New Animal Sewing Kits, a New Web Site, and a Brand New Look for the Blog!

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Well, good morning! Yes, you're in the right place! Welcome to my new . . . everything! I have so much to tell you. But first let me tell you about the newest members of the Posie Little Animal Family.

There are four new members of the family. The first is Miss Juniper Kitty. She wears an empire peasant dress, a knitted wool cowl, and removable Wellington boots. She has two dress and yarn options. This is Emma and Georgina dress fabric with Lemongrass yarn:



And this is Edenham dress fabric with Dark Magenta yarn:



Next there's Miss Dandelion Doe. She's a shy little doe in a mini-dress, knitted kerchief, and removable embroidered boots. Here she is in Fairford dress fabric with Blue Fog yarn:



And my personal favorite, Thorpe dress fabric with Arctic Moss yarn:



Then there's Miss Phyllis Mouse. She, too, wears a mini-dress but with knitted wool leg warmers and moccasins. Here she is in Elysian dress fabric with Lavender Cloud yarn:



And this is the lovely turquoise colorway of Betsy dress fabric with Lullaby yarn:



Mwah. Love her.

Okay, and then we have the long-awaited and ever-dapper Mr. Basil Fox, here sporting a gray gingham cotton lawn shirt with denim jeans, a scarlet wool scarf, and removable boots:


He has four shirt/yarn options:





And of course last but not least, you know Miss Maggie Rabbit. We still have kits for her, and she has a new scarf color to go with her Meadow dress fabric:


Hello, little girl. It's good to see you again! :)

CLICK HERE to see all of the KITS in the Little Animal Family!

And CLICK HERE if you'd just like to download the digital PDF patterns for any of these animals.

Each kit includes a printed pattern with stitching instructions and photos, an embroidery tutorial, a knitting pattern, and all full-size pattern templates. Each item page also contains a detailed list of what materials are included in each kit and what else you will need to have. You can choose your fabric/yarn from the drop-down menu for each animal. Each softie kit costs $34 each, plus shipping. Fabrics and yarns are not interchangable between kits, nor do we sell yardage of any fabric.

All of the clothes and accessories that have been designed for these animals are interchangeable between animals. Dandelion's knitted kerchief includes ear-holes that only really fit her and Maggie, but the kerchief can be worn as a little shawl by the other animals. (And Basil's pants and shirt are pretty much the same pattern as the original Little Pants and Shirt for Rabbits pattern, FYI.) But if you purchase a kit for one of the animals, you might also want to look at the rest of downloadable animal patterns for making more clothes and accessories for your particular critter.

Yes, we do ship internationally, but please read the following before placing your order: All international shipments are sent via USPS first-class international mail (or Priority, depending on their weight) and are charged a higher shipping fee depending on the weight of items and the destination. Shipping fees are added automatically when you place your order; to calculate them you need to walk through steps 1 and 2 of the ordering process. Once items leave the U.S. they are not able to be tracked past their last location here. It is happening more and more often: You — especially if you are in the United Kingdom — may also be charged import taxes, customs fees, duties, or other charges by your home country when you receive the shipment; you are responsible for these. Unfortunately I can't control where, why, or how customs agents determine whether to charge you or not and, after shipping thousands of overseas packages through the years, there doesn't seem to be a lot of rhyme or reason to who gets charged. Please note that the USPS does not allow us to pay any taxes or fees for you on our end, prior to shipping. I mark all of my shipments "merchandise"; please don't ask me to mark them as gifts because it is illegal to do that, and I won't. Thank you!

Because we are shipping so quickly, please make sure that your shipping address is correct when you place your order. Since Greta is literally moving to Ohio tomorrow, but wanted to be in on this first day of the sale at least, we will begin shipping orders today, so it's important that you check your address on your end properly before submitting your order, because once it's out there, it's out there! If you do need to change your address (before it is shipped), or anything about your order, or add things to your order, etc., please email me immediately. I will not be able to add anything to your original order for you (because the system won't let me), but what I will do is cancel the original order and have you place a new order with everything you need in it. I do not accept phone orders, or checks in the mail.

My best advice is that if you like a particular fabric/yarn combo, do not wait to order it. I can never predict exactly how things will go, but in the past, new kits have sold out very quickly. (I will update this page as things sell out.) We WILL make more kits if they sell out, but we will use new fabrics and new yarns, because it's just a lot more fun that way. I rarely like to do the exactly same thing twice! But we can talk about that more if/when it happens.

