Quilt Kits Coming on Tuesday, March 21st

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Hello, loves. I hope all is well where you are. It's dark and warm and rainy here this morning, and these are the only blossoms I could find, so far, on our plum tree. It's about three weeks late in blooming, and I feel about three weeks late with these kits, so, there you go — my plum and I are finally coming around. Andy finally has several days off in a row, starting tomorrow, and I'm planning to wrap up the details on these during that time. We will have eight different colorways of quilt-top kits in every size, from toddler to king. I've made "virtual" quilts for you to see approximately what fabrics you will be getting; these are meant to be a general display of the fifteen different prints and three solids included in any given colorway. You may not get every fabric pictured, but you will get a few others consistent with my overall vision for each one — I've tried mightily to build individual kits that align with the basic integrity of the virtual quilt pictured.

We've cut all of the fabric into 4.25" strips for you. (You'll cut the strips into squares yourself.) Since every size kit has a different total number of print fabric strips and a different total number of solids included, I've worked out an algorithm that will apply to every size as far as pricing goes. I plan to babysit the inventory, so that, no matter what sells, we will make all of the sizes available until we run out of the total number of prints that we have for any particular colorway.

The pattern itself will be available as a digital download only, so even if you are purchasing a quilt-top kit you will also have to purchase the PDF pattern. We are not printing these. You don't have to purchase a kit to make use of the pattern, either. The pattern is very detailed in telling you exactly what you need to make one of these quilts, so you can use fabric from your own stash. As with almost all of the kinds of quilts I make, the fabric placement is completely random, so this is a good project for beginners.

Okay! Any questions, please ask and I'll address them in my post about these kits on Tuesday. Have a good weekend, dear friends! XOXO


I know they are going to be beautiful!

i too am so excited to see these. i'd love to have a bit of time to sleep on the choices as well so if theres a chance at a peek, i vote yes! what a lot of work, woman!

Waiting with bated breath for the "quilt drop" on Tuesday! 😍

I LOVE it when an amazingly creative person such as yourself uses terms like algorithm tee hee ; ) They'll all be beautiful! p.

gina riley says: March 19, 2017 at 02:19 PM

Do you think it would be absolutely crazy if I tried to hand sew a quilt? I don't have a machine, and am an absolute beginner....

gina riley says: March 19, 2017 at 02:20 PM

and...to the wonderful people on here that suggested the Great British Sewing Bee...Thank you :) It's my new addiction :) :)

Mary Ann in Vermont says: March 20, 2017 at 05:39 AM

I am so excited, as we all are! I am wondering how easy or difficult this will be for a middle-beginner! Alicia, I absolutely adore you and your family and this blog! Your photography, sharings, captures, and writing warm my heart with each and every post. Love!!

Patricia Showe says: March 20, 2017 at 06:40 AM

Alicia, I love your talent and your sense of beauty. I have been reading your blog for years. I am so excited to see the quilt kits. I have 5 little granddaughters and want to be sure each of them gets a quilt from Mimi (me) in their lives at some point. Thank you for everything you do.

Patricia Showe says: March 20, 2017 at 06:50 AM

To Gina Riley: I have most often made the baby quilts for my family all by hand-piecing the quilt top and then hand-quilting the quilt. I find it to be a wonderful experience and I talk to the children about how I do it and what it means to sew something like that by hand. They actually appreciate them because I help them see what it takes to make a quilt. My oldest granddaughter, age 8, has taken a real interest and has started a quilt of her own, with my help. So, I think you would enjoy the experience.

ooooooooo cant wait

Can't! Wait!

Justamom says: May 03, 2017 at 08:02 AM

Beautiful quilts! I used to look at your blog frequently but haven't in awhile... Life happened, and then everything fell apart. Well, the marriage part at least. While I was pregnant. In any case, your blog had once been this little refuge of beauty and crafting and loveliness. Now, there is the strangest tie-in to my life, and to the specific reason my marriage fell apart. There's a strange feeling when you see a picture, and you realize suddenly that two things-- one that had seemed like a little fantasy and not quite real (another person's blog), and the other, a very integral part of a marriage tumbling apart and reason for my tears for months and months a couple years ago (and last night, a panic attack and insomnia)-- are connected! It is a strange thing at the least, but I will say-- I wish you the best. I have to not look at the blog any longer. Certain things a person has to do to try to manage life and move forward...

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