Winter, Woods, Wool: Waiting

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We worked on this playlist all weekend, whittling it down, moving things around. I've been told I am a boys-with-guitars kind of girl, which — yep, I totally am (consider yourself warned). The Paolo Nutini song gets better every time I hear it. I wish Ryan Adams wasn't talking at the beginning of "Beautiful Sorta." In the Kings of Leon song, it makes more sense if you replace the word "revelry" with, obviously, "Ravelry." If the Avett Brothers ever do "Tales of Coming News" at a show I'm at I will FREAK out. I love it so much. I don't even know why — it's so sad. Anyway, this has been our soundtrack here lately. I hope you like it.


You guys are just too sweet! Thanks so much. I will love listening to these.

I'm not a boys-with-guitars kind of girl, so all of this is new to me. It seems like perfect music for cleaning the studio.

Thank you, Alicia and Andy.

Marvelous! I'm 100% a boys-with-guitars kind of girl, too.

Big fluffy Narnia-like snowflakes bedecked the neogothic architecture of the University of Chicago again yesterday. It truly is winter. I half expected to see Mr. Tumnus scurrying along.

Candy is one of my favorites- played on my work iTunes 1008 times! This seems to be a different version than I have though. You should also check out his backstage cover of an Arcade Fire song on YouTube.

I'd also recommend Greg Laswell... Comes and Goes (in Waves), Sweet Dream, And Then You.

this is the exact playlist i needed today! includes some of my favorites! i am a guy with a guitar gal too.

Love. And on a cold, dreary day in Boston. Perfect.

Too, too good. Thanks for this today.

What what what?? Emotionalism was my first Avett Brothers cd to ever buy, and I got the mp3 version. It did NOT come with "Tales of Coming News." I've never even heard that song of theirs. Thanks for letting me know about it.

I'd just freak out if I ever get to make it to a concert of theirs.

Did you know they have a new album coming out this year? *swoon*

Making a perfect play list is a wonderful pursuit. We love ours... I think we have a theme play list for every mood and activity.
I am playing yours... thank you. Now I am curious to see what it puts me in the mood for!

I know, I think it was a bonus track on Emotionalism -- it's a little hard to find and I only heard it for the first time this past summer when I was going through all of TAB songs in our iPod. It wasn't on Grooveshark at that time either. Such an odd little song, but I love it.

Tales of Coming News always makes me cry. I love getting it stuck in my head, though. And anyway; there's something comforting about the sad Avetts songs, isn't there? Great list!!

Dang, do we ever have similar taste in music, bathrooms, and whatnot. Thanks for sharing!

claire ashworth says: February 08, 2011 at 08:38 AM

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE me some jason schwartzman/coconut records!

Alicia! I saw this video and immediately thought of you! Yay Corgie dogs!

oooh, I love it and am playing it now!

Bon Iver promotes chills!

Thanks for posting this! Love this playlist. Maybe having it on will do the trick to motivate me to knit the taxes...

I always love new music! - Thanks for sharing :)

This music is so different from what I usually listen to (Most of the boys I listen to are loud electric guitar guys). Thank you for introducing me to something new!

"I've been told I am a boys-with-guitars kind of girl" have you heard of Jon Troast? I love his music and always find a way to fit it on to my overflowing MP3 player.

You might like the band The O's and also a guy named Bobby Long.

Thanks for the playlist!

Thank you so much for sharing! We were in desperate need of new music! Love every song!

Josh Ritter!!! I didn't know you were a fan :)

He is an absolute favorite in our house, and we have seen him live so many times (we live in Idaho, which is where he is from).

Do you have his other albums?

I married a boy with a guitar, soooo that's def my thing, too. Thanks for the playlist...made my day!

Yay for Josh Ritter. No playlist is complete without at least on of his songs!

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