Sampler Kits Update: Now Shipping!

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MollieMakes2 Isn't this the cutest little magazine cover you've ever seen? This is the latest issue of a new British craft magazine called Mollie Makes. So cute. I am looking forward to seeing the whole issue. I haven't been out to my P.O. box in several weeks but I think it is there waiting for me. There are several photos of my office (which we rejuvenated last summer) in this issue and I am very excited to see them. The spread is really darling. You can click on the image below to see it as a big PDF (and subscription information for U.S. folks can be found here). Thank you for including me, Mollie Makes!


I wish the studio looked nice and clean like that today, but it is trashed! We finally received the last of the crewel wool we were waiting for yesterday, and began assembling kits within minutes of its arrival. So, the gears are churning here at great speed and kits are starting to move out. If you are in the U.S. you will be receiving shipping notices with tracking info this week (if you haven't already). All of the international orders are mailed by hand and are not able to be tracked — so you will not receive a shipping notice for those, but they will start going out as soon as all of the domestic (U.S.) packages have shipped. Thank you so much to everyone for your cooperation and patience as we work on finishing these! I will keep you posted!


I LOVE that magazine! I stumbled upon their very first issue a couple weeks ago at our fabric store and fell in love with it immediately. Can't wait to get the current issue!

Your studio is so gorgeous! Love the light coming in through the window and the color you painted the walls in the largest photo. *sigh*

Looks very cute indeed! :-)

Yay!! Is it too much to hope to receive my kit by Friday? A weekend of embroidery by the lake sounds like my kind of 4th of july!

Congratulations! Your studio is gorgeous. I, too, love the works of Carl Larsson. I found an old print at Goodwill many years ago and fell in love, I even bought a calendar featuring his paintings. Love your blog and cozy style of living. Clover is a doll!

Congratulations. I love what you create... how and inviting and comfortable you make your projects, and your spaces. It is surely a reflection of you and Andy... your hospitable and fun natures.

Be still my heart! I might have the kit before vacation! Trembling with excitement!

Gosh, I really wish I had ordered the sampler kit - it's so pretty. . .but I never started the Christmas ornaments! I'm not worthy to visit your site.

I was drooling over your studio when I got my copy of MM a couple of weeks ago! So Scandinavian - I'm a huge admirer of Carl Larsson and his wife too. And who hasn't got a trashed work space when crafting ;o) I know I can't see my desk when I'm making something.

I have a copy of that magazine and it was lovely to see your pretty studio featured at the end of it :)

The studio looks as lovely as I remember...I just got my shipping confirmation email at midnight last night. Can't wait to receive the kit!

I've been hearing so much about this lovely magazine from Dottie Angel, Lola Nova, and now you ... must run out and get one. Love your studio before and after - most certainly magazine worthy. Can't wait for my kit - happy dance.

Yaaay ! Sampler kit! It gives the mailman a nice excuse to walk through my garden and make a delivery. Congratulations on the nice article. I'm going to have to locate a copy of the magazine!

Yay, yay, yay! Can't wait to get my kit. I'm just across the river, so it should be here lickity split.

This is awesome! I love seeing your space all nice in the magazine. I will have to see if it is available at my local bookstore.

Oh my goodness: my dear departed auntie used to make those little strawberries for Christmas tree ornaments! I remember her every year when I put them on the tree...What a sweet reminder of her today.

I'm looking forward to receiving my sampler kit! I will be sure to put a photo of it on my blog. I would love to have just the one Mollie Makes copy with your article in it. Hope you pop over to my blog to see my family BBQ we had on Sunday!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Congrats on the article. What at a pretty cover on that magazine.

It was good to see your beautiful studio again. I want to see it trashed - it bet it still looks wonderful.

Congrats on the article and finally -
Yay, can't wait to get my kit.

Great News! Can't wait...I'll be watching my mail box while I knit and crochet Special Olympic scarfs.

Congrats on your mag article, all your stuff is grand, love it all!

I just got my kit in the mail (did you beam it here or something because dang, that's fast!) and I'm so excited to bring it on vacation with me! What perfect timing. I've never been so excited to start a project - you guys are awesome!

yay! I can't wait! Just north of you in Seattle. I feel like camping out at the mailbox!

Alicia, this is really really important: is that you in the magazine layout? Your studio is beyond gorgeous but please let me know if that's you. I'm so excited. :)

@Rose: Yep, that's me! :-)

Yay from Canada!!!!

I would love to know how you store your embroidery floss. I have tried to keep it in the little skeins but it always ends up messy.

Got the kit today, and it looks even more amazing in person! What a wonderful job you did, assembling just the right colors and great instructions. I am forcing myself to unpack just a couple more boxes from the move before I start it, because I know once I get sucked in, those boxes will just sit there.

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