Last but not least, before I let you go I just have to say exactly how incredibly thrilled I am to show you my new blog and web site designs, built by the amazing, lovely, and extraordinarily talented folks at Aeolidia. I'll talk more about the process of how this all came together after I get some sleep, but for now I just want to invite you to explore these new designs and thank you so much for being here!

P.S. If you have any questions or problems today, just let me know in a comment and I will answer here (as soon as I can). Thank you!

***Okay, a few answers  sorry for the delay! Regarding skill level to make these: So, I always say that you need more enthusiasm than skill to make my projects  although they aren't designed specifically for beginners, my patterns do include step-by-step sewing instructions with photo illustrations, along with drawings and instructions for particular sewing and embroidery stitches. That said, in the pattern I do encourage everyone to practice stitching on scraps of felt, or to make a practice dress (or shirt, or pants) out of other fabric first, to practice. The clothes  especially Phyllis's and Dandelion's dress  are challenging, because they're really small! If you have clothing construction experience it helps, because you understand the order in which dresses (and shirts) kind of get put together. That all said, as I also always say, it's just stuffed animals, not brain surgery! So just go for it and have fun! I have had several people write to me in the past year since Maggie was developed to say that she was the first thing that they've ever made and they enjoyed making her very much, so I think you can do it! And if you ever don't understand something, just let me know and I will help you!

***I don't teach people how to knit in the knitting patterns, however. You do need to know how to knit  cast on, knit, purl, increase, decrease, cast on in the middle of a row (I use backward loop), and read knitting directions  in order to follow the directions for the knitwear. There are so many videos online that can teach you these basics, so if you have a hankering to knit, these patterns are small and pretty simple, and are good first and second projects.

***I've gotten a couple of emails from people who are having trouble finding their digital patterns after payment. So, after payment is completed, the screen will display a link toward the bottom of the box that says "Click here to download your pattern." Just click it, and then save your pattern to your harddrive. Then print it out for your use. If you should miss this link, a separate email  not the order confirmation or the Paypal, but an automatically generated email from the server that hosts the patterns  will be sent to you at the email address you used to place the order, and that will also include a link to download your patterns. These emails do bounce sometimes, so do check your junk folder. If all else fails, don't even worry  just email me and I'll send them to you via email, no problem!


Jennifer Hudson says: May 27, 2014 at 10:26 AM

YAAAAY I just love them all so much. I was a bit blown away from the whole site at first it's so bright. Can't wait to read more and make your wonderful creations

Deborah says: May 27, 2014 at 10:27 AM

Alicia, your 'new look' is just gorgeous! xxx

Yay! I've already order Basil Fox to go with my Miss Maggie - rarely have I enjoyed making something so much, so I can't wait to make another one!

What an absolutely beautiful new look! Many many well dones for getting all this up and running - it must have taken so much time and planning. Can't wait to hear more about how it all came together! You go catch some zzzz - you deserve it! x

Comments working! Hurray! Love the new look and the new softies. They (almost) make me yearn for grandbabies. Might have to just start one anyway!

I love your new shop, blog design, and most of all the animals. I had been excited just to see everything new and had not planned on buying anything since I have already blown my craft budget. The kits are so perfect that I couldn't help but order two. I can't wait to make a Basil Fox for my son's birthday since I gave Miss Maggie to his sister for her birthday last month.

Your color and fabric choices are just so, so delicious. Each combo is perfectly fresh and spot on. Well done. Gorgeous, gorgeous work.

Elizabeth says: May 27, 2014 at 10:48 AM

Well, I think your shop looks nice with your photo in the header but I'm not sure about the blog as it looks rather generic and faded in comparison with what was here before. It looks rather empty and forlorn. Your photos in the header and the look of your creativity is what I have come to know as Posie gets cozy. Now, there is just a flower graphic the same as many bloggers have updated to recently. Your blog looked amazingly professional before and I liked that you did it so skilfully.

I thought the computer hadn't loaded the page properly at first as it was all so faint. None of the vibrancy and clarity and individuality I am used to, not to mention the blending of your colours. Your colours are so very much unique to you. These are not your colours they are few and washed out. Branding is an ugh concept in any case for the hand made market. I don't want things just like a brand in the high street. I have to say I'm not a fan sorry. Computer graphics tend to be a bit soulless. You had a brand which seemed authentic. I liked that very much. That is not to say I don't like changes, your new blog headers from time to time were always lovely.

