with happiness and good cheer. Thank you to everyone who came out to Urban Craft Uprising over the weekend! I was just so excited to meet all of you and sign your books and put faces with names. It was a great afternoon. I'll have more pictures and details as soon as I get myself more organized, hopefully by tomorrow. But until then, I just wanted to say thank you, as always, Seattle. You are so, so good to us. xoxo


So glad you had fun in Seattle! I went to Renegade this weekend, myself.

I just had to respond to your previous post with my vote for the ten elements to be used. Can I? Here goes:

1 Miracle snow
2 Deer
3 Stupid Adults
4 Orphan who is smarter than all or most of the adults
5 Threatened cottage industry
6 Thief in a Santa suit
7 Soup kitchen
8 Workaholic
9 Widower named something holiday-ee.
10 Character who returns to find things strangely the same.


So jealous that you were in Seattle. But then, I am just generally jealous because I'd love to be in Seattle or Portland. YOu've got the best of both worlds girl!

I so wish I could have made it over to Seattle to have you sign my copy of your book. But, I was busy doing a local Craft Show here.

Happy that you had such a great time!

That photo literally took my breath away. I want to live in it--warm and festive and happy.

Thank you for that.

It was great to meet you! Glad you had a lovely time in Seattle. Thank you so much for signing my book. I will be in Portland on Sunday for Crafty Wonderland and will be exploring your lovely city next weekend!

Can't wait to hear more!

It was really delightful to meet you Alicia on Saturday. I wrote about the fair and I mentioned that meeting you was more like meeting an old friend. It's so strange to knowing your writing voice and then meet you in person. I loved hearing your voice and seeing your mannerisms. It's never what you expect but it's nice to see that you are real and genuine if you know what I mean. And your book is going to be put to use immediately. The family trees are going to be last minute Christmas gifts.

Hi Alicia - So nice to meet you and have you sign my book. I gave up on my weird non-felting sweater and found some real wool at Value Village later that day. It worked! Your purse pattern will be my first project. :)
Thank you for sharing your talents and warmth with all of us!

Hi Alicia,

I bought your book today here in New Jersey. A little early Christmas present to myself...
I cant wait to read it...looks fab!

annie @ Firefly Hill

Oh, how I love Seattle at Christmas. When my daughter was younger my mother bought her a red wool coat with black velvet buttons and a ruffled black velvet hood. We would walk about downtown, admiring the window displays and drinking hot cocoa. We sure miss that town! Congratulations on the book.

jan richards says: December 08, 2008 at 01:00 PM

Congratulations on the new book. I look in on your blog
are so fun to read. The new banner on your webpage is beautiful and so very Christmasy.
We love Seattle too,but we are also drawn there by our 5 grandkids and their parents. Happy Holidays to you and Andy.

Glad you had a great time. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

Hi Alicia
My copy of your lovely book dropped into my mailbox Down Under last week.
OOOoooo...I was so good, not even one peek! I wrapped it up so Santa can pop it under my tree.

My present to me...and the perfume...and Jamie Olivers new book...and the scrapbooking supplies...and...

(Note to self: Stop shopping now!)

so happy to hear it was a happy trip! can't wait to see the photos!

I love your banner with tiny houses, mailboxes and dog. I just got your book and can't wait to actually put it to use, so far I've just been window shopping . . . . I want to do that, and that, and . . . .

I live in the burbs of Seattle and I LOVE it here!!! I wanted to get down to the craft show but I have been up to my eye balls in a really big project! UUGGH can't wait for it to be done-it will be gorgeous. Until then it is visiting through blogland. Maybe next time? When will you be back up here again?

I have been reading blogs today and you seem to be a common thread! Everyone loves you and was so excited to venture out and meet you. Congratulations on a successful niche you have carved! Im jealous!

Reading your earlier entry about Andy's plaid shirt obsession, I had an idea for his Christmas outfit. Our friends always host a wonderful Christmas night party. After their relatives all leave, all their friends descend on their house for desserts, games, and a white elephant exchange. Our host, Charlie, always dons a vintage plaid Pendleton jacket (the one with lapels - like an old smoking jacket) and adds a bow tie. Picture Clark Griswold. Now my husband and both sons wear the same outfit. Charlie keeps finding them on e-bay and buying them for friends. We're now trying to figure out if we can find something similar for our 2 and 4 year old grandsons. Dress up for the man who doesn't like to dress up. Happy Holidays.

Inspired by your village, I have found lots of good info on the net. I printed out templates and am putting the houses together. Lovin' it. So fun. Thank you.

When are you coming to L.A.!! I'd love to see you and have you sign my book! I am so happy for all of you successes. You deserve all the best.

Loving Jamie At Home too!!

ahhhh, I remember Seattle So well

I don't know if that's Cafe Campagne, but it sure looks like it. I live in Boston, but my family is all in Portland, and we do occasional Seattle trips. That was the first place I had Pernod, and cassoulet, and it was so, so memorable. I hope you went there, and stayed at the Inn! Love your blog, tell everyone to read it. Your a lovely writer as well as crafty queen.

Very nice pic! So glad you had a good time and glad you're back safely. You always go to such fabulous places. Sometimes I wish I were you. :) xxoo

oh i LOVE Seattle

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