A good notion said Mr Salteena

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Studiomag "Ethels room was indeed a handsome compartment with purple silk curtains and a 4 post bed draped with the same shade. The toilit set was white and mouve and there were some violets in a costly varse. Oh I say cried Ethel in supprise. I am glad you like it said Bernard and here we have yours Alf. He opened the dividing doors and portrayed a smaller but dainty room all in pale yellow and wild primroses. My own room is next the bath room said Bernard it is decerated dark red as I have somber tastes. The bath room has got a tip up bason and a hose thing for washing your head. A good notion said Mr Salteena who was secretly getting jellus."
     -- Daisy Ashford (aged 9) from The Young Visiters, 1919; via The Sweet Life: Reflections on Home and Garden (Chronicle, 2001)

This photo (if you click on it, I think it will look nicer) has been stuck in my imagination for a while. From the December 2004 issue of Martha Stewart Living in an article about calligraphy, this pretty collection is my new inspiration for repainting and reorganizing the studio. Thank you to everyone who suggested places to look for ideas; I love seeing people's work spaces more than anything. I find keeping craft and sewing supplies organized to be an absolutely daunting and hellish task. The potential for it all to turn into a yarny, tangled, unfolded mess is just so huge, at least for me. I'll admit this pic is a bit precious and unrealistic -- multiply each of these genres of supplies by about 40 and you'll get a sense of the sheer volume of stuff I have, and none of it near so charming. But wouldn't a little mug of colorful knitting needles (surrounded by at least a 12-inch no-clutter zone) on my desk be a simple, cheerful goal? I could sit and look at it and think adorably, "Now, what shall I knit to-day?" Yes. That's what I want.

Isn't it weird that we find ourselves so utterly ready for a little paring down and reconfiguring in January? I feel like this happens to me without fail every single year. I mean, I know it's cliched, but the urge is nonetheless and relentlessly there. A good notion said Mr. Salteena. Now, where is the energy to match?


I just found your blog through another blog, (maybe angry chicken) and am charmed by it. I too wish I had such a little corner of my life as organized and picture-perfect, but that's not my reality either. It's nice to dream though and endeavor to find a happy medium. Now that the holiday craziness is over, I hope to get back into my sewing room and finish my own re-organizing project started (and still yet to finish) over the summer! It's so hard. sigh.

Excellent goal - organizing, paring down etc. I get that urge in January every year, too, when my design sensibility takes its annual shift from cozy and candlelit to more spartan, light-filled Swedish imagery.

Oh! And the little framed selection in the pic echoes another growing desire... crochet! (maybe an afghan, not sure yet)

Oh, Alicia! I remember this picture! And, yes, it's so beautiful and inspirational. This is my current project too! We just spent the past two days insulating, sheetrocking, assembling and hanging cabinets in my new (garage) workshop!

I found your blog recently through a search engine and have been back to visit several times. I am enjoying it very much. I was wondering if you could make your font just a little bit bigger. I am having a hard time reading it. If not that is Ok, I will still be back to enjoy.

I'm a new reader, only found you about a week ago. I think it was through a link at Angry Chicken (?). I just want to say I'm already a big fan!
I love your pictures and your musings, and I think I have to read that book "Little, big"(?)
Happy New Year from Norway.

it is amazing that January Toss that always happens..I feel the need to completely throw out..reorganize and repaint coming on. I LOVE that feeling!

Hello again* I'm loving your blog and I'm sure you will be one of my regular visits :) I've noticed a couple of friends here too!

Keeping organized in my craft/sewing area is a huge challenge. I only have a small space behind our couch and the inventory just keeps growing! (yikes! an explosion is pending I'm sure) I too am planning and looking forward to paring down and a reconfiguring next month :)

i've been feeling the exact same way about orgainizing and cleaning. i think it's just nice to enter the new year feeling a little less cluttered.

I love this picture - I even have a beautiful white featherweight sewing machine. On the other hand, my yarn/fabric/bead/button etc stash is staggering and has taken over an alarming amount of my teeny home. I love the idea of a few beautiful skeins on a shelf but the reality is actually drawers, baskets, bags etc wedged all over the place! thanks for the spring clean inspiration I love the pictures on your blog.

Alishia Hanson says: January 02, 2006 at 07:01 AM

Have you ever seen the book called A Room of Her Own : Women's Personal Spaces
by Chris Casson Madden? It has lovely spaces where women retreat and writers write. It's probably not quite the workroom inspiration that you need, but it's cozy and inviting and validating to the fact that women need a space. I've loved it for a few years.

My dreams look like this picture. Uncluttered, beautifully organized. Maybe this will be the year that my life will look like this picture. Thanks for continuing to inspire me with your beautiful blog.

Dear Alicia,

I am new to your blog, tho' not to you! : ) And am enjoying reading posts in between getting back in the swing of business.

I wanted to recommend a newish book-Where Women Create-it looks gorgeous and so inspirational. Full of photos of artist/crafter workspaces and little interviews. At an online community that I belong to, we are going to read this book and post and share photos of how it inspires us to improve and beautify our studios and offices.

A Bright New Year to you!

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