Fall Sewing (and Free Shipping)!

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Oh, fall! I love you. Even the torrential rain you sent us all day long on Halloween did not dampen my enthusiasm. We came home with ten pieces of sopping wet candy and one soaking wet Little Red Riding Hood. Amelia conked out and I put on new pajamas and made a list of things I want to make. I reorganized my studio last week. I have been sewing LIKE CRAZY. I'll show you when it's not so incredibly dark all day long and I can take some photos both of the studio and of my new projects. Wool, yarn, floss, tiny buttons, tiny stitches, quilts, sparkly things, ornaments, little animals, granny squares, teapots, knitting needles, bring it on. My fake fireplace is lit and my chai is hot. It's very good!

I've been getting a lot of questions about whether there will be a new ornament kit this year, and no, I will not be doing a new kit this year. I didn't do one last year, either. Back in 2012, when Amelia was born, I kind of made the decision that I would stop doing them. I did do one that fall (Night Before Christmas), and I loved it, but for several years — six, in fact — ornament kit design and production kind of took over our lives here, in a way. It definitely took over our space, and it really took over our time. And because Christmas ornaments are such a deadline-oriented project, I was just feeling like there was no wiggle-room in it, schedule-wise, for me. I'm a pretty impulsive crafting person. I get an idea and I get on it. If I'm feeling it, I bust a move. If I'm not, I don't even try. I didn't think I could design for Christmas in April, and I really want October to be about birthday stuff and pumpkin patches and Halloween costumes, and getting ready for our own family holidays. Also there are other ideas I have for new projects and designs that I, in my limited amount of work time right now, just want to be free to follow. So, I never say never, but for now and indefinitely, I won't be doing new ornament collections. I walk to do some other things — a new quilt pattern, quilt kits of a sort, new crochet patterns, a softie bed kit. I have a million ideas for 2016.

We still do have ornament kits available: Ice Skating Afternoon, Snow Day, Sweet Home, Winter Cabin, and Night Before Christmas are all available in the shop. Walk in the Woods is totally sold out and will not be restocked (though it, and all of the other patterns, are always available as downloadable PDFs). Winter Cabin has less than 50 left, and it won't be restocked when it sells out.

I found out recently that the Mr. Basil Fox kit is going to be featured in the holiday gift guide in the December issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. EXCITING! This was an awesome and totally unexpected surprise. The magazine comes out in mid-November, and although it can be hard to predict the response, I do expect that the web shop itself will see a surge of new traffic around that time. We do not plan to be restocking anything between now and Christmas. So if you are interested in buying a Basil Fox (or Winter Cabin) kit especially but even anything else in the web shop, I would do that in the next two weeks, before mid-November when the magazine hits mailboxes and newsstands, because there is no time for us to restock anything this year.

If you click on the images above each photo should take you to the page in my web shop where you can buy the pattern or kit for yourself. And because I love you, we are offering free shipping on all domestic (United States only) orders today through Thursday, November 5 at 9 p.m. PST (because that's when I go to bed). You don't need a code, just go on over. The image above is made of thumbnails that will take you to all of the individual product pages for items pictured. Happy sewing, dear friends! And thank you so very much for all your interest in my work over these many (fifteen!) years that I've been making patterns and kits. You are the absolute best, and I'm so grateful. Thank you. Xoxo

***Gina asked a question that I get asked a lot — what is the best project for a beginner, or someone with enthusiasm but not a lot of sewing or needlework experience? I honestly think that the Winterwoods ABCs Sampler Kit is the best project. You can read my counted cross stitching tutorial here, which will teach you everything you need to know. And with a bit of practice you'll have such a good, cozy time with this one. Each motif is small, and the gorgeous hand-overdyed thread means you hardly have to make any color changes to have a rich, textured piece. I have gotten more emails from people who say they have never stitched anything before making this one and they loved it. It's one of my very favorites, and I hope you have a great time with it.


I LOVED making all your kits..this is the last year I am giving them out..
Thanks for everything:)
To me..they are priceless:)
You have no idea..how the hours spent..making them..are quite..transcendental:)
Wait..of course you know!

Wow, congratulations, Alicia! How exciting for you!

*Congratulations*~!! You're inspiring a whole generation. So happy for all the 'Home-mades' in my own life.
Enjoy your wonderful Autumn and peaceful Holiday Season.

Congratulations!! I really hope you make a bed pattern. I've been waiting patiently since you posted the one you made way back when! My daughter and I love making all of your creations.

