Sweet Days

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Thank you very much for all of the comments on my last post, and for the music recommendations! I haven't had time to check them out but I plan to — thank you. Thank you also to those of you who suggested here (and emailed — my inbox is a disaster, so I can't often get back to everyone, I'm so sorry) portrait artists several months ago. I wound up having Amelia's portrait painted by Olga of Olinka Fine Art on Etsy, who I found myself while browsing Etsy for portrait artists. She did an absolutely incredible job, and was a total joy to work with. The picture I gave her (from this post) was taken a little over a year ago, but even when I took it it just looked like a painting to me, and I always meant to have it painted. I really don't know how she could have interpreted it more beautifully; I think it perfectly captures Amelia at that time and with that expression, a face I've seen a million times, tired at the end of the day, her serious, slightly melodramatic look (which I think it sort of amuses her to give), hanging out in her high chair, with the late afternoon light coming down from the west-facing windows. I love it.

We had a busy weekend, and I have more pictures, but little time! The pool is open. I find it hard to leave.

Do you like frozen custard? Try this. Crazy rich. You hardly need to eat any to be quite delighted, seriously. And I think I'm going to change that recipe so that you heat the half-and-half and the cream at the same time. Why would I have you temper the eggs with half-and-half and then add that back to the (cold) heavy cream separately? Couldn't the creams both be heated, added to eggs, then put back in the pan to heat a bit further? Trying to think of the best way not to scramble the eggs. . . . I'm no expert; please advise!


i've called the moving van. i'm moving in. thank you. :>)) the face in the screen almost looks like a portrait as well. yuck! i've ended up with scrambled eggs in some of my preparations. i'll be sure to see what advice you receive. thank you for a beautiful, as always, post, alicia. please enjoy your magical days.

My pudding recipe has you mix half the milk with the eggs and then add back to the pan. I think there must be something to it, otherwise they wouldn't have you do it. :)

I had my first taste of frozen custard in the winter of 2012 during a visit to Wisconsin. Despite the freezing temperatures outside, I insisted on stopping at every spot that might have custard on the menu. So glad it has hit the mainstream with recipes galore!
You add only half the amount of warmed ingredients to the eggs to prevent a bigger (more ingredients) shock to the temperature of the eggs. This will avoid the scrambled egg scenario! You could probably heat the half and half and cream together, add *some* to the eggs (in a separate bowl) and gently mix those together. Then add the egg mixture back into the heated pan and continue on.
Happy custard~ing!

what a beautiful painting! and I love the fabric in her dress, so pretty. i hope you are enjoying your days of summer!

The warmth of summer in your photography is shining throughout this post, and without even the pleasure of holding a bowl in my hands, your custard feels like a delicious relief.

I had commeneted on A's portrait..Olga did an amazing job..It is spot on perfect.A treasure..
She looks like the cover of a Little Golden Book~♥
Pretty girl,pretty days~

A real feast of gorgeous pictures. The portrait is so beautifully done but credit to you too, she had a very good picture to work form. Such a treasure. x

I've made more ice cream and frozen custard in my day than I should even admit to. I've questioned the tempered egg into cold cream thing too, and I don't know why recipes call for it. I'm wondering if the cold cream helps to cool the mixture down to prevent the egg from cooking further? Not sure. I've tried both methods and it doesn't make a difference. Glad to see someone else likes lots of eggs in their ice cream!!!

Wow, Alicia.. the portrait is perfect and a family heirloom forever. Doing a portrait is really hard to get "right".. and she knocked it out of the park on that one. Bravo! I enjoyed all your summery photos of grasses and flowers and of course darling Mimi. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

I just think you guys really knocked it out of the park when you did your backyard. I aspire to such a cozy spot and had planned on my back yard being my big project this summer.

How is your furniture holding up? Do you leave it out over the winter or do you bring it in when it starts getting rainy? Everything looks like it is weathering really well.

I adore the custom painting!! Thanks for the closer up look. The artist does wonderful work and her prices are quite excellent , I thought! Thank you for the link. And thank you for your happy blog!

Wow!The portrait is just wow!!!!what a tresure for your family !!sorry for the frozen custard,I have never taste it !
Have a great day !!!

The portrait is strikingly beautiful and captures Amelia perfectly!
Of course you capture her sweetly with your camera always!

I can see no reason to not temper the different creams together. The heating of the creams/milk is what makes it creamy, taking away the chance of ice crystals forming. Perhaps it is an older recipe? I've only seen a couple recipes separating the heavy cream from the lighter cream or milk. Andrea

Great portrait. Aw, the sweet days of summer!

The portrait is gorgeous! You make summer look so relaxing.

It really is a wonderful and masterful portrait. Something to cherish forever.

What a beautiful portrait of a beautiful little girl.
And, oh, that custard. It looks so good that I don't think I'd want to share!

That portrait of Mimi is stunning! Looks *exactly* like her. Great artist. I love frozen custard, but ummm...I've never made my own; I've only gotten it at Culvers. I'm sure there's is filled with chemicals, so it's only a once-in-awhile treat as I try to avoid that stuff.

The only place I have ever had "frozen custard" is in Astoria. I have a friend who lived in Warrenton and when I went to visit her, we always went to these little drive-in kinda places. Your frozen custard looks totally yum and I'm going to have to make it!! The portrait is so great!! I also love your summer pictures :). Thanks for sharing :)

What a beautiful girl and a beautiful portrait! It really is lovely.

I have always felt Amelia reminds me of Eloise Wilkin's illustrations (most known for her Little Golden Books works) and the portrait really seals it. http://marandarussell.com/tag/eloise-wilkin/

That portrait is truly amazing!

My daughter had that same expression when she was Meem's age. It always looked to me like she was getting ready to say, "what"? The artist that did Meem's portrait did an awesome job. She captured her sweet and pure innocence.

oh my goodness, that portrait is simply stunning! I know that is something you'll treasure forever. And thanks for the custard recipe, I see ice cream in my very near future! jonni

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