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Hello, dear friends. Is the weather as beautiful where you are as it is here? With the dandelions sprouting and the birds singing and the sun warming your face? Oh, I really hope so! Amelia is in a wonderland of flowers, twigs, mud, mulch, rocks, birds, balls, boots, and a first for her: stickers. Every day there is much walking and much stumbling and much almost-running, and swinging and sliding and standing on the ottoman when she should be sitting. She gets up there and turns to see if I am noticing with a half faux-innocent half utterly impish smile on her face. Big belly out, cornsilk hair in her face, blue eyes twinkling, blue eyes wide. Yes, my love, I see you. On your bottom, please. Thank you. Twinkle twinkle.

Dude, I have been working constantly this past week. Agh. I don't live like this anymore, so I'm quite out of shape. I couldnt focus. I listened to every single version of "Everything is Free" (by Gillian Welch) on Spotify about a hundred times (great song). I drank about seven chais from Roman Candle. I ate a fried-egg and avocado sandwich. I shooed the cat off my table about fifty times. I opened the door and I closed the door when it got too cold about fifty times. I read the biography of Ryan Adams (on Pandora) again. I tried to memorize "Everything is Free" but I still can't get it entirely right. Check out The Holmes Brothers version of it — I love that one. I looked at versions of my new web site. I looked at the new Liberty collection for spring/summer 2015, inspired by the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice and Wonderland and It. Is. Amaaaaazing. And I proofread approximately forty-eight pages of patterns oh about six hundred times. And a bunch of other stuff that involves getting things wrong and then trying to make them right. Story of my life. Of anyone's.

Meet Miss Phyllis Mouse. She's a wee bit shy, but she's been very anxious to meet you! :)


First in my blog list. I love that. Amelia is darling. Her and my 19 month old boy could bounce their bellies off one another. The weather is quite nice here as well, north GA. Take care Alicia! Enjoy the rest of your week.

I always love seeing your photos! Don't comment much, but I'm lurking. Cute-cute-CUTE mouse!

Miss Phyllis Mouse is adorable! Not as adorable as Amelia, however!!

And the weather here in northern New England... well, I guess one could say it is springlike in that it's raining/misting and not too cold, but there are still FEET of snow on the ground. 20 to 30 inches in our area. I certainly envy you your beautiful spring weather!

It's so fun watching Amelia start to interact with her surroundings.

It's been so hard to work with the weather we've been having and I feel overwhelmed by all the nice weather prep I am drawn to do. Clean off patios, paint outdoor furniture, fill planters, wash windows...the nesting urge is so strong!

One more indoor project and then I'm totally taking it outside! Which will be when the Spring rain comes back.

Down here in Texas, we've been holding hands with Spring while we flirt with Summer.

Gillian Welch makes me cry almost every time I listen, particularly Hard Times. I have never had a fried egg and avocado sandwich, I must try that soon!

It is finally Spring here!! Very excited about that. Seeing all of your pictures of flowers makes me giddy. I am inspired to get out and explore our neighborhood and see what kinds of pretties are waiting to be found! Happy day to you!!

Oh, I can't wait to make a Miss Phyllis of my own! So looking forward to her debut soon!

We're eager to have Miss Phyllis come live with us. I can see in her eyes that she wants to. :-)

Oh, and more importantly, your girl is beautiful. What a pleasure and joy to see her growing and learning here. Thank you for sharing her with us.

Your Rosy Little Things are a welcome sight!

marilyn&j says: April 08, 2014 at 10:15 AM

it's not beautiful here in chicago by a long shot, but i hear the birds chirping in the morning now when I leave home at 6am and I saw a robin last week. love your lights. such ideas I get from looking at the pics of your beautiful home.

Pink tights..quilts..fairy lights and bleeding hearts..rosebud lips ,tulips and jonquils..
Loely lovely top to bottom.
Just finished The Goldfinch..Starting paris letters.
I remember you mentioning the Godlfinch...

Beautiful wee mouse. Are you able to tell me the crochet stitch used in the blue blanket used as a backdrop to said mouse? So pretty!

It is cold and dreary here in Maine but that just makes Spring more sweet when it arrives. I love the sweet mouse so much. I can't wait for your new paterns and to see your new website.

I think we're on the verge of warm weather. I think we're almost, just about, nearly there! Can't wait for the fox!

Spring central here in the bay area - the clouds were prettier during that rainy week, but it's still gorgeous with things popping up all over.
"Miss Phyllis Mouse" is a real tongue twister if you try to say it fast!

Miss Phyllis Mouse has leg warmers!

Yes! Wasn't it gorgeous this weekend? (Monday, too!) Seattle was delirious with spring fever (myself included). Today it's greyer and quieter - rain imminent - but I have defiantly thrown open ALL the doors, anyway. On principle. The tulips are up, let the house be open!

Miss Phyllis Mouse is darling, and your darling girl is a wonderfully mischievous! Children and animals remind us of the importance of letting ourselves frisk a bit, come spring =) Frisk and frolic, hurray for soft sunny days and flowers everywhere!

These photographs are absolutely wonderful! Thankyou for sharing :)

Marguerite says: April 08, 2014 at 12:24 PM

Yes! The weather is perfect today, too!!
We were enjoying a fried egg sandwich yesterday -- crispy fried egg, lay a little sharp white cheddar cheese to melt, lay that atop proscuitto already placed on generously mayo-ed lightly toasted brown bread of your choice and finally top with a huge pile of baby arugula!
The baby next door is out frolicking in the sweet spring grass -- the same -- walking, stumbling, almost running -- oh! the baby giggles wafting through our upstairs windows. Pure delight.
Have a wonderful week.

I think it's cause of Everything Is Free that I call everyone's 9-5s "straight jobs".

Off to investigate this 2015 Liberty. ♥

Never thought I'd be so in love with a mouse! ;)

Always so much goodness found here! I absolutely love reading your posts!

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