I've never thought never mind written anything negative about your blog before so this is a first.

Miss Juniper Kitty, my looooove. She reminds me so much of my gray cat growing up, Missy. My Dad and I always refer to her as the Best Cat in the Whole Wide World. Into my cart she went with Edenham dress and magenta yarn. I cannot wait to stitch her up, she's so adorable. Thank you! Love all your new lovelies. Have a great day!

I love the new blog design, it's very simple and timeless. So far it's very easy to navigate as well. I am also loving all these new loveable little critters. So exciting!

Congratulations--just beautiful. I love the new website!

Dearest Alicia
Oh. My. Goodness. Tis' so pretty here!
I have followed your beautiful and inspirational blog for several years now but (I think) this is the first time I have commented, I just felt compelled to say that your new look is SO very very pretty and welcoming, I don't want to ever leave.
Your new softies are the sweetest! so much so i have just ordered THREE kits and a pattern! I am so excited to receive them and make Violetta Rabbit some friends!
Thank you Alicia ..... you are a wondrous and clever lady
love Jooles x x x

Susan Neale says: May 27, 2014 at 11:10 AM

Dear Alicia, I received my beautiful kit from you ... As I live in the UK, and you quite rightly state, I had to pay a further £12 import tax on the parcel, which does make the kit rather pricey .... however, well worth it I think! I am so looking forward to making it very soon, which as we keep having rainy days here, I am sure will be a very great pleasure to do instead of gardening!!I am still, and I mentioned this before, fascinated by how close our seasonal changes and plants are to your Pacific region.

I love the look of your new site and the new kits are beautiful ....another is tempting!!

With very best wishes, Susan Neale, near Oxford, UK

Love, love, love!!!

Jennifer says: May 27, 2014 at 11:19 AM

Hi Alicia - Don't get me wrong at ALL about my comment. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU and Your blog and your new logo - I just want to say that I will miss your DARLING photo header. Can that be worked in still? It was so unique to you and I loved popping in from my boring feedly to check on if you had changed the header picture. Just a suggestion from one of your BIG fans who wants to stalk you and be your friend/sister/daughter/neighbor. :)


I hate to say this, but I am having a very difficult time reading the new blog. The white background and pale blue/gray print are very hard on the eyes and I find myself squinting and struggling to read the words. :-(

Kristen from MA says: May 27, 2014 at 11:28 AM

You should be very proud, Alicia! They are all so wonderful!

Amazing creativity and talent you are . . . Love each and the outfits too . . .

I think the new Posie look is professional, warm, tasteful . . . not sure the references from above comments. I did miss your, "get chills" header popping up on my iPad though.

Take your rest and sleep . . . I cannot imagine the work that goes into this production.

Oh, gosh, like a couple of others I'm having a hard time reading with this font and these colors. The type is a bit thin. Ah, my eyes, ouch. Sorry to say this!!

Oooh Alicia, not totally sure about the changes yet!! I think it's just that I'm missing that beautifully photogenic little girlie of yours today! Always reading your lovely blog and just so pleased to find these pretty little characters on the new blog - just couldn't make up my mind so went for two of them! Keep up your amazing work.

The new site and shop look amazing, congrats! I just purchased Miss Juniper and Dandelion to go with my Maggie Rabbit (which is still in the bag, oops!) and I can't wait to see them in person! Your kits are always my favorites, well done yet again :)

For goodness sake, this looks lovely.
I cannot deny... I am going to have moments when I pine for the familiar,
but you have, of course, made lovely and fresh changes, and I understand the
impulse. Your woodland friends? I want! One of each!! Trying to be realistic about this, and face facts
about what can actually be accomplished. (Keeping a realistic assessment of my time and
WIPs is aided by the fact that I am sitting in the midst of Projectville, aka my messy office)
I know, I need to decide quickly... your kits are going to be snapped-up in no time at all!

Love the new look of the blog, Alicia! And the animals are adorable.

Yay! I've been waiting for these and had to order one of each of the new ones. I don't currently have children but enjoy your aesthetic, so they are for me right now.

Anita K says: May 27, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Amazing, I love it all, change is good!!! First to Greta, I know Alicia will miss you so much, Best Wishes to you in your new home. Thanks Amelia for sharing your very talented mom with us you are a very lucky little girl.

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