Winter Walk

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If you see two people sitting across from each other at the brewpub (this is at Portland Brewing* — my favorite fish tacos are here), both on their iPhones, and you wonder who they are and what their problem is — it's just us, playing Words with Friends against each other. That's what we do before we go into the woods, a few blocks away.


Always amazing that's it's always just a few blocks away.


We spent most of our time in the woods this weekend. This walk is Lower Macleay Trail, the last half of this walk that we took, almost two years ago to the day. Time really flies. I would've thought that was just last year if I hadn't looked it up.


We walked from the park to the witch's house and back this time, only about a mile and a half. Lots of people on this trail, believe it or not.


By "lots" I mean relatively speaking.


I wonder if spring is on its way here, or if we are still going to get any winter.



I love when she comes back to get me.


I think I've really gotten on board with this whole winter thing this year, in a weird way. Our January was turtle-slow. We had so many weekends that felt so slow and so wonderful. I honestly don't even know how to describe them other than to say I am very grateful for the time. Really quiet time. Spring — it starts heating up. Always so much to do in the yard, outside, with friends. I like that, too, obviously, but the quietness of knitting my way through January was very lovely. I hold it dear.


These are fairy-tale woods, really, especially in winter. They're mossy and dark. A little chaotic. A little scary. It's good to stick together in case some sort of hobgoblin is watching from the trees.


You do not want to get pushed in the creek by a hobgoblin.


We also worked on a new music playlist. I'll make a widget for it and post it tomorrow.



How pretty can one little dog get.

*I think they changed the name of Portland Brewing back to MacTarnahan's or maybe Pyramid or something. Sorry to those of you who have asked about this. I swear it used to be called PB? Oh well. Not sure.


Whenever I see your posts of the gorgeous Oregon landscapes I'm often envious. The giant seascapes, mountains.... stuff you don't really get in south west England. Yet seeing these photos it DOES remind me of my childhood growing up in Cornwall - the damp, mossy forests with shallow riverbeds and cascades. Thank you for that - a good reminder of taking the time to "stop and stare" and really see things that are on your own doorstep! I still want to come to Oregon - it'd be my first trip to the US and I couldn't think of anywhere more quinessentially American. Loving your work. Kx

haha, me and the boy play words with friends next to each other in bed...

my daughter was looking over my shoulder while i was reading your post and would like me to tell you the following, "you are having fun and you are having a great fun and you are having so much fun that you even met your husband and you have a dog there and you are even having so much fun. and i love you."
she's four - and after that last bit about loving you she got kind of embarrassed which kind of made me sad. anyways, some random 4 year old in iowa likes your pictures and loves you :) (i like your pics too!)

Thanks for taking us along on the walk. Oh, oh, how I miss PNW winters. All the glowy greenness of it.

you have captured this beautiful walk perfectly! my brother lives in portland and we took the same walk last time i was up there for a visit. hard to believe it's right in the middle of everything!

Words with it!

Jeepers, this looks like spring to me! So nice to see GREEN. I love those NW woods. And that wicked cute dogface... xo from the Maine tundra...

I love that you worry about hobgoblins! :D

Are doggies allowed in brewpubs?

How I wish I lived near somewhere as beautiful to go for walks!

quiltingchickens says: February 12, 2011 at 10:31 AM

What type of photo editing software do you use, if any? Are you still using the Canon Powershot A80 and Fuji FinePix S9100?

This looks like such a fabulous day. Could I ask, which brewpub is this? I was searching around on google and couldn't find a Portland Brewing near Lower Macleay trail.. does it go by another name perchance? Would love to check it out! Thank you :)

I've been lurking on your site for quite some time and I have to say, whenever I get the need for a Portland fix or whenever I start getting complacent about our plans to move back, all I have to do is look at one of your posts and I am set.
Thanks for reminding a former Portlander how magical a place it is!

Andra Hicks says: February 18, 2011 at 06:05 PM

Portland Brewing? I cannot find it, and I am craving fish tacos! Amazing pictures.

@Quiltingchickens -- I am using the Hipstamatic app for iPhone on these :-)

And Laura and Andra -- I think Portland Brewing is now called MacTarnahan's, which I thought used to be the OLD name for it, but maybe it got changed back. . . . Not sure, but it is now MacTarnahan's.

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