Cagelet Sale To-day

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Mrsnantucket_2 Rarely, rarely do I make things that I have trouble letting go of. I don't know why this is -- I can't count how many different products have come and gone from my line without ceremony, or even a sample left for me. But again, on Sunday, I found myself under the spell of the cagelets, and liked each new one just a wee bit more than the one I had just finished. I can only assume, once again, that it is just a bit of birdie magic. See what you think. This one (above) is Mrs. Nantucket.

Misspinkiesweet_1Miss Pinkiesweet

Mrsplum_1 Mrs. Plummy

Mrsredrose_1Mrs. Redrose

Missmelody_1Miss Melody

Misslemonella_1Miss Lemonella

If you'd like to have one of these live at your house, leave a comment with the name of the bird you would like, and I'll contact you directly. They are $36 each plus $6 shipping. Thank you!


HI! I have been waiting and I would like Ms Melody! Thanks!

Okay! Miss Melody to Heather! Thanks, H.

I'd love to have Miss Lemonella at our home!!

darn, i wanted ms. melody. :)

i'll take miss lemonella!

i guess i'm too slow today. :(

miss pinkiesweet?

I'd love Mrs. Plummy or Mrs. Redrose - whichever is left. Oh boy!

Miss Lemonella to Miss Rebecca. Thanks, R.M! And my Mary! Email me, we'll figure something out for you, sweetie. No worries.

Okay, Miss Pinkiesweet to Mary! Mary, she is my favorite one!

I would LOVE Miss Pinkiesweet. Is she still up for adoption?

Preference, Miss Chelle? They're both still available as of right this minute.

Dawn, when Chelle decides you can have the last one; but unfortunately Miss Pinkiesweet is for Mary.

Okay, Chelle picked Plummy. Dawn, would you like Mrs. Redrose?

Thanks, Alicia. They are all lovely but pink is what would be best for my daughter. I'll try again next time :).

Oops! I'm wrong -- Mrs. Nantucket, the first one is left, too!!!

Okay, no problem. Mrs. Nantucket and Mrs. Redrose are still available. Thanks!

Alicia, I want Dawn to have Pinkiesweet since it's for her daughter. I was just being selfish and getting it for myself.

Mary, thanks so much for your offer - how sweet are you?! You deserve your favorite. Alicia has promised more to come - my girl's birthday isn't until May so I can wait.

I'd love Ms. Redrose for Zoe's room if she's not already taken...

Reading the comment exchange for this post has been very entertaining! I imediately pictured an old fashioned switchboard with you Alicia as the operator and going as fast as you could, plugging in all the funny!

MARY! You really are the sweetest girl alive. Okay, I'm going to make you a super-special one, any colors you want, the prettiest in the world. What do you say? Please say yes!

If only you guys could see me right now. My face is BEET RED and I am sweating to death.

Okay, Meegan! Mrs. Redrose to you! (she said, weakly).

how could i possibly refuse the prettiest in the world?

that sounds perfect, since miss pinkiesweet was dawn's first choice.
thanks, alicia. you're so sweet.

Poor thing, have they all been sold finally? Go make yourself a cup of tea and take a deep breath :)

No, Mary, you couldn't refuse! Thank you! We'll talk, sugar. XO, a

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