Corners and Questions

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Corner4 Uncharacteristic efficiency. Here, in one post, is one of my "corners" for Soulemama's fun assignment (as usual, not sure what "day" this was supposed to happen, Amanda), Lisa's pillow included (oh how cool it is -- thanks again, L -- just have to commit to a spot for the little collage now, can't decide exactly where), and my answers to Sarah's tag. I've never been "tagged" before, so I hope I did this (and tagged my taggees) correctly. (I keep seeing the word "meme" and I don't really know what that is, but maybe this is it. Also, I apologize to anyone who's invited me to join a Flickr group; I neglect Flickr and my in-box over there quite a bit, unfortunately, though I always enjoy playing with it when I have extra time. I haven't managed to figure out how to tag [different kind of tag] things so that they show up in the "groups" they are supposed to, etc. I don't know why this seems hard for me; I think I just haven't read it carefully enough.) Anyway, it's kind of fun to pick favorites for a list. I always mean to invent one of my own sometime, and include things like Something I Know How to Do Better than Anyone: Set up sprinkler so that it hits only the lawn, and not any of the sidewalk. If I'd Only Had More _____ , My Life Would Be So Different: Hair. Anyhoo.

Four jobs you've had:
Candy girl at the Lake Theater, Oak Park, IL (loved it)
Waitress at Gepetto's, also Oak Park (loved it)
Administrative Assistant, Missoula, MT (LOATHED it)
Book Editor, Portland, OR (loved it)

Four movies you would watch over and over again:
Wedding Crashers (new)
Seems Like Old Times (old)
Waking the Dead (serious)
Meet the Parents (gets funnier every time)

Four places you've lived:
River Forest, Illinois
Rock Island, Illinois
Missoula, Montana
Portland, Oregon

Four TV shows you love to watch:
Gilmore Girls
Arrested Development
Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe
Veronica Mars

Four places you have been on vacation:
Manistique, Michigan
Toronto and Montreal, Canada
Europe and the U.K.
San Diego, California

Four web sites you visit daily:
Well, none daily, I must admit. But I try to keep up with the blogs on my list pretty regularly ;-)

Four favorite foods:
Stuffed shells
Green curry shrimp
Spinach souffle

Four places I'd rather be:
Lying on a beach somewhere, anywhere, warm
At the library
With my high-school girlfriends at Tasty Dog

Four bloggers I'm tagging:
Amy P.

You're it!




i have that same (or similar) lampshade - love the colors in it! and my husband tells me that meme means "same" in frech a-la everyone is answering the same questions. ;)

oh what a beautiful spot! i love the paint color and the eclectic style you've going on!

I love the paint color on your wall, but I can't tell, is it more in the green family or the grey family? very cool corner.
Oh, and I think you should start your own meme (does anyone out there even know how to pronounce that word?) I love the questions you started!!

Your home is toooooo great and amazing ! It's like in a magazine ! I love it !!

hey! too bad you're not still the Lake's candy girl. you could slip me some twizzlers when we make it to the movies. I'd forgotten you were an OPRF girl :) and uh, I think you'd have to have the stomach of a teenager to survive Tasty Dog!

I'm always so inspired by your use of color! You have such a brilliant take on it!.. :)

Yes, I could've at least given you popcorn. We used to walk home with enormous garbage bags full of it at the end of the night, and then someone would say, "I saw you walking down Lake St. with a huge garbage bag over your shoulder last night!" And I would say, "Oh, I was just bringing some popcorn home to my mom." :-) And yeah, I had my first barfing experience after Tasty Dog, actually -- cheese fries followed by an ORANGE. Oh, to be 15 again.

And the paint color -- I was going for dark grayish but it came out dark greenish, alas. I like dark walls with white woodwork, so it will stay for a while. But it's a small room and I have a willing painter so you never know. . . .

i've been reading your blog for a couple months now. you have the most hopeful sense of color and design. i love looking though your blog and store. i'm from evanston (originally) and my husband is from galesburg, il - i can't believe you lived in rock island! (i'd love to add a link to your blog from mine)

May I ask what that paint color is?

I love your mix of old and new things. Great corner!

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