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I cast on the other night for the Fimma sweater, totally inspired by my dear friend Amy talking about Lopapeysa sweaters on her blog. I've knit a couple of fair isle sweaters in the past and I forgot how much fun it is. I was in the mood for something new and fun and . . . worsted weight. I'm not sure what gauge I'm getting — too lazy to check. It feels a bit small — this is the size 4T, and it looks like it will probably fit Meems right now. Of course it's thick and heavy so my timing is suspect, but the fact that, as I write this paragraph, it is absolutely pouring down cold rain and hail balls makes me feel a bit better (all things being relative). That's how you feel better about it pouring down cold rain and hail balls — make an Icelandic sweater.

My thought is that I will steek this [bites nails and cringes]. I don't actually think it's all that scary. But it seems like it's one of those fun things to be scared of, only to be pleasantly surprised at how do-able it is, and I need that this week. Got anything else like that for me?

Between downpours, my girl and I have been having sweet days. She is eighteen months old now and must be the sweetest creature on earth. She "talks" almost constantly — classic baby babble, and was there ever a sweeter sound? Oh, my love. Happy, happy girl. She knows what she likes, which is almost everything but sippy cups and baths. We're working on transitioning to sippy cups. When they're handed to her she throws them down as if you just handed her a cup of hot cod liver oil. I think we've tried four different sippy cups now. She sees the sippy cup coming and she starts winding up her pitching arm. In her future big-girl room we sit in the window seat and point at all the things we can see from the window: Birdy. Tree. Flower. Birdy. Car. Dog. Birdy. Our neighbor's trio of enormous dogwood trees flower pink, and glow in the rain. Wow, says Amelia. She carries pink petals and rocks in her hands as we walk down the block.

I like the anticipation of April. I like it when things haven't really started yet, but they're just right there. Almost there. I like going out when it's sunny and lovely and staying in (though we still go out) when it's sopping wet. My wildflower seeds are sprouting. Sprouting!!! I am easily pleased, but really, doesn't it feel like a miracle, every time?

My goal this weekend — tomorrow — is to cook something. That will be a miracle. I can't remember the last big meal I cooked for Andy. He's done so much cooking lately. I'm good at picking up Thai food. I'd better start trawling food blogs right now. I don't remember what to cook, let alone how to cook. Not even kidding.

***Woopsie, forgot to tell you that I finally finished the bobble lampshade! Very happy with it.


Love the first picture of her! Also, you have accidentally created the room I would have wanted circa age 8. And, Just saying. Canopies for everyone!
Don't worry about sippies. Go straight to a straw cup and an open cup. They make little mats for under high chairs. Just saying. ;) (not that you were asking for advice. feel free to ignore. I work in Early Intervention and it seems like sippy cups are now a "stage" that parents feel their children must do, and I try to debunk that myth whenever possible. Typical kids can go right from bottles to straws and open cups. More mess, yes. But kids don't need to drink constantly, either.)
Either way, love your photos!

Sippy cup??!!! OH HELL NO!! Haha. Can you tell I have an almost two year old myself?

I second the thought to try straw cups or even open cups - they like to be like the grownups ...

Beautiful photos as always ...

oh, but I see a smoothie in the photos, so that's cooking, right? I say it is. and that sweater is so sweet, it's going on my list. and that bedroom with your genius canopy on the rods? so nice!

Ahh that was such a lovely read. It's pouring hear in the SF bay area too. And boy oh boy can I relate to the not knowing what to cook sometimes. It's turkey burgers over here tonight. Of which, I need to get to asap! Thanks for being so lovely and enjoyable to read and peruse. I eagerly await each and every of your blog posts. My favorite way to read one is with a hot cup of tea and a bit of chocolate to munch on. Have a wonderful weekend!

Oh, steeking. Another lovely knitting term that I might just slip into conversation so it sounds like I know what I'm talking about, but one that, after learning the definition, I am much to afraid to apply to a project. Frogging, on the other hand, gets applied far too often. ;)

And, while you didn't ask any advice, I simply can't keep myself from offering it. If she isn't happy with a sippy cup, maybe you can just... skip it. (insert shock face and lots of clean up towels here.) Children learned to drink from big cups for centuries before the advent of the sippy. I've used them and not used them for my children (I have seven - children, not sippy cups, though now that I think about it I probably have seven of those as well). While I do prefer the sippy for mess containment, it sure is nice when they learn early how to drink from a real cup.

