Storm Season

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Finally, we are getting our rain here in Portland. I'm actually very happy about that — the winter was quite mild, and last week it was so warm and beautiful it actually started to feel like it was just too darn nice already. I almost thought about actually watering my plants. But then it started raining over the weekend, and all week we will be getting lots of rain here, so I have to say I'm a little relieved. And I like this stormy light. It's like light and dark at the same time. If it was 10 20 degrees warmer it would be glorious.

We are so lucky, because our college friends Pam and Jim and their son Felix arrive this week from Chicago for a visit. I need to finish all of my chores so I can do nothing but hang out with these guys when they get here, so I'm going to sign off the computer for the rest of the week, and wish you all a very joyful holiday! xo


do you really have friends, a married couple, named jim and pam?? :) this little 'office' nerd is easily amused... i love it!

That stormy light is nice indeed. Happy holiday to you.

I ADORE storms and the way it looks "green" outside and the way rain pounds. This time of year, with damp and chill, we still sometimes light a fire. My theory is, if you want to turn on the heat, build a fire! So much cozier.
Have a blessed Easter with your friends!
Hoosier hugs,

Pam and Jim? You must be living in The Office! :)

Wait a minute...I'm only three hours South of Portland and we get LOTS of rain! Actually, had a little SNOW this morning but it didn't last very long. I'm only been here for the past three years and have ONLY heard thunder & lightning here 3 times! I'm a Southern girl and we gets lots of storms there...I rather miss them.

Happy Easter Alicia & Andy (and the adorable pets)! Enjoy your welcomed rain, and company. God bless...:)

Such a pretty picture!

Just don't send that rainy weather my way! We've had plenty - I'm ready for warm weather and planting the garden!

Great photo! Hope you have a great time with your friends! :)

Mmmmmm....I love thunderstorm weather - one of the best parts of spring!

Enjoy your mini break and thanks for all the lovely posts (always). C

If you don't get enough rain you can have some of mine . I'm in the northeast and today it rained.and.rained.and.rained....then...... it.rained.some.more. It rained sideways and up and down. It rained a lot.I have rain to spare. If you wanted more.

Hope you have a lovely holiday. I love that photo by the way, really nice composition.

Are you also getting the hail that we've had for 2 days up here in Vancouver, BC? My kids are loving it - very exciting to have little snowballs falling from the sky (my camelias are not very impressed, though).

I'm in the NW, too, and have been enjoying the stormy gives me time to play in my sewing room! :)

Sarah west midlands says: March 30, 2010 at 03:32 PM

Rain here in England as well set in for the week. And as
I have visitors this coming weekend I' m clearing and cleaning. Enjoy your holiday.

Youa re a true Oregonian now! I am a native though and I could have been just fine if the nice weather continued! I do like the stormy days in the fall but right now I want sun and warm breezes and dining al fresco and walking the dog in the park and picking not rain ruined flowers for my table.

Thanks Alicia, I hope you all have a lovely holiday as well!

what a lovely pic :)

Have a nice little break and enjoy your company!

I am envious of your rain and storms! There is nothing better than spending the day inside puttering around while it pours outdoors!

Have a great holiday!

Happy Spring break!

oh, and is your copyright suppose to say 2010?

delurking to wish you a blessed holiday week.

your words and pictures are a fabulous treat for the soul always.

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