Flowered Eggs

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Last night Andy and I made some Easter eggs inspired by these pretty ones. I just clipped some tiny sprigs from our tangle of a yard, placed them on the raw eggs, took a square of pantyhose (if you do a dozen eggs it's best to have two pairs of pantyhose) and stretched it over the sprig and egg, then caught up all the edges of the pantyhose in a little rubberband. (You want to pull the pantyhose pretty tight, so the sprigs stay on the egg.) Then, in a big soup pot, we made a little bed of outer skins from about eight or nine yellow onions, placed all the eggs on the skins, covered them with more skins, then added a few tablespoons of vinegar and enough cold water just to cover it all. Brought it just up to a boil then let it simmer very gently, without rumbling the eggs, for about fifteen minutes. Took the pot off the heat and let it sit for another fifteen minutes. Took the eggs out (careful, they're hot), rinsed them in cold water, and unveiled them. Voila. Beautiful botanical eggs.

My favorites are the ones that picked up some color from the blue flowers that were laid on top of them. It's best if you use sprigs that are very delicate, with thin leaves so that they can really press down on the egg. It also helps if the egg is a bit wet, because then the leaves will stick better when you go to wrap them with the pantyhose. Anyway, I think they look pretty. And I am a deviled egg fiend so I might have to make some more. I might try making some other colors, too.

Happy Easter weekend, dear friends!


p.s. holy cow, Alicia...I'm going to need a ph.d to pass your robot weeding comment test!

These are just so beautiful!

Brilliant! Of course, I read this AFTER Easter, but hey, maybe I'll boil some up "just because".

So beautiful!

So lovely! And such a beautiful process. Thank you so much for sharing.

I made those, too! Do you know the original source? I just love them!


Love this idea!

Amazing! Saw these on Anna Maria Horners post linked to yours as the source, they are gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing!Too late for me to do this year but will try next year.

We make these eggs every year. Blow out the contents of a few eggs before you dye them and you can save them from year to year. I've been know to visit the supermarket and beg for the onion skins that they clean out of the bin. Golden onion skins work best. The red onion skin made a rather grey egg.

Amazingly beautiful idea . . .

Martha Burnette says: April 26, 2012 at 09:43 PM

The eggs do no have to ever be cracked. I made these same types of eggs 20 years ago. The yolk and white inside the egg has petrified and the eggs are light as a feather. I display them in my hutch on egg stands. Under the directions I used they were called wooden eggs, the coarser nylon you use the more it looks like a wooden egg/ I enjoy looking at mine everything and lots of compliments on them.

Que lindo!!

I love the designs on the eggs. They are so pretty. How long can you leave eggs out like this as decoration before they go rotten?

Here's what I'm doing for Easter. I've been saving my onion skins for it all winter.

Sigh...Just spent a good 40 minutes "catching up" on some older posts.
Reading your posts is so soothing. Looking at the pictures is so relaxing.
I'm almost inspired to take up cross stitching! hmm...
Your husband is quite funny! Lucky you.
Lucky you squared...Amelia is a beauty.

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