Flower Show

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On Tuesday I dragged myself away from the sewing machine, and we all went out to take our spring walk around the neighborhood.


It's the absolute best time of the year, in my opinion.


My favorite days are the warm, cloudy ones, where the light is flat and gray.


Against those dark neutrals, pinks just look so beautiful.


How in the world do flowers like that happen?


It's incredible, really. When you stop and think about it.


We peek through the pickets into backyards, and think about it.


Think about bees, and how to welcome them.


These might be the same kind of daffodils that we have.


Camellias have a certain glow.


So do (more) magnolias. Wow.


Tree as fairy tale.


Apple blossoms.


"Is this what our apple tree is going to look like?"


"I hope so."



Wow, wish I was there, we are expecting 5 or 6 inches of snow. Yesterday was in the 60's so maybe it will be gone soon.

Your pics are amazing.

what truly fabulous, gorgeous pictures!!! Thank you for sharing these!! I especially love the pic with the arch in it, it looks like a secret garden :) YAY! Happy Spring!

How beautiful. I love the dogwood photos especially.

I agree - best time of year. I can't stop posting about the color and flowers in my neighborhood but YOURS - oh your neighborhood color is divine. I would be wandering for hours. It's beautiful - just beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful! Talk about stopping to smell the roses! Thanks for taking us along!

Those pictures are stunning. Thank you so much for sharing your walk with us!

I like the tree flowers. Very pretty.

inspirational . . .
I like looking for fabrics with the colors of nature. Wouldn't you love making an apron or a cute little dress out of some of these blossoms?

thanks for reminding me of what is to come:)

beautiful, i am hoping to make it the local garden very soon!

It's all so beautiful! It's really a God thing. No other explanation.

Gorgeous photos! Loving the magnolias and remembering I called them tulip trees growing up. :)

Happy happy day to you!

Wonderful. I'd like to live on those branches if I could.

Things are really blooming there! My first rhody popped yesterday so I am expecting an explosion soon.

Thanks for sharing as always!

Wow- What amazing photos- I really enjoyed them. I am glad that you took yourself away from sewing and went for a walk!

You have me conditioned... I was expecting to see a Flower-Show dress!
What a beautiful walk. I am not disappointed, and maybe all those blooms are inspiring a new dress?

I know just what you mean about the light!! And I love it, too.

Every time you and A go for a walk, you come back with THE most amazing photo's!

Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Thank you for sharing!

When Portland blooms, I just wait patiently for it to move in my direction (to your east, dear!) Come on blossoms! We're ready for you here!

Oh my! THIS is why I miss Portland so much! Especially in the spring! Here in Montana we are so so far away from having this kind of color.

beautiful blossoms and beautiful photos! sometimes we can be so focused on our futures, waiting for our prince to come or a new adventure just around the corner, that we can forget to live in the moment and see how lucky we are today. thanks for reminding us. xo

Loving your pics of blossoms! I'm off to Japan in a couple of weeks, and will (no doubt) be featuring some sakura on my blog when I return. It looks like you're a bit ahead of the season compared to the UK!

um, YUM!
come on over to the east coast and take a walk in the snow- you know, just to balance things...

Beautiful Pictures! I am going to pretend spring conditions look like that here.

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