Wild Week

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Good morning, my friends. Hello, hello. I hope you are well! We've been well and buuuusy! Which I like, but now I'm tired. I didn't even take any pictures this week. But we have all of the First Snow pre-orders out and on their ways to you. The downloadable PDF-only version of the design is now available here. (And yes, the kit is still available, no problem — it is here.) I hope you like this pattern and kit. I wound up doing all of the shipping myself — Stacey was in Japan and is now back but will be taking more classes in January and won't have time to work with me anymore (tears). Andy and I wound up doing everything on this kit together. He pulled all the floss and cut all the fabric. I stuffed all the kits and did the shipping. But it was quite an excellent experience for me to do all of the shipping myself again. It's been a long time since I've done it. I found it very poignant, and got a little bit emotional. I love seeing everyone's names, and your addresses, and your streets and towns and cities and countries. I recognized sooooo many names from over so many years of doing this. It made me think of all the years, and all of our conversations, and all of your comments and your sweet notes and just . . . I don't know. How much I love all of this and how lucky I am to do it and how, when I was a little girl I think I actually always wanted to do this. My parents were into mail order and they had a few little businesses throughout the years. I had my first mail order business when I was thirteen. It was called Autumnbrook Farm and I made model-horse blankets and saddle pads and little stuff like that. I made enough money to buy a pair of really pretty dark-brown suede chaps at Hinsdale Tack Shop and I wanted to write a tearful letter of gratitude to the readers of Just About Horses magazine (where I advertised), thanking them for their orders of tiny horse halters and for making my greatest dream (chaps) come true. I did love those chaps so much. I guess I thought better of it then and did not submit that particular letter to the editor, but I feel the same surge of emotion every time I get orders and every time I ship. Thank you. You'll notice that my handwriting on your postcards looks deranged. Sorry about that. I don't really write by hand anymore ever. Do you? Compared to how much you used to? It's so weird! I was speed-writing, admittedly. But I can usually write much more nicely, FYI.

Anyway, so, thank you for everything you do here and for all of your kindness and support. I means more to me than I regularly say. XOXOXOXO

I've spent the last few days working on a new doll design based on my animal patterns. She will have the same body shape and size and will be able to wear all of the same clothes. The idea for her sort of exploded out of me the minute I was finished shipping everything. I actually do get a lot of ideas in the shower. It's really cliched but true. It's the only time I'm just sitting there not doing anything else at all. I think I had thought about doing a girl doll for a long time but I didn't really know it. I started cutting and sewing in every little spare minute, littering the living room with needles and felt and floss and yarn in a way that I haven't done in a while. My first animal patterns came out maybe in . . . 2013? It's been a few years. Maybe it was 2014. People ask me about whether we'll make more of those kits (there are five animals total). And no, we won't. There will now be these new doll kits sometime this spring, though. I've been thinking relentlessly of all the ways to do it. Andy cracks up when I have the making-fever. I read him the list of all of the clothes I had planned for the doll: new blouse, new skirt, and cable sweater, cardigan sweater, beret, flounce-collar blouse, cape, cable cowl, knitted skirt, bloomers, pixie bonnet, detachable collar, lace legwarmers. Your basic insanity. He gets me. Right now the doll prototype looks mildly feral. This is possibly no coincidence. I've turned into a wild animal.

I made a pattern for a Santa Lucia (which is December 13) crown with hellebore flowers, mistletoe, and holly for you. My model was freezing when I took her picture in her nightgown on top of Mt. Tabor on the only not-raining (though totally freezing) day we had a couple of weeks ago. She is part Viking-descendant but she doesn't like the cold. I love her.

Flowret for Blog

The pattern is free and you can download it here: A Flow'ret Bright Winter Crown Sewing Pattern. The candles are removable, so you could take them out and just wear the crown. It's adjustable in the back (elastic) so you can make it any size you want. I hope you like it.

It's Thanksgiving week here in the U.S. We're having Thanksgiving here at our house and I expect we'll get our Christmas tree this weekend, and maybe start decorating. We usually do, anyway. I'll be back to show you next week. Until then, I wish you all a wonderful, wonderful week of peace and joy and slowing as we enter the holiday season. I'm very grateful for all of the love and kindness and deep thoughts and un-deep thoughts and humor and joy you share with me constantly. It helps me understand the world and understand myself so much better than I would otherwise. You all bring light to our days here and for that I sincerely thank you. Thank you. XOXOXO


This is so cute and fun!

Tack så mycket! and 💖(((Hugs))) for the Lovely Lucia Crown pattern. My little grand-dearies will *love* these so very much~! Many Thanks also for your inspiration of simple, everyday delights. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

And YOU bring light to OURS! Thank YOU!! xoxo

I just got my kit today! I can hardly wait to start embroidering it. We traveled to today to Iowa to be with family for Thanksgiving. We are expecting our first grandchild soon and her father is half Norwegian so the Saint Lucia Crown pattern is very much appreciated! She will be too small to use it now but she will grow. Thank you and happy Thanksgiving Alicia to you and your family!!

It's funny how all those memories come rushing back, isn't it? Amelia looks so sweet in her St. Lucia crown. The Swedish Women's organization in our town had their St. Lucia pageant and Christmas Fair last Saturday, jumping the gun a bit. It was short but sweet, but made me miss the long procession in the darkness down Clark St. in Andersonville by the Swedish American Museum. Ah well, a good excuse for me to make a lovely crown for my sweet B and celebrate again on the 13th.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your charming family. I can't wait for your new doll and clothing patterns. Your instructions are so clear and easy to follow; you have given to us who needed it, so much confidence in constructing your adorable softies. Thank you too, for your continued blog - a much needed hopeful "place" in these turbulent times.

