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It's been a vaguely exhausting few weeks. Colds and coughs and chicken soup. The days sort of blur together. Last night I sat on the sofa after Amelia went to bed and before Andy got home and strung 24" of the tiniest seed beads in the world into a necklace while watching Fixer Upper and drinking golden milk (steam 1 1/2 cups of milk with 1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric, 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger, and 1 teaspoon of honey) and felt like I wished the moment would last for hours and hours. I've been squeezing work into every free space I've had lately, finishing all of the big crocheted critter samples and patterns and sending them out to the tech editor, designing a new little cross stitch pattern and kit for spring, thinking about whether we are going to reissue any animal softie kits this spring (we aren't; get them while you can [and yes, to those who've asked, patterns will always be available]), thinking about what's next, wanting to do new things, wanting to make some things that aren't actually kits. I have a million ideas and very little time. I guess that's life. That's my life right now, anyway. The stay-at-home, work-at-home mom. And now for my next trick. . . . I pull dinner out of a hat. I wish.

For some reason, I like to paint stuff in February. I did the same thing last year and I think the year before, too. It's weird. Amelia prefers to paint her hands, face, and bare legs rather than paint on paper, or beads, or anything else. Her attention span is very short. I like painting little wooden beads. Winter colors: mint, pale-sun gold, lavender hellebore, gray sky. The sun, when it's out, absolutely glares. It's such a strange time of year. Spring is coming here. Tulips are poking up, daffodils are already blooming, trees are budding, and yet most yards are still covered in fall and winter debris, mud, things that are dull and fast asleep. It takes Amelia and I a half an hour to walk two blocks home from the the playschool. She's busy going up driveways, "planting" sticks in Al and Peri's yard, checking Holly's mailbox, getting caught in her open umbrella she drags along the sidewalk upside down, shouting goodbye to her friend. Oh I love her. Sometimes we walk up to the bakery or the ice cream store and it's an all-afternoon venture, a mile an hour. But I love the time. I love the cold. I love the cold, wet yards; the purple clouds; the fat, cold buds. The raindrops on tangles of branches. The rosy dawns. The plaintive crows. The black trees. The violet sky. The quiet, cold morning frost. There's a small, local circumference to our life right now, in winter. A sort of resolute burrowing, slightly nervous and not quite ready for longer days. Spring is coming here. It comes in February now.

***They put the January Golden Rose recipients' stories up on the web site. They make me cry. So many amazing people, doing these things every single day, everywhere.


That slow half hour wander home sounds wonderful. I remember it well from when mine were at pre-school. Lovely. Great picture of the community garden, I like to see it in winter before all the growth starts. Good that you have too many ideas and not enough time, that's how it should be, the other way round would be not good at all! I shall look forward to seeing what comes next. CJ xx

I just read the January Golden Rose awards. I read Andy's first and then I read Andy's again last. Gosh, it is nice to have a good cry. I am so proud of your family for sharing your goodness every single day. And you've been sharing your goodness for years! "Inspiring" doesn't even begin to describe it. I need a much larger word. Thank you.

I've always hated that February sun! I'm glad if the entire month of February is overcast and rainy. Somehow the sun just isn't that nice this time of year, March is much better. I will try that golden milk tonight, it sounds so interesting and good, and my throat started killing me on the way into work this morning. Thank you for sharing. I'm about 20 minutes from the Superbowl this weekend, so I'll be hiding inside all weekend :)

that golden milk sounds lovely! it is the time of year to be home and quiet... God bless you.

Winter is still hanging on here in the Midwest---it's supposed to get up on the 40's this weekend but snow next week. We haven't had much snow this year and I'm glad---I hate it when there are mountains of dirty gray snow piled up everywhere.

Are you still going to sell the animal patterns? My local quilt shop sells the wool felt and of course they have cotton fabric for the dresses. It's not Liberty, but you could coordinate your animal's "skin" color with the clothing fabric you choose.

Your landing and stairs are so pretty and February is, somewhat surprisingly, definitely a time to ice-cream! I've just treated myself to a tub - maybe it's the thought of the warmer, sunnier, Springtime days ahead!

