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Christmas was wonderful. Festive, joyful, fun, and so sweet, with just enough quiet to let you stop and take the quiet moments in without rushing. Christmas with this baby girl is a dream of mine come true. I think she had a wonderful time!

This week between Christmas and New Year's is one of the best. There are no expectations for it, really, other than to finish off Christmas cookies and try to clean up the house a bit. We have a whole new remodeling project starting in January. It's gonna be cool. A big built-in wall of drawers, cabinets and bookshelves, with a window seat for Amelia's big-girl room (currently the guest room). It's even going to have sconces wired in so she can sit in the window seat and read. I'm pretty psyched about this! More on that later.

For now, there is just a ton of lounging around under lots of blankets by the fireplace. Cider drinking. Clementine eating. Baby books-and-presents (so many beautiful presents!) sorting. Area-rug browsing. Movie watching. Knitting. A lot of trying to figure out what to eat and who's going to make it. Napping. Reading (I got some new books, too). Baby kissing. Baby cuddling. Baby rocking. Baby watching. A LOT of baby talking. She is "talking" like crazy. Really, the cutest thing ever.

She's also been sleeping eight hours a night for the past week. A Christmas miracle! Awesome.

I hope your week has been just wonderful. Thank you for all of your kind greetings!!! Xoxoxo

P.S. Those two portraits (at my sister's house) are of my two grandmothers, Angelina and Lucille.


Sweetest Christmas ever!

A sleeping baby is a gift indeed. Ours in a little late to the party, at 16 months, but so thankful just the same! Love the bell and pine cone tree! So unique!

Happy New Year to you!! I just love the very end and the very beginning, all the rosy reflections and hopeful planning.

Such a lovely holiday for you. Peace to you and your family for the new year just around the corner.

So happy for your awesome holidays with precious Amelia -beautiful, beautiful child and I love the way you dress her - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

What a wonderful beginning to a lifetime of family Christmasses and memories made. Happy New Year Alicia, may each step we take lead the way to Peace.

How about designing baby attire??

Your photographs are always so tactile, the one of Amelia's feet on the sheepskin is so soft. I'm glad to hear you all had a great Christmas, it changes meaning when you have kids, don't you think?

Was thinking about all the blogs I used to read religiously, and found to yours on Pinterest! Looking at these photos (OMG, the baby is so big!) - I wonder how I stopped coming here so often.

I've missed you.

Christmas is all about the children and their sense of the wonder of it all. It is so much fun. Christmas was bound to be special with Amelia in your world. Wishing you a Happy New Year and a lifetime of happiness with precious Amelia.

I know Amelia's room will be pure heaven~can't wait!

I have spent the past few days knitting, reading and watching Christmas movies one final time while sitting by my Christmas tree. I suppose today was the last day for that! It is New Year's parties for the next few days now, and back to the hustle and bustle.

Cozy, peace and quiet~how I love thee! I feel better, I've been waiting for this.....Merry Holidays!

gloria g. Hemingway, SC

It's sort of ridiculous how excited I get when I see a new post of yours in my feed, knowing there will be new baby pictures. I scroll down past the pictures of food and projects and adorable corgis and whatnot to get to her...and she is so beautiful. Then I go back and look at the other stuff. ;) I just know how it feels to want a baby soooo badly, and how magical it is when that baby finally joins the family. I'm so happy for you, and for her. Lucky, lucky little girl.

Juli Schuster says: December 28, 2012 at 03:10 PM

Oh,my! Can I come live with you?! haha! Your home seems so cozy, calm, quiet and relaxed. I show off pictures of your little Amelia to my husband like she is one of my own family members! She is the cutest thing! Thank you so much for sharing your story with all of us.

Sounds so lovely, Merry Christmas to you and yours Alicia.

Your pictures are a Christmas gift to me all year long. Your home always has such a warm, cozy, peaceful feel. And I love see all of Amelia's beautiful clothes - many, I'm sure, hand-knitted by you. Enjoy your week.

Baby's 1st Christmas is just the best - so glad you enjoyed every moment of it. You are right about the week coming up - it is my very favorite do-nothing week of the year :)

Ok, now you have us wanting a video of her talking! Happy New Year! The only thing that would make it better is SNOW!

My tree looks like yours:)Thanks to Elle:)

I must tell you..I gave two of my doctors.. 2 of your ornaments.. a skate and the gingerbread girl:)

Today..after working outside with our record breaking snowstorm..more than 46 centimeters..

I started Little Deer:)

Amelia looks just like our eldest did 37 yrs ago:)
She has the best hair in the world at the tender age of 37:)

I stitched a poem about her hair that many years ago:)

Lovely photos.

So sweet, thank you for sharing this wonderful season with all of us. The first of many joyful Christmases to come. My youngest granddaughter is 20 mo this year...she is in love with her toys and books and says "Merry Christmas HoHoHo", makes the room light up! Oh how much you have in front of you!

Merry and Bright!
Fun to see, and read, that this
*first* Christmas has been a true delight.
Happy New Year~

Dear, sweet Alicia...I'm so glad it was good! So happy that you get to have Christmases with a little one of your own...Wonderful pictures. Loving the portraits so much. Something worth wrestling your sister over, I would think! How come SHE gets to have them?! ;)

A fantastic first Christmas, full of love, light, and laughter! So, so happy for you!
Let's hope that little miracle of 8 hrs a night continues! lol

superb color combo in photo, how baby is just growing and growing and now talking...she is just a dumpling...but i have said that before : )

wishing you a lovely restful rest of the week... x

What gorgeous photos and what a peaceful, content, and wonder-filled Christmas it looks like you had. Your little girl is getting so big, blessings to you and yours.

Lacy Province says: December 28, 2012 at 05:48 PM

Happiness shines through each lovely photo.

Pray this new year brings you and yours all the best there is to have.

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