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Last night, everyone in this house slept at least an entire EIGHT HOURS. It was magical. I went to bed at 10:00 p.m. and I woke up at 6:00 a.m., even before the boo. She must have been a tired little boo. I really can't remember the last time any of us slept an entire eight hours in one whole stretch. It's weird how getting to do things that you used to be able to do that you really can't do anymore can just make you SO HAPPY, isn't it? Aaaaaaaah. It was awesome.

So, it's rose time here in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. Can you believe those big peachy roses in the first photo? And if you could've smelled them, you would've swooned. These were just in someone's front yard, on on of our routes around the neighborhood. I did this:

The-soul-of-the-rose-1908-detailJohn William Waterhouse, The Soul of the Rose, 1908

Except I was wearing paint-covered sweatpants, glasses, and a bad ponytail. Bummer. It was still pretty awesome. The roses were as big as oranges and looked as heavy. Petal petticoats. Glorious with layers.



I take photos of our neighborhood's community garden (like allotments) every week or so, throughout the year. That's it up there, with the little wooden shed toward the back of the field. I like to watch the things in it grow and change as we walk by through the year. We walk by it almost every day. Behind it is the park and the baseball field. My meadow flowers in my own front parkway beds are still coming up. They actually look like a bunch of weeds right now — little weeds, sprouting willy-nilly. Hopefully it's not all weeds! I recognize some things. I know I see cosmos seedlings. That alone makes me very happy.

This week we're finishing up the new web site and the new kits and the new blog design and the new, I don't know, everything feels new. We've picked out a new (used) car. My dearest Greta is moving back to Ohio in a week [CRYING FIT]. I don't really have words to say how much we will miss her. She has been with us for two years and really is like part of our family. But I have a lovely and wonderful new assistant named Stacey who's been working with us here for the last month, and she is ready to receive the hand off. AND her favorite Pandora station is Wilco Radio so how lucky am I? It's gonna be good. We expect to launch the new web site and new softie kits and patterns next week, after Memorial Day, but I'll pop back in here before then and let you know exactly when!

The first things I'm going to make as soon as everything webby is finished are baby sunhats. Not that she'll keep them on her head, but I'll try. I've got the baby rash guard, the baby sunscreen, the baby water shoes, need the baby sunhat and a cute baby beach towel. I must be ready for the day the pool opens (late June!). I know you're not supposed to run on the deck, but I'm going to sprint to the water's edge. Look out.


I have that very painting by Waterhouse in my living room over the fireplace. It has always moved me. There's a particular blue in her dress -- doesn't show up well on my monitor but it's beautiful in the print I have -- that I've been trying to paint match for years, unsuccessfully. Ahhh, roses -- the colors, the fragrance -- they make me happy too.
Can't wait for the new kit. Been checking back almost hourly the last few days to see if it's out yet so as not to miss it. Thanks for the head's up that it'll be AFTER the holiday so I can go away and not worry!
Lovely pictures, lovely time. Enjoy it, Paulsons.

Alexandra says: May 22, 2014 at 08:17 AM

My guess on the roses is David Austin's Carding Mill or Lady of know, in case you want to plant some of your own (do it, do it!).

Tangentially, I chose Waterhouse for a report on a favorite artist in high school and my teacher didn't even know who he was. I was so taken aback and in that minute I understood that I would forever be searching for fellow romantic souls 'neath mossy rocks and and in cobble crevices.

The roses in portland make me swoon! In NY we are not even close to bloom. Alicia, your blog makes me so happy. It's always the first that I want to see when I come to the computer. The Mimi gets more adorable with each day. And Clover? Such a wise little expression in those eyes.
What sweater are you making in the blue?

Cosmos planted from seed take an eternity to blossom but they are well worth the wait. They bloomed in late summer and graced me with their presence up until the first frost. And several grew well over 6 ft. tall. Sending lots of happy growing vibes. The anticipation is one of the best parts!

Oh, the bliss of sleeping through the night! Sweet, sweet delight!

The roses take my breath away. Oh, to live in a city with such beauty!

