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Breakfast at Wapato Greenway, 2/18/12.


Lovely, brambles, mud, ferns and dogs, seems ideal to me. I hope you had tea and cake when you got home - Annie

That looks so peaceful, a great place to go and re-connect.

Your Saturday morning was well spent.
I feel compelled to go out for a hike, and especially to find something warming to drink, and tasty to savor. An added bonus would be to share it with a sweet-faced pup, like Clover. Thanks for this inspiring peek... I feel, somehow, fortified for this new day.

What gorgeous brown eyes! :)
Vivienne x

The title frightened me. Thank you for not posting photos of any real mud puppies. They give me the heebie jeebies when I see them at the river. *shudder*

This is much, much more relaxing. xo

such a beautiful walk, great photos as always

Beautiful photos! I love this quiet, gray bit of time before spring begins. Oh and what a soulful, sweet little pooch!

Thank you for taking me along on your wonderful walk. Your photos are gorgeous! My heart melts for brown eyes!!

Oh my! The photo of the pup is AHHHMAZING!!! those eyes!

You have such an eye for woodland beauty. I'm so glad you share it!

Time to delurk and say Thank You for your sumptuous photos, both inside ones and outdoors. Very spirit-lifiting!

A Sunday post - what a treat for yor readers. Clover Meadow looks as beautiful as usual.

Just lovely fern and moss covered trees. I am inspired by your treks into the woods when is looks chilly and damp. I tend to be such a fair-weather hiker - I think that I need to expand my horizons a bit!

So pretty. I love winter! And oh my goodness, that second-to-last photo. The love in those eyes. She is precious.

As always your photos are gorgeous, but that fern shot...fantastic!!!

Look at that face!

I would have that first picture enlarged to 16x24, framed and hung on the wall of my home. To me, it is the perfect picture of this journey we call "life". Where do the roads lead? What's around the corner? We won't know until we have the courage to go there.

Is Clover waiting for a nibble of breakfast in those photos? Gorgeous feeling of wintery calm in the woods! If you like looking at the plants, there's a great tiny book called Winter Weed Finder by Miller that i.d.'s them all easily.

Beautiful photos-especially of the sweet Clover Meadow. The dogs here have already informed me that a nice walk should take place within the hour.

Gorgeous. I need to live closer to the wild.

Julie Phillips says: February 19, 2012 at 10:50 AM

Alicia, what settings do you use on your camera to take such beautiful photos?


beautiful photos of the normal and average and plain, yet inspiring....especially a certain little short-legged pup...always precious.

Stunning photos. It looks cold and peaceful. You have some amazing scenery wherever you live!

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