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These golden days. It has been absolutely thrilling to go out walking together in the neighborhood and the park. We've walked down the road to get breakfast or lunch or coffee in various places every day. It sounds so simple but it feels like more than enough. I got this cute cape this year and I love it.

As you may know, my favorite genre of movies is Christmas movies. I am beyond excited that they have already started playing them on the Hallmark Channel (favorite channel). Some people don't like that they start so early but I do! Nevertheless, it's shocking that Thanksgiving is already the week after next. I'm pretty sure we are hosting it at our house because we usually do but I haven't even given it a thought yet. Since everything takes a lot longer now I should probably start thinking. Perhaps it will be a potluck this year. . . .

Such a very lot to be thankful for. Oh my stars. Sweet girl.


i hope miss clover is getting enough attention. amelia is changing before our eyes. love the laid back look in the bath. get used to the pile of clothing. that never ends. your life is so beautiful. thank you for sharing.

Alicia, you know how some things improve with love, when our hearts are glad? Your photography has grown exponentially more stunning... which is quite special, given that it has always been exceptional. Naturally, you are dealing with some gorgeous subjects. I think the love you are projecting is reflected back... and it is our good fortune that it shows up in the glimpses you share.
Christmas. Dear, dear Christmas and every bit of romance, magic, grace, and loveliness... what a joy! Ah, you got me all giddy!

Thanksgiving is always one of my favorites because it was at Thanksgiving that we found out we were expecting our long awaited baby. There's nothing like a sweet family to make a person especially thankful.
I am getting such a kick out of your photos. Partly because I am thrilled for you, and partly because they are just so stinkin' cute.
Don't forget to hand the camera over to Andy sometimes too. Mama and baby photos are precious as well.

I am beyond thrilled for you and your family. Thank you for brightening every day through your blog. Bless you all.

Oh, that bathtub photo is adorable! Looks like you and your baby girl are having some great times....I always love the holidays with a new baby. They just make everything feel extra cozy :)

You have such a lot of beautiful places in your life. Thanks for sharing the lovely photographs.

Sweet, sweet baby girl! I love seeing her in her handknits. So cozy! We usually go hiking for Thanksgiving each year because we don't live close to family and most of our friends are with theirs for the holiday. This year though, we have friends joining us, so we are actually cooking! I need to start planning.

Amelia looks so adorable in those outfits and what beautiful photography, would love to walk where you walk...enjoy these days, hugs

Cute baby feet and a bathing beauty! Love!

Isn't it exciting to see someone finally wear all that dear little knitwear? Oh my---how long before she starts to outgrow some of it?

Heather (Montreal) says: November 08, 2012 at 07:40 PM

The world is just a better place with Miss A in it :)
All that gorgeous knitting! So nice to see it fits her so well, but I admit I love her sweet expression while nekkid in the bath.

Golden days is right - what photos! And everything sweet.

I think you are having just the best time playing dress-up with that sweet little girl!

THAT CAP THAT CAP THAT CAP!!! Oh I'm in heaven. The Hallmark Channel is my favorite too!

I remember the first time I went out with two children, walking up to a farmhouse for a 4th of July picnic, holding my toddler boy's hand and carrying my newborn boy on my other arm. I felt like a *queen*. Enjoy those outings!

Amelia is way too cute in that cap!!!

Oh, you have captured a Portland fall so well! Miss A is so sweet- I bet she will like Christmas movies, too!

She is so precious :) What a wardrobe that little chickie landed in!

AAACCCKK! This makes me so happy I want to just... I don't know. She is so cute and loveable and cute. I wish my babes were still babies. And, I love that you are loving each minute. Oh, that bath photo.... that's one you will show at her 16th birthday, her 21st birthday, her wedding, to her children. It's priceless. Thank you for giving us a peek into your beautiful, blessed life!

Thanks for sharing your baby with us,I must say that your story is been the sweetest of the season,could be in a Hallmark movie...I made some of The nutcracker dolls this week for charity, made me think a lot about you and what you did a few Christmas ago(?).

So happy to see your lovely knitted things on your beautiful girl! Clover looks like she's not sure what the heck is going on, lol.
Beautiful autumn photos!

Aw. Thank you for sharing so many pics of your sweet Amelia. It makes me happy to see your happy family, and I'm sure so many others feel the same. What a wonderful Thanksgiving you'll have!

Don't worry about the dessert menu ... You have a star attraction who will be more than enough sweetness for the entire table ...

Taking my babes for a walk is something I truly miss... The joy of watching them experiencing wind and crisp air x x

Just look at her in those clothes you so lovingly made. Can you even believe you have a baby to put them on now! Simple stroller walks into town are one of the most enjoyable things in life. I really do believe that, especially this time of year, over crunchy leaves. I purposely (and luckily!) had my second baby in October just so we could do that in his early weeks. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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