Rosy bliss!
Summer plans, and all of it, just rosy.

Roses. Love it. I love the painting too. Everything is so gorgeous this time of year. Looking forward to all your new stuff!

Just the smell of roses are enough for me.
Your neighbours roses are beautiful. When I was little our neighbour's garden was full of roses, I used to sit on the grass leaning against the fench just to smell the sweet scent.....lovely.
Thank you for such a lovely post
Karen x

Your neighborhood is SO picturesque!!! MUCH more so than mine!! Last year was the first year I grew roses..My favorite was a coral rose that looked like a summer sunset in its layers..I hope it comes back strong this year..very little new growth on the base! SUCH a BAD winter we had...I lost quite a few flowers..but, that gives me an opportunity to try new varieties!! I do want to tell you too...I had a rough week, and the other day, I read your last post...and then read the whole last year AGAIN:) Like a book...I just enjoy your pictures...your writing..your crafts! It totally cheered me...SO THANK YOU:) Cant wait for the new softie kits!

Aaahhh! Roses are my favorite! And such exciting news for you...I can't wait to see all of the new Posie stuff. I am so ordering a couple of those kits. :)

I'm enjoying the roses here too. I have a white one, Madame Alfred Carriere, that is climbing over a fence and blooming - oh it's wonderful. It's lovely to see the community garden again, I love your images of it, it's so nice to see what's growing thousands of miles away. How sad that Greta is leaving, I know you will miss her. Wishing her all the best for her new life. And welcome to Stacey. CJ xx

Pools are the BEST summer thing. I'm not lucky enough to have kids, but I borrow my friend and her kids every chance I get!!! :)

Monique in TX says: May 22, 2014 at 09:57 AM

Three Men in a Boat is one of the funniest books EVER! I hope you're enjoying it. When you finish it, you must find _To Say Nothing of the Dog_ by Connie Willis. It is a hilarious novel involving time travel to the world of Three Men in a Boat. Full of mix-ups, heroics, romance, and a horrible something known as the Bishop's Bird Stump. That reminds me. It's time for a re-read!

Beautiful photos, as always. Congrats on 8 hours! :)

You are so much ahead of us!
Still I am very grateful for what is unfolding here..
Love all the allotment pics you post..and your little cherub as always!
Happy New Everything:-)


Kathleen says: May 22, 2014 at 10:40 AM

oh I'm so excited about the new kits - I've been patiently waiting! I do adore your photos and your little one. I've a neighbor, about the same age - I'm pretty sure they'd be friends. Have a special holiday weekend - and I'll be back here, waiting to order the kit/s!

My roses loved the heat last week too. They all exploded and look glorious. I should go out right now and pick a bunch for vases around the house. I have the same beautiful, peachy and pink roses but I also have these glorious, deep red ones that are putting on a show too. Fabulous!

I still remember the first night I slept like that after our son was born. Amazing how much better you feel, and how rested! The roses are beautiful! I also love the print, very pretty.

We buy the $100 summer family swim pass for Sellwood Pool. On weekdays it feels like a country club. Weekends, not so much! Of course that is when I am off work and can go with the kids.

Florence says: May 22, 2014 at 11:59 AM

Je suis en admiration devant votre superbe chien !

I too went on a walk today just along the road and over by the park to visit a friend. I don't have a blog, but inspired by those that do I took my camera along with me. I really don't live in a scenic place (very urban)but there were so many pretty flowers in front gardens for me to photograph, as well as gorgeous trees and flowers in the park. My first picture, just yards away from my home were some big fat juicy pink roses. I found some gorgeous little pink dog roses in the park too.

I am wondering how your new everything will look, and feel sure it will be lovely. Looking forward to the big unveiling of 'everything'. Lovely pictures and gorgeous colours here on your blog today. Thank you.

Nancy W. says: May 22, 2014 at 12:37 PM

oh, to be able to sleep again! the roses are beautiful

amazingly lovely roses … things are barely just about to bud here … your comments about your attire and running on the deck made me laugh. soooo looking forward to seeing your webby updates :)

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