Hooray, Alicia on your entry into Martha Stewart's holiday gift guide. I think Martha should do an article about you and your wonderful talent for design.

Sorry to hear Halloween was soggy for you guys. We're up here in Kenton and we had a couple dozen trick or treater's this year. Which is strange because last year there were only 4. Go figure!?!

And really you're the absolute best, and I for one am grateful to share in your everyday doings. And to watch Miss Em grow with the love of her sweet Mom & Pop. XO 💕

Delighted to hear your MS news... I am more than sure it will bring a great deal of well-deserved traffic your way. Looking forward to seeing what you've been sewing.

I've always wondered (for years) why you weren't in Martha Stewart Living. I think it is about time and I can't wait to buy the issue. I'm making a mouse this week (he is a boy for my boy). It is the only animal of yours I haven't made yet. Your animal kits have been favorites of mine for making and favorites of my children for playing.

Kristen from MA says: November 02, 2015 at 03:08 PM

Brace yourself Alicia! Martha readers are going to come a knockin'. :)

I'm glad I have my kits.. I will look forward to a quilting kit as I want to make one someday. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

If a person with very little sewing/crafting ability wanted to start a new hobby, are there any projects made for beginners you could suggest? Thank you so much!

sharon stanley says: November 02, 2015 at 03:38 PM

wow! martha! it doesn't get any better or more impressive than that...i'm so excited for you! how incredibly generous of you to offer free shipping. you can bet i am headed over right now. the thumbnails are such a good reminder of all the beautiful work you do. truly an artisan!

Congratulations on the Martha Stewart thing. That is really cool. I'd be happy to send you some of the Halloween candy I have left. I had very few treaters stop by and tons of candy. :-)


Well, to everything there is a season....including seasonal ornament kits. So when it is time to move on, of course you should heed the call. I look forward to seeing any and all of the things that you mention in your crafting plans.

Thanks for the free shipping, Alicia! I love your work and photos of sweet gorgeous Amelia. When you first starting posting pictures of her, I was like, oh this changes the blog for me. Then I had my own baby girl 18 months ago and the radiance of your photos and the beautiful spirit at play you capture make me so happy, like your crafts and fabrics and photos of candle lit baths. Thanks for sharing and making such wonderful nourishing words, pictures, and dreamy cozy things. XO!

Congrats on your Martha score. Can't wait to see what you have been making.

the collage of photos is just so pretty !! and congratulations on the magazine feature :) look forward to seeing photos of the studio (i have missed those) and all the bits and pieces you are making :)

Your studio sounds lovely, I can't wait to see more! Have you ever shared your chai recipe? I bought a capresso milk frother/warmer after seeing you mention it, and I have been so pleased. I use it almost every morning, and I would be so interested in trying your chai.

Martha! You've hit the big time now, my dear. Many congrats.

Alicia I'm not a sewer but I knit like the wind. I wanted to tell you that I've alway admired your sewing kits and I'm delighted for you that one of them has been picked up by a big-name magazine. You deserve such recognition.

Your kits have been tempting me for so long... i'm happy i've just ordered them and i hope i have the time to make -at least a few- to put them on our christmas tree (says the unrealistic lady who is writing this comment with a newborn in her arms and a 1 year old child at her feet!!).

Wow so many amazing things. I still have the winter woods pdf to work on probably a project I'll save to brighten up dark January days as well as projects from your book. So good to look forward to. Congratulations on the Martha Thing. Look forward to all your new busy ideas and doings.
Hope today is toasty and cosy.

I have loved reading your blog for all these many years, your honesty and the beauty that you present here. I have been grateful that you have shared your challenges, and now, I am celebrating with you in all your successes. That you were not here trying for these accolades is the best part- you are just doing what you love and the world is noticing. Martha Steward Living!? I think you put it mildly when you said you think there will be a surge in web traffic. xo I am so happy for you.

Penny Holliday says: November 03, 2015 at 08:25 AM

Alicia you are the best mom ever & just have verified that with what you wrote today! Yes,to family first! Hope your holidays are wonderful with family & friends!!

Look at that gorgeous spread of projects. Even the way you have chosen to display them who's your artist's eye. Well done on the Martha Stewart feature. I'm glad you said that about the sampler. I have been contemplating this for some time and wondered if it was beyond my embroidery skills.

Just ordered myself a Basil Fox before he disappears! I'm SO happy for you! You are so deserving of the attention! Congratulations! :)

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