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I treated myself to a little pile of publications yesterday (this one and this one and this one). I've had a nice week, soaking up inspiration and getting my hands really dirty. I even have a sliver (proud). I don't think I mentioned that I used this cool web site to help me plan the beds. Not everything has gone in yet, but so far I have transplanted purchased organic starts for cabbages, garlic, onions, beets, leeks, potatoes, peas, and some herbs, planted seeds for lettuce, spinach, and carrots (and a hyacinth bean), and are waiting for warmer weather for tomatoes, butternut squash, basil, and eggplant (and those varieties might change from what I have listed on the plan). A little of everything. Some flowers will get in there somewhere, too. I found planting the seeds to be about fifty times more exciting than I expected.


Melanie says: May 04, 2012 at 07:17 AM

Wow - you're off to an ambitious start!!! All looks lovely. I started my seedlings way too early. I'll have to see if they survive. Homegrown veggies are the best! Loving your pictures, as always.

ain't that the truth. I planted my first garden over the weekend. I was beside myself giddy. SO fun. and what if they actually produce vegetables??! it will seem like a miracle. (it is)

i've become completely addicted to the idea of a sweet little kitchen garden...

I don't have a garden yet, but plan to move over the summer months and it would be so lovely to have a bit of space for a little one. If I end up getting a condo rather than a small house, I guess I will take up container gardening. Either way, I love veggies and would enjoy growing my own. I peeked at the magazines and may actually buy the Pure Green magazine. I've never seen it at the stores--but it does mention this is only their second issue. Good luck with your garden--it sounds like you have some busy months ahead of you!

Such delights.
I agree, about the seeds... so much more exciting than one might expect.
Now, you have me wondering: are you planting with recipes in mind, special meals, dishes?
Happy Friday, Alicia!

Very cool garden planner. It makes my plan, drawn and redrawn on the back of my potato invoice, look so crude. Can't wait to try again on that site.

Those beans look great!

Forgot to say on my last comment that I'm running a giveaway for a handknitted embroidered bag that i'm sure you'd love - pop over to my blog if you have the chance to have a look. x

Fleur xx

ps. Have a lovely weekend, hope that it doesn't rain on you too much and you can get out into your garden xxx

The package for the hyacinth beans is a work of art itself – frameable even.

Have a good weekend!

Oh, you got starters... I was wondering how your garden looked so good after two days! Only fifty times more exciting... hee hee. Our nine year old LOVES when we start our seeds indoors. Every little green sprout is showered with love. Your beds are beautiful... everyone will be enjoying the view. :) Have fun!

I love your little garden and hope you get as much enjoyment from it as I do from mine. I still find planting seeds so exciting and this is my tenth year! BTW your view choices are stellar, love those shows :o)

Thanks so much for the book ideas! One that I read recently and was sad to see end (would love a sequel) is Lunch in Paris. Happy reading! Jenny

Thanks also for a look at what u r reading. The cookbook looks divine and I popped over to a,axon and ended up ordering her first book. Found it interesting that her grandfather was Ronald Dalh. Writing must be genetic lol.

Thanks for the update. Seed planting is making a little miracle, really. When things start sprouting - even more exciting! I have a gardening weekend planned - i can't wait for the work day to be over.

p.s. my depression era grandparents had farm bread and onion sandwiches for lunch when they were too busy getting the garden planted. My late mom told me this when I used to help her plant our family garden. I've never had an onion sandwich...

Heather says: May 04, 2012 at 08:44 AM

Thanks for the link to Sweet Paul magazine. Where can I buy it? I only saw a digital, print your own option at the website. Can't I buy a glossy copy? The recipes look wonderful. I've been hand copying all morning!

I'm in awe of your many talents...

I'm a horrible gardener but I really want to give a vegetable patch one more try this year. The last time I grew veg I had beets the size of quarters and my beans... well. Nevermind.

You have inspired me to start planting - just bought some seeds to start me off. Also have been buying plants - some for garden and some for daughters wedding we are going to wrap the plant pots in coloured paper and tie with raffia, and use them to decorate the venue ;)

You are going to love those hyacinth bean plants when they reach full bloom.I filled one end of one of my 8x20 raised beds with them and when they bloomed it was like an explosion of lt. purple color. I saved the new beans and planted more this year. I have them in 3 ft boxes with dark pink caladiums between the bean plants which I am training to go up a trellis this year. That's what's great about gardening, creating new arrangements with your plants from year to year. I didn't take care of my garden over the winter and I have a plethora of zinnias growing which are too pretty to cut. I need more beds!! Thanks for the link to the borders. I'm getting some to put out front of my little beds.

What beautiful publications! Thanks for sharing these with us. You are such a muse and inspiration, Alicia. Hope you'll enjoy a wonderful weekend with Andy and the critters!

I'd like to add something else. For those who do not have much space and love tomotoes, just get a couple plants and pop them in those 5 gal black containers the nurseries throw away. Use good soil, not the stuff in bags at the big stores, get some organic soil. You will have the best tomatoes ever and with little work! I buy my fertilizer from this place (I'm not an employee or have any interest in this business, they are simply the best)
Lots of great info, too.

Alicia, what goooodness!

I must say, I find planting seeds just about the most magical little thing I ever did encounter.

I also collected seeds from last year, planted them, and sprouting they are. Eeeeee!

The basil babies have 3 or 4 tiny leaves poking out of their heads - and we are finally eating the winter cabbage. Gosh it took ages to grow.

Oh, and we nibbled the last of the turnips (I even stole some mashed buttered ones into bed with me to watch Netflix). I planted seeds of marigolds and sunflowers and a smattering of wildflower seeds in my veggie garden - so exciting! (the wildflowers are big and tall, with pink poppies too - I found the wildflower seed mixes at American Meadows -online- to be the most plentiful and well performing seeds i ever have encountered, I am impressed )

I am also following strict companion planting guides. And I must say, the parsley and basil alwas do good for my tomatoes. I am watching the tomato babies I planted inside in winter get about 8 inches tall now.

So, I feel your excitment, and am sooo looking forward to seing nsippets of your beautiful garden, in such diferent worlds we live - climate wise ;)

oopsie typo queen = "seeing snippets"

I'm terrible at getting my seeds to start indoors and every year I say I'll just buy bedding plants the next year but I never can give up! haha Smart Gardener is a pretty great website but I can't seem to break myself from drawing my garden out with pencil in my little notebook and making changes in there over and over again. I recommend the book "Carrots Love Tomatoes" if you haven't seen it yet. We found it very helpful the last couple of years.

So strange...someone just gave me some hyacinth beans to plant this week. I had never heard of it and now, you are planting some! You will be canning and freezing all summer, but boy will you eat well next winter.

I'm going to enjoy watching all this sprouting over here, and will garden vicariously through you. I admire anyone who grows veggies or edibles, but so far, I have zilch desire to try it myself.

Anneli Westman says: May 04, 2012 at 11:11 AM

Nice garden you have...I'm coming from Sweden..

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