January Toss

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Dressers6 Though not quite January, the Tossing is already in effect (thank you Erica for that apt descriptor -- I'd never heard it before but I'm now going to go around saying it to myself daily). Yesterday, I got two new dressers. How excited was I. These are my first grown-up dressers, believe it or not, and the sock, underwear, and t-shirt tossing that went on yesterday afternoon was like early New Year's Eve in Times Square -- the hooting, the tossing, the exclamations. "I'm going to have a drawer just for my bathing suits!" shouted I.
     "How many bathing suits do you have?" said he.

It turns out that I actually didn't wind up having room for a bathing suit drawer, after all, but never mind. I couldn't have been happier. All my clothes fit beautifully in these two pieces -- hardwooded with dovetailed joints and brand new knobs -- and my newly cleaned up closet. When everything was refolded, extra unworn stuff turned out, and all placed in neat stacks and on its own hangers, it became very clear: I don't need any new clothes, I needed new dressers. I counted 47 skirts. That seems excessive, actually. But I love skirts and made (or designed) most of them myself so it was nice to see them hanging so expectantly again. Previous to yesterday they had been folded up willy-nilly and stuffed into one of those hanging shoe bag things. That's just wrong.

Childhoodbedroom It's unbelievable how happy storage makes me. I sat for about 45 minutes on the dog's bed and stared at my dressers in a state of utter peace and joy. I'm not kidding. When I mentioned in a previous post about the background in photos being a singularly reliable way of remembering how it was, and perhaps indicating something about how it will be, I was thinking entirely about this picture. It's my sister Julie in our childhood bedroom circa summer 1994, right before we both left home. When I look at this picture even now, I remember the panic I felt in that clutter then; our house was 1,200 square feet (and over 100 years old, with only two closets in the entire place), and five of us lived there for over twenty years (my parents for almost thirty). My sisters and I shared a room for much of that time, well into high school and vacations from college. I wish I could say that this particular picture shows something unusually cramped about the state of our quarters in general, but it doesn't; it's quite an average glimpse, and yes those are her dresses hanging from the ceiling. My childhood dream, aside from wanting a horse, was to have a small, empty desk with a few sharpened pencils and a banker's lamp where I could do my homework. I had gotten a Laura Ashley decorating catalog somewhere around eighth grade, and I bonded with it so ferociously that those lightened, calico-ed spaces imprinted themselves and became synonymous with my vision -- both childhood and adult -- of comfort and order and serenity, and happiness.

I love my new dressers. Thank you so much, lovely husband, loveliest of people, for this early birthday present. You see me as no one else ever has.


Alicia, they are lovely! I am so happy for you. Laura Ashley herself would covet your beautiful, serene living spaces!

Every glimpse I get of your home looks so inviting. The dressers are lovely. Any suggestions for favorite furniture stores in town?? With the new house we need a lot of new pieces.

Those are beautiful dressers; what a wonderful present--happy (early) birthday to you! And is that a dedicated "dresser space" you have for them, too? So nice!

That is a perfectly lovely! The dressers are amazing. I'm still stuck on the skirt though.. did you say 47..made or designed by you. You must share and please don't toss!

Wow. Thank last paragraph brought tears to my eyes. It's good to have the right partner. (speaking from experience)

What an uplifting end of the year post. I never make resolutions..but I always get into the tossing mood on this last day.
The dressers are absolutley beautiful, and I understand your feelings completely.
Oh...and it sure is great to have a partner who knows me like no other...very well put.

Every picture you post of your house inspires me to decorate mine. Everything in its place, the perfect color, and oh so cozy. Thanks for the end of the year inspiration!!

I just found your blog & its going in my bookmarks--creative, crafty people like you are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing with us!

OK.....since I'm not the first one to say that your last paragraph brought tears to my eyes, I can post my comment! Tears of joy for you and our dear, sweet Andrew. No one could ask for a greater gift than to know that those we love are loving and loved. Thank you. And I love the dressers! Good boy, Andy!!

Oh, we must be twins separated at birth: I pored over my Laura Ashley catalogue for a good few years in the mid-80's. I was lucky enough to have a room of my own, but it was on the small side, with a standard-to-low ceiling and fluroscent lights. I spent a great deal of time re-arranging the furniture, including a brief period when the bed was placed diagonally in the center of the room. Nothing I could do could quite bring into being the Laura Ashley-esque vision I had in my head. Right now, I'm at my sister-in-law's house, looking at her perfectly ordered pantry, and wondering why years of obsessive catalogue and magazine reading hasn't rubbed off on me in a more practically significant way.

Those are beautiful! What a nice present.

what a delightful post.
thank you.
congratulations on the order.

Those are lovely! What a beautiful space!

I LOVE them!! congratulations! ♥

I had to laugh at the bathing suit drawer. I dream of a seperate drawer for anything and everything.

~ Just wandered in, your site was open in one of the million browsers I had open. Don't know how I got here, but glad I did :)

just out of interest, does 1200 include things like the stairs, or is it the space within the rooms, all added up? or the ground floor area? just wondering, because i'm sure our house is under 1000, and that includes the walls and stairs and fireplace... seriously cluttered as well, and that's before teenagers!! my relatives at home keep asking if it's an apartment or a house, but it's quite common here...

From time to time I enjoy going back to the olden days of my favourite blogs to see how much they've stayed the same, or matured. This is so interesting - the dog is very young, this explains the beauty of your home in 2014 and well...I love your writing.

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