I received your beautiful kit today, and I was so touched with your handwritten note. It means so much in this crazy, busy world that you would take the time to do that--very personal. It's one of the reasons I love your blog and patterns so! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing all you do, Alicia.

My sister read that you can get an idea of what you enjoy doing by looking at what you did when you were about 10 years old, and she was asking me what she did. (I'm sorry to say that what she did was basically whatever I was doing, because I was 12.) Anyway, I'm so glad that your dream job, so to speak, is the one you have now. :) And thank you so much for all these years of my favorite blog.

Hi Alicia! I’m so happy that the new design is here and it have a bird and a quilt, my two greatest passions!! The first thing I thought when I saw it was “wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings” :) I’ve already bought the pdf pattern and waiting to start. Too bad that it’s almost impossible to buy this linen in that particular color in here, only possible to order with delivery time of 3-4 weeks which is too long. I was hoping to make this cross stitch as a present to my family on Christmas. Anyway, I’m trying to figure out how can I replace it with Zweigard and what color should I choose. This will be second cross stitch project in my life so it’s not easy, but I don’t give up:)
I am waiting for your new post and new little stories of your life! Amelia’s picture is full of magic, I’m not sure what make it so special. It that cold late-fall colors that are actually look warm and fill my heart with joy!

How I love this post! I feel so happy following your journey through crafts and family...

Oh what a delightful crown! ... Ah what a gift to earn a living doing something you love :-) a real blessing.

(Re: handwriting -- me! Me! lol Seriously, I handwrite every day in my journal, and in my kids' homeschooling LessonLog -- they write too, cursive even, which i keep hearing is on the way out but i refuse to beliebe it).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Debbie from Illinois says: November 21, 2017 at 04:52 AM

Happy Thanksgiving Alicia to you and your family. :-)

I'm so impressed, it came only a day later than my daughter's birthday--thank you!! I'm so glad I went ahead and ordered it for her. She loves it. I loved seeing her pore over it last night, looking at all the details. It's beautiful. Thanks for the lovely postcard, too. You're amazing.

I'm so excited! I made my daughter a Saint Lucia crown when she was old enough to walk - and we get up early on the morning of her feast day to make cinnamon rolls and coffee and cocoa to "surprise" the rest of our family. This one I will make for my god-daughter....and maybe another to stash in my hope chest for another generation.

I am so grateful to have your influence in my life. I love how you remind me of things I was crazy about, but had forgotten (i.e. Crabtree and Evelyn) and your way of describing your memories. Your words, and images, are so delicate and evocative. Thank you, Alicia, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thank you for the crown pattern; Amelia looks so darling her crown. Happy Thanksgiving, Alicia!

Laura Smartt says: November 21, 2017 at 12:23 PM

Hello hello,
Received my beautiful kit! And so awesome about St. Lucia. I love to make the St. Lucia buns and can not wait to make two crowns. Very nice of you for the free pattern. Can't wait for the doll pattern also. And I hate to write! I have horrible handwriting, but alas I do more writing than typing. Since I homeschool I have had to have better writing because my kiddos give me payback if it is messy. Kids sure make you more accountable of ones actions!

Your little Viking is adorable.

wishing you a calm and bright thanksgiving .. your words always carry me to another place in time and i love that .. thank you for all the beauty you share :)

such a lovely thing to do! precious for any little girl. I too am thankful for many things one being the sweet glimpses you give your readers into your life. your lovely creations that enable us to create along with you. and the beautiful photographs you share with us. happy thanksgiving to you and yours.

I too received my First snow kit in the mail today - which was very appropriate since we awoke to a frenzy of snowflakes this morning. I especially appreciated your handwritten note that was in the package- those little touches mean so much. Can't wait to start on the kit. Thank you also for the crown pattern. We are part Swedish and celebrate St Lucia day every year. We have six blonde daughters so this tradition will be around for years for us. Hopefully I can get the crown done before the 13th.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Luanne Graham says: November 21, 2017 at 08:46 PM

Thanks for all you do. I have been following your blog for years now and I look forward to every post. We, your readers, might help you understand the world, but you help me deal with the world and its drama. You are a bright corner to which I can retreat...your words and pictures are balm for my soul. Happy Thanksgiving, God Jul, and Merry Christmas to you, Andy, and Amelia.

Oh! Those hellebores! I have no need for the crown, but would love to make bunches of felt hellebores. Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Thank you for sharing with us. There are no other blogs I read, only yours, anymore. It's so lovely and homey, particularly in fall and winter!!!

Thank you for the beautiful cross stitch kit/picture! It was just want I needed this week. I love the color of the fabric! I sat down and organized all my floss, pulled out the colors for the girl and started stitching while watching Fixer Upper last night. Just want a creative soul needs on these dark November nights! I have three of your animals next to my bed on my dresser for the winter months, they make me smile every night! Thank you for your stories and have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!! You are so sweet to give us a free pattern! And it's so lovely, I keep marveling at the perfection of that Hellebore, you truly are so artistic and talented!! I just love reading your posts, you bring so much beauty and peace and loveliness into my life with your beautiful words and pictures, so thank YOU very much!! God bless you!

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