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Suddenly, a scramble: how to fit everything else you want summer to be into four weeks. It's both long and short — I pine for chilly evenings, and feel panicked that the nights are already shorter, the darkness filling the open windows earlier every evening. I would like it both ways, as usual. The calendar fills up in a mad rush, every week, every weekend taken with something scheduled. Concerts, fairs, visits, visitors, vacations, day-trips, reunions, work. The summer's-end scramble.

(We are, I have been meaning to mention, making a whole new batch of 2013's sold-out ornament kits, Night Before Christmas. No new ornaments this year, but we are bringing these back, and they'll be back until they sell out. We are also preparing kits for a duffel coat, sweater, jeans, boots, and scarf outift for all the little animals in the Little Animal Family. More details on this as we get closer to being finished with everything — but I'm expecting the ornament kit to be available mid-September, and the winter clothing kit (and pattern) to be available later in the fall, though if we finish it earlier we'll release them at the same time. All of the older ornament kits are still available in the shop right now, though there are only thirty Walk in the Woods kits left, so that one will probably go soon. I've noticed that the orders on these kits have had a noticeable increase in the past couple of weeks so I wanted to mention this in case you are putting together your CCP [Christmas Crafting Plan].)

I have so much yarn in my life right now it's kind of nuts. I must be dreaming. I finished the Artichaut — it's very jerry-rigged, but somehow turned into something that looks wearable, if a bit droopier than I wanted. I was surprised it came out at all. I immediately set about knitting it again (go fig), but not the seamless version, which I think was the root of my problems. I paired this mauvey version with Violette by Citronille, in Liberty Elysian yellow. I'd like to try this outfit on my darling but that will have to wait until the temperature drops eighty degrees, since it's still about a hundred and fifty out (isn't it? It must be). My Dogwood Lottie is going great. I really like that pattern. And I'm planning a new, lined winter hoodie, probably this one. And then there's this sweet little wooly hug. Maybe longer nights will be a good thing.

***Yes, adorable puppers is Bebe, a three-month-old (can't remember the breed?) Leonberger (thanks, Ann and others!) being puppysat by our friends. Cutest, fluffiest puppers ever!


Duffel coat kits! I am such a happy camper....been waitin'. "CCP". I so wish we were neighbors! I find August such a restless month. As my older daughter says, it's like it's Sunday everyday, winding down the summer, getting ready for school. I do enjoy the coziness, though, of evening closing in earlier. Here comes that Fall fantasy again. Have a happy day!

I'm already noticing the changes here too, especially in the light. Amelia looks so tall in these photos, especially the one where she's got her legs stretched behind her on the couch. She's growing a lot lately, I see it in her face too.

I'd like to have a CCP, but it seems rather ambitious for someone who just learned how to crochet and hardly knows how to sew. But...I do want to try! So, maybe ornaments this year? How advanced are they?

Making me year for Portland! The most magical of all summers, and I am writing from France!

Love the puppy! I assume s/he is a friend and not a new addition?

i feel the tug of war as well … the end of summer coming so quickly (wanting to be 'unscheduled' for a while longer) and my great desire to get all the autumn house projects underway. sweet daughter is going off to 1st year college so i keep saying to myself 'don't rush these last precious moments with her' … it will all pass by in a flash …

Thanks dof sharing your heart. I have been inspired to share my journey with Huntingtons Disease.

Same feelings are going on over here. Only four weeks to go till school starts for all of us. It seems both long and short. We want school and we don't. We want summer to come to a close and we want summer to go on forever. Sigh - it's all pretty tiring. I guess this is what's called being human ;-)

I was thinking the same thing about summer this morning! I'm tired of the heat, but there is something so carefree about summer (even if your schedule isn't any different). I always love August much more if I make an effort to get in water, which we have been a lot. Took my 1-year-old son out for his first lake swim this weekend :)

We have a busy month ahead, too, which - while lovely - makes me worry summer will be gone in a flash.

Thankfully, I can happily anticipate post-summer weather as a knitter. I love all the patterns you linked to in this post and wish I could immediately cast on for Jules and Squishy Love.

Every time I visit my blog, I wish I knew how to sew and knit. Maybe, hopefully, I'll learn before I start having kids. Little girl is just too adorable, and I know that she'll appreciate all the love and time you've spent on her when she gets older! xoxo

Oh so excited that you are putting out last years kits again! I was so sad to have missed them last year. Thank you for making these beautiful things available to us. And thank you for your blog. It is such a special, comforting place to visit.

It sounds as though you are living summer to the max, just as it should be lived. We will coast on into the cooler months with the happy summer memories to sustain us. That doggie is adorable. New puppy..? CJ xx

of course you know everyone wants to know about that adorable bear of a doggie gracing your post! precious...and each and every time I see your little muff in that cute stripe-y bathing outfit I swoon...could she be any cuter??

Look at that beautiful baby belly! Your little is growing up so fast :)

She's growing up too fast! Make her stop! It seems like only yesterday I was squealing at the baby photos and now she's looking more toddler-soon-to-be-preschooler. Yikes! Too fast! Too fast! Sigh.

I'd love to learn to knit your beautiful kit

many beautiful photos

There's our dear darling stripey girl! So sweet! She does feel in some small way all of ours, did you know that? ;^)

I love seeing your little angel in her stripey swimming gear! And there's so much yarn in my current existence too. I've got so many projects swimming around my head.

I made a Citronille Suzanne dress for my little girl after seeing the lovely one you made. http://sbmillefeuilles.blogspot.fr/ Have you seen this gorgeous Liberty fabric yet?

CCP? A plan sounds great! If only I was organized enough.
Very excited for the animal clothes patterns, my rabbit is currently half finished, winter outfit options should help make me finish her <3

The puppy is adorable, so fluffy! Could it be a Leonberger?

Oh, what a cute doggy!
I think everything you knit is gorgeous!

Valerie Silverthorne says: August 05, 2014 at 03:51 PM

Is the puppy a Leonberger?

Down here in the Southern Hemisphere, I am watching your summer with envy, longing for our turn ... but it all just goes by far too quickly, doesn't it! Your little pumpkin lass just gets more adorable by the day :-)

Michele G says: August 05, 2014 at 05:30 PM

Ditto all the baby love. She is so stinkin' adorable. Makes me smile every time. Thanks for sharing!

Yes! What is it about this month? I am nervously thinking of pulling my little guys kindergarten registration - oh shit. He is too small to be away all day. I dread the thought. But felt so sure about sending him last spring... And rushing to make the most of these sunny days, simultaneously wanting nothing but to lounge under a blanket. And I'm working on the Lottie set too! For us, in navy blue. Hoping to embroider something on it ala The Snow Child. Have you read it? Not for now but a good read for winter. Take good care, enjoy these days.

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