Quiet Colors

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At first I was thinking that these little dresses and the sweater I finished looked very springlike, palette-wise. But then we had a rare cloudy day, following by some  l o v e l y  sunny but cool days (oh sweet mercy, they are the rarest of beauties) and I realized that there's a quiet, silvery sort of beauty to the end of summer, when things are tufted and feathery and dried to a dusty powder that shimmers and floats. We've been outside so much these past few weeks, done so many things I can't even remember what, not the least of which has been spending every waking moment among the gardens and trees and leaves. This second wave of photos is the park where, a couple of years ago, the bagpiper came and honked us out on an afternoon much like the one we spent here last week. I have so many photos I've taken and haven't even posted. I've spent much more time outside than in. I've spent more time at rivers than I have at home. I've spent much more time rolling around on quilts with a big baby girl and our man, sand in my sandwich and sun in my eyes, than working. Is it any wonder, then, that the end of summer makes you teary, fluttering, a little melancholy. It's dark by 8:30, and someone had a wood fire burning in the neighborhood. The plums are hazed with dull plum blue. Our girl runs and falls and picks herself up and runs some more, dancing whenever she hears music playing (even a cell phone ringing), feeling at home now in the water and sand, carrying a green maple leaf like a flower. Soon, soon it will be autumn-leaf pink instead of green.

***The blue dress is my knock-off version of this one (I like the original better than mine; it's wider, and I like the flatter sleeve cap); the pink sweater is my finished Lottie; and the smocked dress is a little bishop dress I made based on this pattern, but I'm not that happy with it because I think it's too full, and there are so many pleats that you really can't see the smocking. I think I've done enough of them now that next time I'm just going to make up my own measurements. I'm very picky about this.


beautiful pictures, beautiful story - Its my pleasure to stop by.
The bruise on your daughter knee looks like a heart shape ..

Susan from Tsawwassen says: August 25, 2014 at 11:33 AM

Oh my gosh, is that a heart-shaped boo-boo on your girl's knee? Mother Nature loves her, too, and is perhaps saying, oh, oh ... sorry :).

I see the heart too..

Poor baby..is that her first scrape?:(

Lots of Bokeh and signs of waning summer..

It is simply flying by..
How precious the pose of her hand and her sweet fingers sitting above the heart..plus the crinoline..I mean..c'mon:)

Susan Sawatzky says: August 25, 2014 at 12:27 PM

How did she manage the heart shaped boo-boo? Must be just all the good love she gets.

The shifting light... I noticed right away.
Signs of change. It sounds like your summer has been full, good. I'm holding my breath... For fall, for rain. Definitely for rain. Mimi wears her heart on her knee... poor, boo.

Sounds like you have had a lot of wonderful memory making times, sounds just perfect. How amazing that the scrape is in the shape of a heart!

Hi Alicia,
Fabulous set of photos. That heart on Mimi's knee,,,oh my! Such a cutie you got there! Such precious memories you are making with your family. :)
I loved your photos of the fair as well. Beautiful!
Happy day to you and your sweet family..xoxo

Awwww...how many times did that heart shaped boo-boo get kissed? Love the girly pink skirt and the striped tee. I want an outfit like that!

I know exactly what you mean about the bleached out colours of the end of summer. The grasses are whitened at the ends and nothing is as vibrant as it was before. The dresses and cardigan are perfect for this season. How lovely to see the community garden again in all its summer glory. CJ xx

Only on this most perfect blog would there be a sweet little Mimi with a heart shaped scrape on her knee. My heart swells for you, her, and him. Lovely, lovely. :)

megan (above) put it so perfectly! so so sweet!

Summers are usually so humid and sticky here that I long for the end of summer because it's just so beautiful, milder, with the smells of fall. Only then can I feel happy for summer. I so wish I liked summer more but I don't, so as long as I can peek vicariously on your summers, it'll be ok.

Tell Mimi how sorry we all are for her boo boo!

I got on to ask about the heart shaped boo boo...but, I see everyone else noticed it to:)
She is most adorable.


It just doesn't get any cuter than a heart shaped boo boo in a tutu!!

And the little dresses and sweater are adorable, so French.

Glad to hear you are enjoying your summer, can't wait to see all the other pictures you've taken.

laura barnes says: August 25, 2014 at 05:52 PM

I just have to say the word enchanting with your wonderful Mimi, handsome husband and most of all you and your many talents. Thank you for your wonderful story of your life.

Beautiful photos! Did you make the flutter sleeve top your daughter is wearing in park pictures too? I loooove it and would love to know the source/pattern.

Also, can't believe she got a booboo in the shape of a heart!!

So ready for a cozy fall, I don't think I'll miss summer.

My family and I were in Portland for a few days last week... and stopped in Camas and Vancouver. You had mentioned frozen custard in the past....the yummy custard place in Vancouver is called Sheridan's and it's on Mill Plain Road. It was delish! You might want to give it a whirl.

Your girl is precious and I'm sure she'll look adorable in those darling clothes.


yes, summer is winding down. today, in omaha, we were finally able to sit on our new deck. beautiful breeze, birds. re the fair photos..."fair3" mesmerized me. if i hadn't recognized the stroller... in that photo alone, i can see what amelia will look like when she is older. absolutely beautiful. what fun you have at the fair every year.

Only your little girl could skin her knee in the shape of a heart :-D.

That's amazing, even her cute little scraped knee exudes love. She is the sweetest of sweets!

In the 7 years I have lived in the Portland area, this is the hottest summer I have ever experienced, Alicia...and hot weather is not my favorite.... This post somehow is refreshingly cool yet cozy and sweet. Thanks! xx

Carol Gossett says: August 25, 2014 at 10:14 PM

A heart shaped owie? I wouldn't expect anything less for this precious baby girl!

I have started to notice all the tell tale signs of late summer too. I wish I could describe it like you do. Your words are so expressive! I just love your turn of phrase. How lucky we are that you write here. :)

Amelia,s such a gorgous little girl Alicia,and such a lucky little girl to have you both as parents.looks like you had a great summer ,love your blog x

Such lovely pictures, glad to hear you had such a wonderful time! I love the cardigan, so perfectly cute and classic!

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