Oh how I love your words. They always take me away and are just beautiful. Congrats to Andy. What a man!!

Just read Andy's tribute, wonderful, you must be so very proud. Lovely that they know how lucky they are to have him and that he has been recognised. He clearly goes above and beyond to care for his patients. An amazing man. CJ xx

It is so awesome to be in Oregon Spring while the rest of the country hibernates in winter.

I haven't tried the Golden Milk yet though I have seen numerous posts about it but now that you have been enjoying it while watching Fixer Upper I may have to give it a try! I LOVE the squatty little animals---you gave us a peek at them half finished in a previous post and I thought at that time that it was going to be a hat...soo cute! Congrats to Andy on his wonderful award and compassion for his patients.

"a million ideas and very little time". Yes! And also, when there is a snippet of time, no energy except to just sit and BE for a moment. I find myself a little jealous of the creative time my Middles and Littles enjoy, and yet I will so fiercely guard that creative time for them - so very important to grow and figure out who they are. And, oh, I have one who at 6-years-old still prefers to paint herself rather than any other object. She makes me smile. :) Loving your photos of spring. Winter is returning today to our part of the world. So soft and beautiful.

The wooden bead idea sounds great, though we're more of a paint ourselves kind of household too, though she does like stringing necklaces. We mmay have to give it a try.

Winter is a great time to snuggle down and let the creative juices flow. Those big crocheted animals are super cute! Since you mentioned painting, I saw this really cool video this morning on FB that detailed how to make your own watercolors. I'm going to link it here in case anyone is interested. Could be something fun for you and Amelia to do, too! https://www.facebook.com/skillshare/videos/1329232797102153/?pnref=story

I get so sucked in to all of these how-to and DIY videos. One of these days I'm actually going to try one of the projects I've saved!!

You are a beautiful family. So grateful there are "Andy-s" in the world of healthcare...such a bright light.

Dear Alicia,

For what it's worth, a respiratory therapist I know swears that echinacea has helped keep her family cold-free for years. Hope you're feeling better soon. Thank you for sharing your lives, I so enjoy reading your blog. Once again, Bravo, Andy! You Paulsons are such lovely people. Blessings and cheers!

Thank you for reminding me what life with a three year old is like...I have one but she is almost always in the company of her siblings. But when it is just us, on those rare occasions, we move slowly like that, and it is like a meditation. Kind of like coming to your blog.

I love the majestic hawk. We have one I see in our backyard trees sometimes, and the sight of him always makes me feel safe.

I love that lamb! Oh, the hand painting. M does that too, but mostly so she can then make hand prints on her paper (or whatever she's 'supposed' to be painting). On the plus side, I've got lots of her lovely little hand prints now, preserved for posterity.

Lovely, as always. Where did you get those curtains -- gorgeous!

Just overflowing with gratitude for people like those you linked us to. Andy's colleagues are amazing folks; I wish I lived in your service area !~!

Painting oneself is a time-honored way of doing it well-didn't Pollack start that way !~! Kidding; and yet we never know where these urges lead, do we?

Thanks as always for the pictures-incredibly evocative.

Totally wept at those recipients' stories. Sometimes when I am tired and grouchy and feeling horribly disillusioned with the world, I come and look at your blog to get a fresh perspective on things and see how much beauty there is in just everyday living. My resolution this year is to be more like a Paulson.

So much lovely goodness. And I adore those soft toys.

I adore your pouf shaped animals! And your skies in dusty grey pastels. And your painted wooden beads.. LOVE. I do hope you show us your seed bead creations. I'm set up to start a crochet thread heart doily.. yay! Enjoy the weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

How about that husband of yours! Nurses are special people to begin with and it sounds like Andy is an extra special nurse.
Looking forward to hearing more about your crochet bunnies and sheep. They are really cute.

Beautiful post. I love the description of your daughter's walk home from preschool. I can remember being obsessed with planting things as a child. We used to plant magic rocks. I can't wait to see your new cross stitch pattern. The bunny and lamb are very cute.

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