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It was so beautiful yesterday. I had the doors and windows open. I didn't have any music on at all, just so I could hear all of the birdsong we've been missing so much these past long months.

I have a dream to buy a little piece of land — a meadow edged by forest. A weekend place. Not too far away. I found one on-line. It has an old red shed on it now, and a tumbling-down old rabbit hutch. Someday we could build a cabin on it, but for a few years maybe we could just have a little trailer, or even a tent. I'd throw my quilt on the long grass and read all afternoon. What I imagine mostly is how it would sound. Quiet, with birds and leaves.


Oh! It does *sound* lovely.
What a good dream.
Sometimes, I think your photographs are my *little piece of land... or peace of land.* I come here and just enjoy the view, slow down, reflect. Thank you for this loveliness you share with us.

Oh I love days like this. Where the curtains flutter with the soft wind, it's so peaceful. At night, even though it's still a little chilly here, I've been leaving the windows open to listen to the peepers.
I can picture your tent made with a calico print and twinkling lights.

I love your dream :)

It is a lovely dream and may it come true.
Yesterday was beautiful. It's back to gray, wind and rain south of where you are. Mother Nature is such a tease!

Sounds lovely. Except knowing you and Andy you would build a beautiful home over a long weekend. :) Well, maybe two weekends.

I have the same dream, Alicia, my pocket of land might have a gypsy caravan, which we had decorated ourselves, on it.

Where would we be without dreams and projects?

I ablsolutly love your photos. I would love some tutorials on how you do that!

I love your blog posts so much!
I really enjoy reading them and day dream about your lovely pictures.

That sounds like a relaxing dream to me!

Beautiful images you captured today. YOur quilt is amazing. I have NO idea how you sewed that up so quickly?!! Girl...I could just hear that sewing machine whirring all the way down here to California! WOW! :) I wish I could get that motivated on some of my sewing projects!!! Lord knows I have a huge stash of fabric just waiting to be whipped up into beautiful creations...:)

Happy day to you. It looks like you might have your Market bags full on the counter tops? A cooking day? Enjoy, sweet Alicia!

xoxo...Gloria dream too!!! I'd like a water source on it too. A lake, a stream?

Such lovely photos, love them all. There´s something about the mood in your pics I really like! :-)

I am in Portland as well and rejoiced in opening my kitchen window yesterday. Such a lovely day!

We have some land with an old Airstream trailer on it and I tell you - it's the best decision we made years ago. It's such a wonderful retreat. Maybe we'll build a cabin some day, but the trailer is perfect right now (it even has a little kitchen and furnace). I hope you follow your heart in this!

Lovely dream! I hope it comes true for you. I'm listening to birdsong just now - as I do in the quiet of every early morning. What a beautiful chorus and even more special as I learn to recognize the different voices of cardinal and wren, towhee and nuthatch.

A very good dream, indeed. A little slice of heaven on earth.

Oooh, I love your dream! I can picture it now... The weather the PNW was treated to yesterday was certainly soothing. I had all my windows open, too, and listened to all the different little troupes of birds who come through my tree: chickadees, kinglets, sparrows, and the evening family of robins who sing their song as the sun goes down. I s'pose it was enough to get me through until the sun comes back out again. :)

Hope you do buy that land in the country. It would absolutely be the best investment you and Andy could ever hope to make.

As someone who lives in the country I will, say it's far from quiet sometimes. In the early spring, the frogs can be absolutely DEAFENING at night. But it's a good noise.

Yes, as long as you own the property, that would be most important. Then add on as you can afford.

Love the kitty face! And the greenery.

Your blog makes me so happy, I always get excited when I see a new post in my reader. These pictures are just beautiful- I wish you would sell prints of your photos! You are so talented at capturing light!

What a delicious dream. Do it.

Kathy McDonald says: April 03, 2012 at 09:49 AM

Oh, Alicia, these photos just amaze me! Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us in such a beautiful way. I'm a cat person and am just in awe of the photo of your sweet cat.

Sounds like heaven

What a lovely dream and dreamy photos. I just bet you'll make your dream come true very soon.

Julie G. in Iowa says: April 03, 2012 at 10:07 AM

These photos are torture. Torture, I tell you!
I'm stuck inside at work and all I can think about is sitting outside soaking up some sun and birdsong. *sigh*
I hope you get your little bit of land so we can all go to the country with you.

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