This Year, I Finished It!

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Finishedwreath I did, I finished it. It was not a quick project! But I desperately wanted to finish it by the end of the day on Christmas (knowing, of course, how quickly I am "over" Christmas the minute it passes, though I try not to be). When I was a kid, we always opened all of our presents on Christmas morning, rushed to mass, then retreated to whatever corners we could find at home and delved quietly into our new books, clothes, and craft stuff for several long hours before going to our grandma's for dinner. Every year for several years I would lie on my bed and draw something on Christmas afternoon -- for a long time, it was pictures from Camelot in colored pencil. I'd forgotten about this little tradition until Sunday: Andy unfortunately had to be at the hospital; our house was recovering from our party the night before, its prognosis poor (i.e.: I couldn't bring myself to really put everything back in order yet, feeling incomparably lazy); and I settled into the quiet, silver hours to finish my wreath, something just for me. It felt so much like those old afternoons spent drawing, thinking about the year, the special quiet magic of the day. I think some of that spirit found its way into the wreath. I didn't finish it until it had long been dark outside. I wished I had remembered to stitch a tiny "2005" into one of the leaves, for posterity. I guess it's not officially too late; we still have four more days of the year.


It's beautiful!

That is totally gorgeous! I'm sure working on the wreath was much more relaxing and rejuvenating than cleaning!

I LOVE it! (Do try to date it. You think you won't forget, but...)

The wreath is gorgeous, the colors you chose are so fresh & pretty!'s lovely. And I love knowing how you sweetly spent your afternoon waiting for Andy to come home. You're beyond dear.

Lovely, as always. Beautiful color choices!

Love, love, love the wreath! It truly seems full of joy and the Christmas spirit :)

It's beautiful.

It's so beautiful I'm basically at a loss for words!!

Thats such a pretty wreath! I love the flowers and leaves. Its all so lovely.. :)

WOW....Absolutely adorable!!!

It's gorgeous!

So astounding, it alsmost seems that it can't be real! Vibrant, beautiful, full of life! Hooray!

Your wreath is absolutely wonderful. It took my breath away the moment I saw it! Then I read your post and your magical "me" moments finishing your wreath made it even more special. Thanks for sharing!

love,Love,LOVE the finished wreath!!! Fabu job!

Bravo Alicia! I love how it turned out!

so, so YOU.
lovely, unique.
camelot, in colored pencils.
you inspire,

It's so lovely and sweet! I hope it reminds you of that magic every year!

Love your Blog so much that I'm starting at the very beginning. This is how far I've gotten so far. It's fun to blog binge one of your favoite blogs...what a treat! Especially since I'm at jury duty with nothing to do but wait!! Such a cute wreath. Love the color usual....your color sense is simply DeVIne!!
I love these early pages...your words paint such a pretty picture. I don't know that you read these early comments, but if ou do have a very Merry Christmas!

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