September Starting

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The start of the month of new starts! Okay, then!


I love seeing glimpses of your beautiful family and home, and how you see them by the way you photograph them.

A new month, new starts....they always leave me energized. Especially now when I see red leaves on the trees and need a sweater in the morning. ♥

Such happy and gentle snaps!
September is lovely in the Northwest. I wish you an autumn full of joy!

I am SO READY for September and some cooler weather!! Just seeing your knitting project on the table there gets my wheels turning. It's hard to think about knitting when it's so hot here but man, oh man, I'm ready to take on a new project. And love a duck, I want that tablecloth. LOL I love the picture at the very beginning, it's a much different perspective from what you usually post!!

Love all your photos.. makes me feel calm and homey. I can almost smell that apple tart!

Fall started for me yesterday - a tree full of red maple leaves did it for me, then I went to the store and there were huge bins of all manny of pumpkins out front.. did a blog post on them. I'll miss Summer but will enjoy Fall too. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

I just finished the Bunnies and The Candles from Sweet Home:)(I do 3 at a time for my girs..and us..)
And just just cut our the Door etc..
It's amazing how as you go along the ornaments take such shape.
I grow fonder of them with every stitch..:)
I too love seeing your's style so similar to many homes in our area..well the inside..
Looks like a Climbing Hydrangea's doing so well..I love those..
Everything is Cosy.
And she's a doll.

This photograph collection brings me a sense of calm and stillness. I love the way you have captured the light and the coziness of your home. Thank you for sharing with us!

Kristen from MA says: September 02, 2014 at 11:53 AM

Oh Alicia, I do love your house so much. That picture of the stairwell, with the wainscoting and all of the pictures! So lovely! :)

Beautiful photos, as always. Your home always looks so clean and fragrant and inviting - mine seems to be full of dust and dog hair!

I've loved your summer photos of your family and am so very pleased to see your beautiful puppers, with that same expression my two get when the camera is out :)

Your house is always so beautiful - I could just stare at it all day long.
I just found the book "Little Big" this weekend. I've been looking for it at our local big used book store called the book barn since you've recommended it years ago. I can't wait to dive into it. What a great way to start a month :)

You always capture the simply beauty of life and remind me to look for it.

It's so nice to see Clover in your photos! I don't know how it is there, but out east it is very, very hot! I'm looking forward to the apples coming here and apple pie. Your photo made my mouth water!

Lovely! The shot with Sweet Dog and quilt upon rug has caught my eye. Will you tell me details about that rug? I'd love to add one similar; my apartment is currently too "modern".

you have a lovely house

September looks quite pretty in your neighborhood.
Happy new month~

I've missed seeing Miss Clover Meadow. How is she doing? I know our pups have had a hard time the summer with the heat.
Looking forward to cooler days & evenings, some serious knitting, reading by the fire.
Sweet autumn I've missed you.

Thank you for your faithful, beautiful presence here. It always takes my breath away to glimpse the scenes from your home and life. And that girl of yours! Such a treasure. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I love seeing photos of your home... it's so inviting and cozy. I really love your kitchen! I could cook all day long in that sweet little space. The apple tart looks amazing. Now, if we could just get some fall-like weather here in the southeast, I would be very happy.

Such pretty pictures! I loved them all. I noticed several lamps in your photos. I have a "thing" for lamps...just love them and the ambiance they create.

DELIGHTFUL!! Hurray for fall!

How lovely your home is looking Alicia. I see Mimi is about to do the tablecloth trick, I hope she pulled it off. CJ xx

Oh my goodness - the life-sized cat pillow. :D

Tanya Pedroni says: September 02, 2014 at 03:00 PM

Hurray for fall..........Your apple tart looks wonderful!!

Hey, that's a fake cat! I did a double take because it looked so real but at kind of an unnatural pose! Autumn does wonderful things to the inside of our homes -- makes it look all cozy and comfortable. Your pictures always convey the special coloring of each season. By the way, I have a sink like yours but it is not divided -- I wouldn't part with my farm sink for anything -- no modernizing that part of my kitchen. Aren't they wonderful?

I've missed pictures of Clover! Those eyes...;)

You have a beautiful home, it looks so warm and peaceful.

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