Serenity Now

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Spending the day listening to Hope Sandoval (isn't she pretty?) radio on Pandora and trying to get my life organized. I think (har har) it will take longer than a day, but at least it's a start. I have been hearing Mazzy Star everywhere lately, and I hadn't listened to them in years — so weird.

In other news, I reeeeeeally looooooooove this dress:


Yummy. And good for wearing at my imaginary Alpine mountain house.

I think the email is working now, but if you received any error messages from me this week, do resend your message, if you can. I'm hoping for a lot less discombobulation next week (fingers crossed), ya kno?


Lovely dress! Great necklace! the hair...the boots...I adore this photo :)

Luv this dress. Where can you buy it?

Everyone needs an imaginary Alpine house. . . :-) Dress is gorgeous!

That dress is divine! I'm in love with that store...

Hope Sandoval is very pretty. I let iTunes make me a "genius" playlist using one of her songs (Fade Into You, maybe?) and it is my favorite playlist. I love nothing more than to work on a sewing project on a rainy day with a cup of tea with Mazzy Star playing in the background. AND, it always reminds me of making out in the car in high school :)

That dress IS adorable!

Have you seen the August 2009 Pottery Barn catalogue? They have totally jacked your style.

I love LOVE Ms. Sandoval!! :)

The dress is perfect! Ahh I love this space xo

Omigosh, I love that dress! I may need to head over to Anthropologie and visit it.

Alicia, I'm thinking you might like this recording artist.She's a Canadian singer/sonwriter named Martina Sorbara. Her cd "Cure for Bad Deeds" is so delightful that you can play it over and over again.I've about worn mine out. (She even makes her own guitars!) Her is an Amazon link to listen.

Oh I was drooling over that same dress when I got my catalog today!

Love Mazzy Star. She's one of my all time favorites.

I love that dress too, and would really like it as a between the calf and ankle length skirt, as well.

Hi, We live on Bainbridge...where did you go and what did you do when you were here last week..I can not believe that you were that close to me...Yikes, I would have died if I seen you and Andy wlaking down the street

Oh my gosh. I have been COVETING that dress since I first laid my eyes on it. I kept moving the cursor around to look at EVERY little detail. I LOVE IT!

There's a Mazzy Star song on an ad over here at the moment - can't remember what the product is but I love the memories the song creates

That dress is the cutest - and I DID think of you when it showed up on the website!
Yesterday, I emailed Amy K. a link to the alpine sweater dress loveliness with this in the subject field:
"What all the prettiest hobbits are wearing this season".

Happy Fall, you!

Alicia, I have a pattern bulletin!
Daniel Boone Slumber Party dress pattern has been discontinued by the pattern co (I think it was Simp, right?).
What did you do with DBSP dress (insert whining wheedling voice and imploring look)?

Hey Alicia, There's an amazing swedish brand which I think you might like called odd molly... Their latest collection isn't amazing but the older (now cheaper) ones are breathtaking! Maybe you already know it but anyway...

I love the dress. Also love Mazzy Star - though haven't listened to them since the early 90's. Dear me... I'm getting old!

I use to listen to a lot of Mazzy Star...such a great band. Brings back so many memories. I've often wondered what happened to them. I'm glad to know Hope is still making music. I'm going to hop on over to Pandora's box right now and check it out. That dress is absolutley AMAZING-WOW!
Thank you for sharing all the goodness:D

oh that is a lovely dress!

you never got back to us about what you did with the little potatoes!

It's a fashion forward weekend! I love seeing new and fun clothing options. This one is both new and fun - I love it!

Tiernae Salley says: October 04, 2009 at 06:06 PM

Of course you love that dress. It is from Anthropologie, only the most wonderful store on the face of the earth.

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