Winter Walk

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If you see two people sitting across from each other at the brewpub (this is at Portland Brewing* — my favorite fish tacos are here), both on their iPhones, and you wonder who they are and what their problem is — it's just us, playing Words with Friends against each other. That's what we do before we go into the woods, a few blocks away.


Always amazing that's it's always just a few blocks away.


We spent most of our time in the woods this weekend. This walk is Lower Macleay Trail, the last half of this walk that we took, almost two years ago to the day. Time really flies. I would've thought that was just last year if I hadn't looked it up.


We walked from the park to the witch's house and back this time, only about a mile and a half. Lots of people on this trail, believe it or not.


By "lots" I mean relatively speaking.


I wonder if spring is on its way here, or if we are still going to get any winter.



I love when she comes back to get me.


I think I've really gotten on board with this whole winter thing this year, in a weird way. Our January was turtle-slow. We had so many weekends that felt so slow and so wonderful. I honestly don't even know how to describe them other than to say I am very grateful for the time. Really quiet time. Spring — it starts heating up. Always so much to do in the yard, outside, with friends. I like that, too, obviously, but the quietness of knitting my way through January was very lovely. I hold it dear.


These are fairy-tale woods, really, especially in winter. They're mossy and dark. A little chaotic. A little scary. It's good to stick together in case some sort of hobgoblin is watching from the trees.


You do not want to get pushed in the creek by a hobgoblin.


We also worked on a new music playlist. I'll make a widget for it and post it tomorrow.



How pretty can one little dog get.

*I think they changed the name of Portland Brewing back to MacTarnahan's or maybe Pyramid or something. Sorry to those of you who have asked about this. I swear it used to be called PB? Oh well. Not sure.


If we do end up in Portland, I have got to visit those woods! Wonderful photos.

In the white world I'm currently living in, it's so nice to see some green out there in the world. And I remember when you wrote about this walk the last time, I would've thought it was a year ago as well!

Aw, I love to take my little girls on that little walk. They love to spot trout in the deep pool under the bridge...and of course finding the treasure at the stone house!

What a wonder-filled walk. I agree with your summary of winter. It is a time to rest, reflect and get more sedentary work done in preparation for the business of spring.

" . . .the quietness of knitting my way through January was very lovely."

I am feeling the exact same way! I've knitted more than I ever have this winter and it's been just a zen kind of thing for me. I loved reading that line.

I love moss. Good to see Ms. Clover Meadow. You & Andy always take the best trips.

It was such a pleasure looking through these lovely photos. Thank you so much for sharing these with us.

Beautiful photos. Corgis always come back to get the one who is behind because they are herders. Chelsea is happy when we are relatively close. Otherwise, she is forever worried about the one who is behind.
XO, Cheryl

Oh what lovely pictures! Not only is your woods scenic ... but you have no snow! I could ony fantasize about a winter's walk in such a wonderful place - we're under about 3 and a half feet of snow!


Hobgoblins seems just out of frame, for sure! I love that misty green-purple of whatever filter you used; it's exactly right for the misty mossy atmosphere. My favs are the 4th and 5th photos of the woods. So pretty!

shawntelle p. says: February 08, 2011 at 02:02 AM

Well-loved pooches are always beautiful.

Everything is so gorgeous and green, it's great to see that when everything here in Ohio is still covered in white!
And I love that picture with little Clover looking at you with her head cocked to the side, like "Come ON, mama!"

Beautiful place fr a walk! We were in Portland last spring, I wish I would have found this gem. Maybe an inspiration for your next ornament kit? A hobgoblin/cottage/fairy place? :)

oooh, you are not helping my current serious problem: MUST NOT think about moving from our -10 degree and 3' of snow home to one somewhere a little more temperate. now the northwest coast is added to the list of possible towns. ...thank you for the beautiful pictures anyway ;)

I love when you post pictures of your wwalks. I also think it's cute you guys play against each other, sitting across from each other. :)

So lovely...Oregon is just a magical place, rain or shine.

What a loverly walk. That Corgi just does it for me. Between you and Tasha Tudor, I think I am beginning to have a thing for Corgis.

Beautiful photos! I am totally hooked on Words with friends! My daughter lives on the other coast and we play all the time..

Another wonderful post. Summer Portland visit can't come soon enough!

Lovely photos. I visited Portland in February once and was amazed at how green it was!

So, lovely--I remember your last post on this walk, as well. I've been wondering about winter, too. Just passing us by this year? Better go knock on wood!

What a beautiful face, such adoring eyes.
Must be amazing to have such a wonderful walk right on your doorstep - and a witch's house too!
It was sunny but cold here today, much nicer than the wet, windy, warm weather of recent days.
Carol xx

I really like the way you have treated the photos here.

I love the photo where she comes back to get you! so heartwarming ...

ps and keep on knitting, I say, your little cardigans are so, so sweet

Isn't it nice to love your doggy so much????

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