Slow it Goes (or, A Progress Report)

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Wreath2 Here starts my version of the Marie Claire Idees wreath. It took longer than I thought to wrap the sweater sleeves around the form, it being a curve and they being straight. The back is a mess of pins, but the front looks okay, I think. Consistently I was tempted to change the arrangement, or add something else, but then I would think, No, I want to see what happens when I constrain myself to a strict interpretation of their plan (other than color, obviously), even though my tendency is to do something other, out of habit, as we crafties generally do. I find great relief in this, and on the rare occasion that I make something just for myself, I almost always use a plan that's been designed by someone else, because damn I get tired sometimes.

It's the Sunday before Christmas and -- I feel like this last week really snuck up on me. Today is my day off and I am absolutely overjoyed for a little bit of time to myself. The wind has been ripping through our neighborhood for the past two nights -- I can't sleep at all. Friday night car alarms and various sirens volleyed their calls from every direction -- there were at least two going at any given time, off in the distance somewhere, but just loud enough so that I couldn't stop hearing them. When I woke early Saturday, I heard them still. Last night, no sirens, just that intermittent banging of things against windows and the whistle of drafts. I don't like wind. It puts me really on edge. I didn't wake until 9 a.m. which is about three hours later than usual, and it was lovely to wake up in a bedroom filled with sunlight! In the middle of winter. The wind clears the clouds and brings the sun. Really pretty.

Gingerbreadhouse This afternoon, gingerbread houses. Notice the plural. Arden is coming to spend the night, and I'd originally bought one for us to do together. Saw this one, in the current issue of Country Home magazine. Started to feel ever-so-slightly proprietary about how I wanted it to be. Knew she would feel the same (ever so slightly), being of strong creative genes herself. Got another house kit, and some Wheat Chex shingles for myself. Also, these little chocolate pebbles at Winco. What's a little ambition the week before Christmas? I have Olive, the Other Reindeer all cued up on the DVD player and I'm looking forward to some relaxing, crafting-with-a-kid time.

Ella Posie, our store, is closed from December 24th through January 1, and secretly I long for the vacation, and a good snowstorm. I'm going to try mightily not to think about how much bookkeeping I need to do for tax purposes (like, all of it, into the computer, for 2005, I'm so sad that I didn't keep on top of this the way I swore up and down I would when I was doing the exact same thing last year) and save it for January, and take this time to really reflect and recharge. And reorganize the studio.

If any of you have any inspiring paint colors, studio photos, or ideas that you can share with me or point me toward, I would love it, honestly. I feel quite uninspired by this task and desperately need the motivation. Oh, and by the way, I have no budget for this, other than for paint, so standing shelves, a table, some big cracker jars -- this is what I'm working with. I love the room itself so much, and I feel like I've just let it get out of control. I want to take everything out and then put half of it back in, in a better way. I'm going for a much sparser, more Scandinavian-like space. I need bigger pockets of air in my life in 2006.


The wreath is beautiful! I love the Australian Vogue Living magazine for design. You should go to Powell's and check it out.

Queen Things has a wonderful house & studio. You can find the pictures on the left of her blog under "tour dollhouse" & "sunroom studio".

The wreath looks great!

Your wreath is already even prettier than the original in my opinion. You've said it all so well, describing when you follow the plan, and when you're just completely original when making things. I also find doing things for myself usually means following a formula that's laid out for me.

Sounds like such a fun night with Arden, I hope you'll post pictures of your gingerbread house.

did you say you wanted a snowstorm? :)

have fun kid-craftin'. you should have seen my architect husband building a gingerbread house with our kids. two houses would have been a good idea.

I agree, your wreath is better than the one from the magazine! Looks like you're getting your wish for a snowstorm granted, well at least flurries and very slick roads.

I'm always inspired by the photos of Amy Butler's studio - see?

Have a fun filled day off! I can't wait to see your gingerbread house creations.

i was also going to say that amy butler has a great little studio. i find a lot of color inspiration from anthropologie's site.

your wreath turned out beautifully!! ♥

HI Alcia - I've really enjoyed stumbling across your blog. Your photos are beautiful and personal style very apparent. Just want to share that I redid my studio last winter and still LOVE it. You can see some photos on my blog (check back to February and March 05). Also the paint color I chose was Sherwin Williams "Heart of Palm" - a light pea green. I still love it months later - it energizes me and everything I put on the walls (quilts, watercolor paintings, photography) all seem complimented by the color. Another hint - I bought some simple WHITE furniture at Target (in the girl's bedroom department) for storage shelves with little bins (mine are pink) that I put in supplies like ribbon etc. The white furniture was cheap but looks great against the green too.

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