Flowered Eggs

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Last night Andy and I made some Easter eggs inspired by these pretty ones. I just clipped some tiny sprigs from our tangle of a yard, placed them on the raw eggs, took a square of pantyhose (if you do a dozen eggs it's best to have two pairs of pantyhose) and stretched it over the sprig and egg, then caught up all the edges of the pantyhose in a little rubberband. (You want to pull the pantyhose pretty tight, so the sprigs stay on the egg.) Then, in a big soup pot, we made a little bed of outer skins from about eight or nine yellow onions, placed all the eggs on the skins, covered them with more skins, then added a few tablespoons of vinegar and enough cold water just to cover it all. Brought it just up to a boil then let it simmer very gently, without rumbling the eggs, for about fifteen minutes. Took the pot off the heat and let it sit for another fifteen minutes. Took the eggs out (careful, they're hot), rinsed them in cold water, and unveiled them. Voila. Beautiful botanical eggs.

My favorites are the ones that picked up some color from the blue flowers that were laid on top of them. It's best if you use sprigs that are very delicate, with thin leaves so that they can really press down on the egg. It also helps if the egg is a bit wet, because then the leaves will stick better when you go to wrap them with the pantyhose. Anyway, I think they look pretty. And I am a deviled egg fiend so I might have to make some more. I might try making some other colors, too.

Happy Easter weekend, dear friends!


tacomapat says: April 06, 2012 at 12:07 PM

Wow - these are the most beautiful and organic Easter eggs I've ever seen - whodda thunk it? Thanks for sharing this inspiration with us.

My mom did this when I was a kid, I keep meaning to do it w/my kids. Gorgeous!!

Breathtaking! When I saw the photos.... I gasped! Amazing.

These are beautiful! :-)

Elizabeth says: April 06, 2012 at 01:20 PM


So simple. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us today.

Do you have a favorite deviled egg recipe? I am planning to make some soon and could use suggestions.

The prettiest Easter eggs ever!

Those are beautiful. I have been egg dyeing this afternoon with some friends and some Austrian egg dye. I will try and remeber your method for next year :o)
Happy Easter

These are really beautiful. Makes me want to run out and buy a bunch of onions. Maybe I will...
Happy Easter Alicia and Andy

Such a beautiful way to decorate! Lovely cut-outs and rich colours. We will have to try this :) Thank you for shaing this idea!!!

Lovely idea. Happy Easter, Paulsons.

Those are stunning. I love how natural they are. My new chicks are babies but next Easter I will have real colored eggs from my girls. Have a blessed Easter.

Those are great!

I almost wish I had onions in the house (another food sensitivity) just so I could peel them for this project.
I will think about it - maybe cry over the peeling of the skins.
Gorgeous eggs. Too pretty to eat.

♥ They turned out beautifully...I've done onion skins for the past couple of years and love it...I will have to try using some herbs and such to see how this technique works...I'm wondering if I need to get white eggs, as we have 2 chickens now and get brown and a blue/green egg from them. I was hoping just to use those, but I don't think the contrast will be as striking.

Oh-so-beautiful! Love them!!!

What in the…?! Those are beautiful and do not look possible to make. I agree with Melissa Crowe above, "I want to marry them."
Happy Easter!

Gorgeous, thank you for the inspiration!

These are beautiful! It seems a shame to break them open, but you're right - deviled eggs are oh soooo good.

Captain Momma says: April 06, 2012 at 10:52 PM

Just gorgeous! Now if only I could find something to use under our snow! LOL!

Happy Easter!

Must you hoard all the talent in the whole wide world, Alicia?!

Gourmet cooking, photography, knitting, sewing, crochet, all needle work, design, product development, and writing--enough already!

These are the loveliest eggs I've seen.

I love the way they've picked up the texture to the pantyhose...they look woven... Have a great Easter :o)

The eggs are absolutely beautiful - will definitely try this.

Chris xx

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