P.S. Very long comment here, but I have to add that I absolutely love your photos, and your home looks so incredibly inviting and cozy. And that bedroom you created is just beautiful! Perhaps you could rent it out until she's ready to move in. ;)

I had a terrible time getting my girl to use a sippy cup as well, whenever I tried giving her one she'd literally just laugh at me and push it away as is to say "lol mommy, you must be joking." It wasn't until she was around other, more-sippy cup proficient kids that she decided she'd deign to use one herself.

I like the spill resistant straw cups, too, though I use sippy cups, as well. Depends on the child, though I give them small cheese jars for glasses very early on, too - like the Kraft Old English cheese spread. I love the crochet lamp, I made one as a mobile ages ago, and have yet to sew the little owls I made to hang it together. One of those jobs that will take all of 10, maybe 20 minutes, and so lays around for months. Amelia's room is just beautiful, and I can't wait to see the finished sweater. I have one for my five year old that needs finishing, I made sure it would be large enough for next year, in case I didn't finish it this year, though with the weather here, anytime is a good time for a sweater!

i would want to be in that bedroom immediately. it looks so comfortable. 18 months is a wonderful time. i remember having special conversations with my sons. i look forward to seeing photos of the flowers.

Do you and Andy have sippy cups? Maybe you can all drink together. :O

Yeah, I'm with the 'skip the sippy' crowd if it's not working out well. We went to open cups and cups with lids and straws straight from nursing. If you can, offer water in them -- easier to clean up after and it's a good habit to get into...

I know when my daughter was smaller we literally bought and tried every single sippy cup we could find. She refused them all. We finally tried a spill proof cup with a straw and she took to them immediately. The Zoli Bot straw cups are great!

Lovely photos, I always feel warm and happy inside when I look at them :-) What is the plant in photo 11 please? Looks like it's in a pot? Lucky girl, her Big Girls' Room is stunning, something to look forward to!

Your garden is looking gorgeous! I know what you mean about sprouting seeds- I get excited every single time my seeds start to sprout :)

You should definitely check out Kate Davies' tutorials for steeks - she does a fabulous job of explaining them and I've done them a couple of times now and they work a treat each time :-) Here's the link ... Steeks are soooo empowering - I've never felt more like a clever knitter than when I make steeks :-) And then you should check our her Blaithin cardie for little people - oh I can just imagine Amelia in it - the fair isle is so pretty and the pattern has lots of sweet details - icord bindings and set in pockets. I made one for my big girl and it was such a pleasure to knit. Hope your spring gets a bit springier!

I love her and her big girl room..
Makes me want to be a little girl again :-)

Your daughter's room looks so cozy. I especially love her big girl bed. You're smart to have her visit it so she'll enjoy the transition to it.

I liked sippy cups, even though they aren't a necessity for growing up. You might have to try a few different kinds. You know my favorite ones, though? The cheapest Gerber ones with two handles and a rubber spout. I think you can get them 2/$5 at Target. We used ours to death. I think it's so interesting that you referred to her as Meems because I call my husband Meemer as a nickname and often call him Meem or Meems. Or Meemslice, which was an offshoot of Homeslice, which is not the way I usually talk but I think it's funny.

I am in love with her room! Your photos are always so beautiful, and I love the mental image of your darling daughter carrying around flower petals. Happy Weekend.

Yes, a smoothie is cooking in my book, right?? Go with the straw cup. It's what my daughter always preferred, and still loves it at just turned five years old. I love the photos of Amelia's big girl room... it's perfect! And your garden is looking quite lovely... Yay for sprouting wildflowers!

My favorite picture of Amelia is the one in her big girl room moving the rocking chair. She looks so grown up. She is just too precious. I needed something happy tonight and reading your blog and seeing pictures of your little girl made me smile and laugh!!!

The big girl room is so darling!!! Sigh. How do you do it?

I love watching Amelia grow-up. So glad you are sharing it with us and your motherly love for her...just the sweetest. Love that ceiling lampshade!?? OMG...amazing.

Nina Smith says: April 25, 2014 at 08:30 PM

Both my kids took to open cups. So much easier to clean than sippy cup valves.

It helped my nephew transition when we talked about how cool the cup was and how amazed he was that it didn't leak all over. "Oh look Fabian! Magic!" *tips cup over* Soon they get over it, but it's always a good measure to find one that can live up to being thrown, a lot. ;)

Rachel Sanford says: April 25, 2014 at 08:52 PM

Love, love, love the canopy! It's so cozy and lovely and dainty and big-girl all at the same time. Tell me how you did the rods, please!

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