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My friend Elizabeth is a dress designer who owns a small boutique here in Portland called The English Dept. (She also has an Etsy shop and a web site.) I had her model for me at her shop yesterday. Isn't this dress (which she designed and made herself) the prettiest thing you'll see all day? I think so. Scrumptious. Lovely.

I have been careening around from one side of town to the other this week, shopping for photo shoots, getting stuff done, having a meeting then going to a photography seminar later this afternoon, trying to get the birds ready for pre-order (late with that, sorry), thinking about all of the information in the coupon post — WOW. So much there. A lot of information — thank you! I will collect some thoughts and some resources for us when I finally sit down and get organized.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the fires in Australia. Information for anyone who wants to help is collected here.


Oh yes, I'd like one of those dresses in my size PLEASE!!!

Oh, that dress is just stunning!

Oh so pretty. Is it wrong that I would be happy to go through the whole wedding debacle again just to wear a pretty, white dress one more time? Not sure Mr M would agree...

OMG! That dress is divine!!!!! Very beautiful, thanks for sharing Alicia.

Wow that is an amazing dress!

Oh my.. I am drooling on my keyboard! Do tell, what is the background? A wallpapered wall? Also extraordinarily lovely....

Very lovely dress... if only I were a little better with my sewing machine! I also would like to let everyone know that we have a Stitched In Time group on Rav now, so if you are on and like to talk about the projects you are doing and how they are coming along, see us there!

That's a pretty dress. I bought a white wrap-around dress from Boden. Can't wait for summer. I'm a little oomphy and it fits me just fine.

Alicia, did you make the dress? If so, what pattern? Or did your friend make it.....

Someday I'm going to learn how to really sew! Not just little toys and things but real clothes. That dress is amazing.

I've been to that shop in Portland! I love that a small designer boutique can still exist in this mega-designer world and the NAME of her shop is the BEST! I designed and made my own wedding dress back in 1981 (purchased the English lace from the old, original Daisy Kingdom in old town Portland) and I feel like my dress would have fit in that shop. It was similar to ones in her shop.

I love that dress! Makes me wish for summer. I'll be sure to stop by her shop to check it out in person.

Wow, just checked out the etsy shop...Elizabeth's stuff is truly beautiful!

I have a look of shock on my face as this is EXACTLY the information I needed today! I am about to embark on a wedding dress search in Portland and her boutique is less than a half mile from my apartment! I can't wait to go in and check it out. Thanks so much - I am definitely going to blogdrop (like name dropping?) when I get there.

wow i want that dress. i haven't seen one that delicately pretty in a while. it's like a dream.
barbara brown

How beautiful! I would wear that just...i don't dinner or anytime. Just looks like it would make you feel pretty!

I had a flash of Michelle Obama's inauguration dress (which I also thought was beautiful). Maybe it's the flowered details and beading. Just lovely.

I met Elizabeth randomly one night at Ken's pizza, and we became co-fans (my work/her dresses).

She is SO adorable...a perfect model for certain! :)

what a lovely dress.

Oh that dress is incredible. One more reason it is a good thing I don't live in Portland. Too much temptation to spend all my money on beautiful clothes

It is indeed the prettiest thing I have seen all day! I am off to check out the shop!

That dress is gorgeous!

That is indeed a very sweet dress.

What an amazing dress! And thank you for your thoughts for all the Aussies battling it out at the moment, its wonderful how so many people are reaching out to help.

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