I know.

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I've got problems.


It reminds me of being in a plane and looking down on the landscape, wondering who lived there and what they did, even how you photographed it where some areas are lit by the sun - the traveller's quilt!

This is amazing - both for its beauty and design.

Wow! The only 'problem' I see here is that you're not going to be able to keep up (in production) with the incredible, beautiful, amazing quilt designs you come up with. I wish I had that problem! Gorgeous, Alica.

It looks great!!! I saw your winterwoods sampler on pinterest the other day! Hope that brings even more people to your fabulous blog!!!!Have a great day!!

I love how it has a stained glass effect, with the light streaming through. Almost a shame to back it.
Will you quilt it, or tie it?

i am particularly in love with the yellow stripes. awesome.

girl! i love it.
quilt-type problems are a good type to have ;)

I was absolutely blown away when I saw your post showing your progress on your quilt. I must say that is the fastest anyone I know has ever come up with a design and then implemented it! You rock!

I can't believe you have already pieced that quilt together! It is absolutely beautiful. I really love the log cabin blocks :-)
Good problem to have!

So pretty! I love the big square of little squares if that makes sense. This is an everyman quilt - everyone must love some element of it :)

This is amazing. I'm truly in awe of all of the work you've done.

Wow. What a beauty! It's really gorgeous. I bet Miss Clover Meadow cannot wait to get her cute little bottom on it.

Good problems I'd say - keep having them! ;-)

This is absolutely amazing! I definitely need something similar in my room :)

Oh.My.Gosh. I can't believe you did that so fast. I never even consider making a quilt because I know it would take me a year and I would lose interest and never finish it. You are amazing!!

So pretty! I wish I was a do-er like you! :)

Jennifer B. / Brooklyn says: April 01, 2012 at 08:39 AM

...or maybe just a crazy lot of talent. It's truly beautiful.

You are brilliant!!!!!!

Oh, Alicia Paulson, you are one special amazingly awesome girl. Yes you are.

I just laughed in delight when I saw what you "whipped up" when checking in on your last post, last night. And came in to tell you this morning.

I have been sick as a heck (8 horrible flu days, and almsot done), and dreaming of getting on an awesome wave of creating. Where it just flows out hour after hour after hour - and you have something incredible to show for it. Just like the outrageous progress on your beautiful quilt.

Your rock.

love, V

I love coming to your blog, I usually give a deep sigh as I admire the quiet vignettes and imagine the peaceful steady drum of your life. And then there came the quilt top entries....
I still will love coming to your blog-I'm just reminded again that you can NOT presume to know someone by their posts. Funny me. For a time I forgot that you put your pants on one leg at a time just like me.
x to the power of o

I'm shocked at how quickly you've put this together. And so freaking tidy. Show it backlit shows everything off so well... Yowza!

that looks super cool :)

that one stunning quilt! i look at it and just want to scratch my head. i could never come up with something like that.

How fabulous, I love it!

Amazing! I was looking at this, section by section, thinking how cool that your software program lets you scan fabric and do a mock-up of the actual fabrics you want to use in your quilt - and then I realized . . . you've already planned it, cut it out, and sewed it together. You go girl, I am totally in awe of your capabilities and that is one crazy, beautiful piece of art. Thanks as always for sharing with us, and kisses to your girl Clover. I'm sure she'll be a big help to you when it comes time to put it all together.

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