First Harvest!

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Spinach! And lettuce! From seeds! Proud.

I am way overidentified emotionally with my garden and will need years and years of therapy when it fails but until then I am taking every single victory as personally as I possibly can.

If you look at the pet pictures again I think you can see exactly how the kitterses seat exchange went down. The Bee's like, "Oh, actually yeah, I think I'd like to sit right there. Kthx. 'K, take my picture." All I know is that I was taking a picture of Violet and then the next thing I knew I was taking a picture of Bridget. And I didn't even have to refocus.

(Clover's face is so funny.)

They're all pretty cute. They love to be out in front with me when I'm messing around with m veggies. We have a few teensy green tomatoes, an eggplant flower, many pea flowers, four great big potato plants (and I'm supposed to put soil on their stems or something? Probably too late), and the cucumbers and squash look like they're starting to wake up a bit. I sowed more lettuce and spinach seeds a week or two ago, and they're starting to come up. Yeah, I'm pretty psyched.

We have another nice sunny day around here. That makes two in a row! Wow.


Darling Alicia, you have the sweetest animals in the world.Don't we just love our fur babies?My dog is fifteen now with the most beautiful face and temperament.I cant' bear the thought of losing him along with my tabby boys.Well done for your first produce.It's the most rewarding thing to grow and eat your own and finally I love your new quilt.Will be watching progress with interest.
Anne x
Ps Have you stolen our English sun? We have had rain for what seems like forever!!


I love the alternating cat pictures. Too sweet.

and who can possibly believe animals have no feelings or personality?? what a hoot. it only seems like yesterday you were building your raised beds...lovely

congratulations on the greens!
It is just super cool to grow your own. Wish I could.
And adorable animals!! - and then some more !!!
:) Nice that they keep you company outside.

When I was scrolling through the pictures and saw the one with both cats, I KNEW the next photo would have B sitting EXACTLY where V previously was. SO FUNNY! So great that you caught it in photos. Congratulations on the garden!

Well done on the harvest, and don't worry I always take everything that happens in my garden so personally, so you're not the only one! Your potatoes should be "earthed up", basically keep burying their stems in some earth as you then get more potatoes, and it's not too late, particularly if they haven't started flowering yet. I have read you can cover them with layers of hay instead of soil, but that may make a tempting place for slugs to live, and we don't want that (unless you use nematodes to nuke them.... Hope that this helps x

Having absolutely no green thumbs(I struggle with a few pots,the poor things...) I am in constant awe of what you do in your garden. Since I am an on-line visitor I really don't worry about the actual produce either. You make everything look and sound so good , and that's enough for me!!Hope we all get some more sunshine. I am having serious sunshine-withdrawal symptoms...xx

Hurrah! Congratulations on the harvest! I understand the emotional identification with your plants. Last night I discovered an unearthed, crumpled aloe vera plant ("It's my friend, Plant, mom," my two year old says), and I all but had a memorial service for it. Lol...irrational? Maybe. Sincere? Oh yes. These plants are a part of me now. Enjoy your fresh food!!

nothing as nice as picking your own veggies straight from the garden. I grow my spuds in a large pot, so I don't 'earth' them. I've never really understood it, though I can see Claire's comment, so there is a reason for it!

I just love rootling around the big pot for spuds once they're ready. It's like digging for gold, and yes, I shout 'yey' every time I find one!

Those cats CRACK ME UP!

As Claire, above, says - it's not too late to earth up your potatoes. In fact, you want to do it periodically through the growing season - you want to keep the developing potatoes underground, because if they are exposed to light, they can become green and possibly poisonous. So just keep earthing them up! I really like the book The Kitchen Garden by Alan Buckingham - it's worth checking out from your library at least - instead of talking about your kitchen garden plant by plant (or plant type by plant type), it's month by month - what to sow, plant, harvest, watch out for, and jobs to do. This format suits my brain :) The info is short, but just what you need to know (and you can always look up info more in depth if you need it), but this is like step by step for a great kitchen garden - lovely photos too!

I thought the pets were critiquing the absence of a tuna plant, or mice flowers.
No doubt you have harvested a salad you will never forget. Whatever the size, or quantity, when it's from our very own garden... it's indescribably marvelous!

“If you want to be happy for an hour, get drunk; If you want to be happy for three days, get married; If you want to be happy forever, make a garden.” -- Chinese Proverb

So funny! Clover seemed to look away (I see nothing!) when the exchange took place.
Congrats on your veggies. We tried so many times, but never seemed to get it right. Fingers crossed for you!

Sweet garden, hope the sun continues to shine for you.

How fun! Last time I planted garden vegetables was in with my first grade class! But to this day I remember how exciting it was, and how different the lettuce tasted from the stuff at the store.

So enjoy whenever the puppers and kittereses and their cuteness enter the pictures. Always make me smile.

I too find myself feeling like a failure sometimes in respect to my gardening abilities, but I've learned to (try) not to get too emotional when failure happens because I can only control so much. Though sometimes it's frustrating when you have this grandiose idea in your mind's eye about how everything will be just so. And then you find that you have only 2 teensy pickling cucumbers out of so many plants (!!) and so how could you possibly make batches and batches of gramma's pickles like you had planned? But then there's so much that does grow and flourish from the miraculous impossibility that is putting a tiny seed in the ground and watching it grow into a delicious salad. And that's what makes it all so worthwhile!

Love the kitties and Miss Clover. Always such a joy!

Beautiful summer day pictures!! Love the dog and cats watching the world go by!

I like Clover's reactions in the pics. First she's calm, then when B shows up she's like, "Oh noes! It's on!" Then once the new order is established she's mostly calm again.

Melissa L. says: June 11, 2012 at 10:13 AM

Your pets are all sweet and hilarious. Yay for your first harvest! (Doesn't it want to make you chew everything extra-slowly?!)

Your first harvest of greens is exciting and beautiful!
It also encourages me to believe that we will eventually glean a harvest from our test garden spot this summer on the east side of Portland:) Thanks for the sunny visit with you and your furry friends, too! Isn't the sunshine wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! Joy to you and yours, <3

I also have much lettuce, and it's the first time veggie gardening for me - so wonderful!

Your kitties are lovely.

I would recommend spraying some BT on your cabbages to eliminate the worms that cause the the damage. It's used by organic gardeners and considered safe for humans and animals--just kills cabbage worms. You can get it at any nursery.

Julie G. in Iowa says: June 11, 2012 at 10:42 AM

You mentioned your potato plants here and it made me think of the funny story in "The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You Can Stop Buying and Start Making" by Alana Chernila cookbook I bought after reading your posta few days back featuring the yummy-looking hamburger buns you made. (Run-on sentence much?)
Ms. Cernila has a funny story in her book talking about the wonders of growing potatoes (it's with the potato chip recipe, I think). Look it up! Sorry, I don't think it gives growing tips though.
My hubby and I are on a salad kick right now and I'm wishing I'd grown some lettuce and spinach myself. Looks so much better home-grown!

we're still trying to find the right spot in our crowded back yard for the raised bed my husband built. in the meanwhile, there are tomato and potato plants growing in our composte. we've had watermelons, pumpkins, cucumbers and cantaloupes all from composte. go figure. your lettuce looks lovely and crisp. enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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