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One of my favorite days of the whole year: Clackamas County Fair photos coming soon :)


Can't wait!!!

oh. she kills me! Such a doll baby!!!

That's one cute little lady ya got there, ma'am!

Yeehaw--I always love your fair pictures!

So, yeah, she looks exactly like Andy!

Just what I was thinking! Exactly like Andy!

She's a right darlin' little cowgirl!

She is one cute little cow poke! Too cute!!!

Awww! She's a sweetie

Michaelanne says: August 19, 2014 at 01:11 PM

Have fun:-) I LOVE your fair pics every year! Our GREAT NEW YORK State Fair is next week! Cant wait:) Although...I cant say anyone in our family looks THAT good in a cowboy hat!! I could SQUEEZE her! Ugh...SHE is ADORABLE:)

Heather Bond says: August 19, 2014 at 01:48 PM

Hey! We were there last Friday and Saturday. My husband missed the county fairs he went to as a kid in Junction City, OR so we drove from Seattle to Canby to enjoy some fair time. Did you know that there is a ferry across the Willamette from Canby to Wilsonville? So fun! Can't wait to see your photos! And that girl is ridiculously cute, just sayin'.

Heavens! You've always made the fair a sight to behold, but with your darling ambassador to rope us in with hat and grin... I wouldn't miss your next post for anything!

Looking forward to seeing the fun pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

in Italy there are not fairs so beautiful and characteristic
I love them
beautiful girl

I shall look forward to it. I remember last year's beautiful photos, especially the one of the older gentleman's hands. Wonderful. Hope you had a lovely time. CJ xx

Could not be cuter..!
Was expecting several photos..
And cutie pie popped up!

Yee hawwww!

gracious sakes. yaaaahoooo.

Cutest cowgirl evah! :-D

Amazing & mysterious how much she looks like Andy here. Wow. And can't wait for dem sheep/cow/goat pics. :)

Look at that little charmer . . .
Love her smile!

Can't wait to see your awesome photos.
I went Saturday morning after work. I was in time for the FFA auction - always fun to hear a good auctioneer. I was almost run over by a pig on my way to see the rabbits. The kids showing these animals are too cute for words. I won three blue ribbons for my sewing stuff so I was pleased.

Sona Jacob says: August 19, 2014 at 09:18 PM

I am sure I have said it before... she looks very much like your husband! Sweet little girl!

Cuteness! I'm looking forward to your photos, too! One can always almost smell the hay, they convey the atmosphere there so well! :-)

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