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Wah! Had to get entire new computer after all. Writing from phone. Wondering why computer problems prompt discombobulation, then, in every other area of life. Discovered (for instance) while eating lunch in restaurant on Tuesday that shirt was on inside out. Thought "Wow, that's a first!" and instead of laughing felt slight panic, which was relief, indicating still actually care on some kind of level (though not very sophisticated one since "wearing clothes right-side out" probably comes just after "wearing pajamas" which comes just after "getting dressed at all" on the scale of civilized functionality) what I look like. All clothes on facing outward today. Progress.


Linda G. says: June 28, 2012 at 10:42 AM

Sweet and inspiring in a goofy way. Thanks. I once wore a jumper backward to work. It's good to be the opposite of LA.

This made me giggle, and reminded me very much of Bridget Jone's Diary. I read it recently, for the third time, I think? There's something very comforting about it, like a chat with a good friend.

Hahaha--I've done that too! Nothing like changing in the restroom and marveling that no one had noticed! I figure you get more wear out of reversable clothes too. :)

LOL. You slay me.

michele (maryland) says: June 28, 2012 at 10:51 AM


Mismatched, inside out, right side in, you're all right, no matter! (Actually, even better than all right ...!)

At least you didn't have your underwear on backwards. Been there, done that.
Fun post. I am so happy to be rid of Christine, the computer from Hell, even if my "new" one puts itself to sleep every fifteen minutes or so.

glad it's not just me!

hope new computer arrives soon.

the thing to do is have some shirts that when worn right side out, the seams are on the outside. You can say your clothes are de-constructed and people will nod as if they know what the hell you are talking about

This is one of the best posts I have ever read!!!!!!!

Of all things, I noticed, yesterday, that I put on my, ahem, undergarments inside out. I haven't done that since I was, I dunno, 4??

Inside out underwear happens often and more often i let it go. But i stuggled with doing up my bra last week and only realized when taking it off that yes indeedy it was inside out. Really ... How old am I?

linda Cannon says: June 28, 2012 at 11:42 AM

Love the honesty, we have all done something like that and to be able to laugh at ourseles is a good thing. I did the 2 different shoes same heel height once and 2 different color socks that only showed up in real light. And a few others too.
We had our hard drie fail on ourmost used laptop recently and only had it gone for 3 days and you would have thought the world had ended. Hubby has an I phone and so do I and he has an I Pad and I have a Kindle Fire and we have another computer, but we didn't have the one we seem to use the most, Oh Well, at least we had eerything backed up and I got all myblogs back especially yours, one of my faorites.

oh, Alicia ~ I LIKE you!!!

Luck is with us all, when there are no deodorant spots in reversing our shirts.

Hahaha we all have those days :) Glad there is progress for you today!

I wore a sweater backwards to work. Happens to almost all of us...and good for a laugh!

I am so crazy about you I can't even stand it.

Oh yeah.
You are delightfully real.
Thank you.

At least you remembered to put your shirt on! :)

i needed a giggle today, thank you!

Progress is always good -
and I hope your computer problems will go away (to be replaced by faster internet, typo-less typing, good hair days, and sunny skies !!)

you are a stitch. we are living parallel lives. my computer blew last week and the whole house smelled like burned plastic for two days. did you get the macbook pro? it is NIIICE. ; )

LOL, I catch Hubby ocassionally with his shirt on inside out. Makes me laugh.
The good news? You get a new computer! :)

first thought, too bad you aren't close my hubby could fix you up and then we could get back on track with all your lovely photos and words. ha, its about me! : )
Have a great day!

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