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The fields, the furrows, the city. Gingerbread for one, and knitting something russet-colored and garter-furrowed. I fixed up all the quilt sashing, and put things back together. Today it will get its layer of wool, and then I will be warmer. Pale pink goes on back, with inky, midnight blue ties. The binding is mouse-gray weensy-gingham, the color between gray and brown. I sprayed some herbal concoction onto the back of my throat last night and told Andy it tasted like licking the wall of a shed. Disgusting at best. Must mean it works. Looking through all of the photos I took on the train. They are stamped with latitude and longitude information, so I know exactly where each one was taken. There are hundreds of them. I am printing them out. I want to see where we went. Gave up on Middlemarch. Andy's got a very charming and well-behaved little fire going here. Dog is prancing frantically in place, anxious for her park jaunt. Sweet schedule this week — Andy hanging around home on a Tuesday. So nice.

They have pear-cinnamon cider at Trader Joe's. I never go there but I read about it. Field trip!


Julie G. in Iowa says: December 06, 2011 at 08:42 AM

*sigh* So jealous of your day, sounds lovely. Enjoy!

What a lovely day!

My boys love the pear cinnamon cider-- might be worth a trip-- while you're there, may I suggest the triple ginger thins-- yum!

I embroidered your pattern of Queen Anne's lace on a pair of pillowcases for my mother in law for Christmas-- she is in need of some comfort this holiday. They are so pretty and perfect for her. Thank you!

how on EARTH do you know what the inside of a SHED TASTES LIKE??
the quilt is lovely.xo

What a *beautiful* quilt. Also, I've given up on Middlemarch twice now. I don't think there will be a charmed third time.

Thank you for adding such beauty and inspiration to this crazy internet!

I've decided to watch Middlemarch on Netflix and skip the book for now, although the audioversion has gotten great reviews on audible.

Alicia-do you tie a lot of your quilts? My mamaw always tied instead of quilting and I've got a quilt top here that's begging to be finished and tying it would sure make the finishing go fast. Of course that's if I can bring myself to face the ordeal of the quilt sandwich!

what a beautiful quilt. Can just imagine snuggling under it myself.
Good thoughts still coming around your way.

I love your quilt - though it makes me think of windows. Some of the logs remind me of your home - the gingham, the tiny florals - but there are a few here and there that make me think of the pictures you have shown us of from the train rides - something about the colors. It's a beautiful quilt.

michele (maryland) says: December 06, 2011 at 09:14 AM

Oh, Alicia, I gave up on Middlemarch as well. Just too much thinking involved!
Have a wonderful day. I LOVE Trader Joe's. We have to travel across the bridge to Annapolis to go to one. Sigh.

Susie Sears Taylor says: December 06, 2011 at 09:20 AM

The first thing I see in the quilt is the black and white checked fabric then the pink. It is beautiful. Pink backing will be perfect and so will the gray binding. I have never had pear cider but it sounds great. I have had pear wine and it was good. Pears lend themselves, flavor and texture to improve many things. Right now I have a bone-in ham in the crock pot with fresh pineapple pieces and tangerine sections. Smells good. Also boiled cabbage with white sauce/cheese and butter ready to bake and stewed apples with vanilla, butter, sugar and cinnamon...did I mention we are on a diet? Quite a winter meal with rye bread.

Alicia: I'm glad that you are able to be cozy at home. I'm envious of your fire! :) I'm sorry about the yucky throat medicine. I've been struggling lately and the only thing that seems to help my sore throat is gargling warm salt water. Feel better soon! Tricia

Your quilt is absolutely lovely. You have a real eye for colour and what matches with what.
Best Wishes

Alicia, what lovely and cozy photos. Hope you feel better soon. May I ask what is the name of your china pattern (the plate with the gingerbread on it)? I am a big fan of blue and white plates. Thanks.

The quilt is beyond awesome! Sounds like cosy surroundings:) I'm a bit jealous as I contemplate scrubbing my kitchen floor-not cosy :/

I hope you feel better soon, if not already! I've also got a very sore throat, but lacking the shed-spray treatment have been relying on hot tea with honey, hot tea with maple syrup, and salt water gargling when I'm full of tea. I finally brought out the secret weapons: handknit socks and a down comforter. A nap is on the horizon...

I used to feel guilty about giving up on books but now I've decided to not worry about it. There are too many grrrrreat books out there to spend time on the ones that just don't work for me. Have you read The Night Circus? It's the Hot New Book right now, and I enjoyed it. It's not perfect but I loved how everything looked in my mind's eye while reading it. Beautiful images.

Love, love, love the quilt. I am thinking of TJ fieldtrip myself this Friday. I've never been and I'm told I'm missing out on a real experience. Thanks for the cider tip!

The yarn looks very scrumptious - perfect for garter rows.

I still love the quilt in the window. It looks like stained glass to me. I am in the midst of quilt planning myself. What batting do you use?

Love the way the light filters through your's so pretty. Can't think of much better than a new quilt for the winter. Feel better!

The quilt is turning out so pretty. I love it.

Oh... Middlemarch... when you said that you were reading it, I went and downloaded it onto my Tablet and decided to read it to. I got only a few pages in and decided that I couldn't possibly think hard enough to keep up with it. Embarrased... I put it down and haven't picked it back up. I'm thinking perhaps some Louisa May Alcott might be a better choice. ;)

I gave up on Middlemarch first time, there may even have been a second. I got to read it quite a few years later and I did enjoy it, although I didn't think it was the great amazing book it is proclaimed to be by any means. My daughter loathes the character of Dorothea; considering she is meant to be intelligent she doesn't behave so at all. Anyway, life is too short to read books you don't like!

Your quilt is looking lovely, very cosy and comfortable it will be too. I'm looking forward to seeing it all finished.

Love the quilt!! I'm super jealous as my quilt is not finished yet. I'm quilting it not tying. The batting is warm & natural, a bit thin but it drapes well. Have you tried lemon/ginger tea with a bit of honey? Always works well when I have a sore throat. It could be I just love the honey. I am very envious of your table, always so inviting. Your woodsy picture is tre fabulous. As always Alicia, you inspire me.

For a sore throat I eat up a mug full of the TJ's pear apple cinnamon cider and add a tablespoon of rum. It makes a great hot toddy and is so cozy to sip by the fire.

Someone I really respected and admired used to tell me all the time how wonderful Middlemarch was. I was so excited to read it for a class that I pretended to like it for 50 pages. Then, it just got more and more horrible until I did something I'VE NEVER EVER DONE before or since. I just read all the dialogue so I could speak reasonably on the lower side of intelligence in the class. I've never looked back.


I also tried watching the Netflix streamed version of it and turned it off after 15 minutes. Why is this book still exalted....or is it, still?

I love that quilt!

Love the hearth in the middle on your quilt! It's turning out really pretty. I made some pot holders and used a burgundy for the hearth in the center, and I might do a nine patch with the hearth as the center block too :)

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