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Thank you so much for all of the New Year's greetings! We had a very, nice quiet (embarrassingly quiet; we didn't even stay awake until midnight) new year! I made a pancake. Amelia rocked her new bouncy seat. Our dear friends and neighbors had us for dinner at their lovely house on New Year's Day. I made a bunny (I named her Marjorie) for Amelia (I don't have a pattern for her because I made it up. But maybe I'll write a pattern. I have a few changes in mind, anyway!). I made seafood chowder yesterday in my new stock pot (an awesome Christmas gift from Andy's parents) and it was really good! I find that it's Friday already, and that is startling. My birthday is on Monday. What kind of birthday cake do you think I should I make?


Can I just tell you how much your photos of sweet Amelia always make me smile? She is beautiful...every outfit lovingly made by you is beautiful and you just always post the best photos.
Thank you for sharing your sweet life with bloggers.

Dutch babies are our traditional Christmas morning food. Only this year, this mom forgot to buy extra eggs and we had to have French toast instead. To make up for it, we ended up having dutch babies for New Year's morning too.

I´m very fond of quiet New Year´s Eve´s nowadays - those are the best! Love the pics as always, keep enjoying your year! :-)

So very sweet.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your beautiful little one. The pictures warm my heart.

Chocolalte and orange of course:-) What sweet pics of the baby!

Happy Birthday on Monday! I'm sure whatever cake you make will be delicious and lovely to look at.

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday! Loved the bunny--what a great kit it would make! I would definitely buy one.

Happy Birthday! My birthday is on Sunday and I'm making a chocolate lava cake in the crockpot. I'm going for simplicity and chocolate.

Love the picture of Amelia smiling!! Favorite one yet!! :) Happy New Year Andy and Alicia and Amelia!

Love the new year pics, what a cute bunners! Ooh, I'm totally making that dutch pancake this weekend :)

Oh how I hope you make a pattern for that sweet bunny! I MUST make one! I think you must have the best dressed baby as well!

How i look forward to your updates and photos; they make me feel so warm and cozy.

Oh the adorableness of Marjorie!!
But that smile on Amelia in the crib trumps all.

Yellow cake and chocolate frosting for a simple sweet old fashioned birthday in this happy new year.

Smiling Amelia, Priceless :) Life Is Good!!!

Lovely picture of Amelia, just by the photos you can tell she is going to be a Daddys girl! Happy Birthday for Monday x

Happy birthday for Monday, I know it will be a vey special day for you -go all out for the cake -something extravagant to celebrate an incredible year! XxBrenda

Sweet baby pics as usual. I think you should make a coconut cake, and Happy Birthday!

chocolate is always best for a cake!

Ah, I haven't seen a new year in since I became a mum. Sleep is sooooo much more important!

Happy bd for Monday. And I love the bunny.

The hair! Amelia's hair! I die, it is so sweet.
Someone should make you a cake, busy new momma.

Welcome Marjorie x I love your pace of living and I'm sure it will continue into the new year. A very happy and beautiful birthday for Monday. Cake; I'm partial to pavlova with cream and berries xxx Have a wonderful day lovely family xxx Katie x

What a lovely sleep smile. Just like my sweet 5 months old baby boy. :) Happy birthday on Monday! Mango cheesecake is my favourite..mmm. I just LOVE your blog! Thank you! Greetings, Katariina from (very snowy) Finland

Happy Birthday for Monday:)
Our tree is still up ..I'll undo everything Monday..
I am now stitching the trees..One house is almosr finished and I think it is my favorite:)
Marjorie is very cute..
I love how when looking at Amelia I can feel the love.
I still think she is the best dressed little diva around..Look at that smile photo:)

What kind of cake?
Maybe Carrot to go with Marjorie? With cream cheese icing..?
Marjorie is quite photogenic too.

Looks perfect to me! New Year's has become a very cozy, intimate night with just our family and I love it that way. We have so much fun.

Oh my! That is one sweet bunny. Yes, please make a pattern. Your blog is such a joy to read. Thank you for sharing little bits of your life with all of us:)

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