I Love Nurses

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Andy Especially this one. I had a bad dream this morning and didn't get to see his smiling face before he left for work at 6 a.m. and wanted to see it today, somehow, so this.

He tells me funny stories about the hospital almost every night, but it is hard to make him laugh. I don't know why. He is frugal with his laughs and saves them up, I think, for the truly deserving. I am indiscriminate and will laugh at almost anything, even when I'm not supposed to. I think the wrong things are funny. I usually don't know they're wrong until after I laugh inappropriately and see others start backing away. I think this is what crazy people do, come to think of it. Uh oh. We both agreed that this was cute, however (phew) -- the first page of the 2006 Nurse-A-Day calendar:

As the pediatric RN listened to six-year-old Timmy's room over the intercom, she detected some sighs and whimpers. So she pushed the send button on the intercom to check on him:

Nurse: "Hi, Timmy. Are you all right?"
Timmy: "What?"
Nurse: "I'm asking if you're all right. You aren't scared or anything, are you?"
Timmy: "Huh?"
Nurse: "Timmy, please talk to me."
Nurse (more urgently): "Timmy, please answer me."
Timmy (in a scared, small voice): "What do you want, wall?"

I love it when he laughs. He is the funniest person I know. Also the gentlest. Also, the most generous. He is truly graceful. Before I really knew him well, back in college, I watched him once from a window in the library. He was playing hackysack on the quad. He reminded me of a baby horse, all legs and big teeth. Wherever he went there was a circle of people around him, wanting to be near him. I pondered them enviously from my study carrel. Who the hell is that guy? There is a sparkle in his eye that makes everyone feel included within the radius of his attention. He has an uncanny ability to connect, and it has sharpened as he's matured; I think it's because he meets people where they are, instead of where maybe they should be -- he can see where they want to be, and adjusts. I know this has always been true with regard to me. He finds me where I am, twitchy and confused, and scoops me in. I have never felt so included. When that face comes through the door, every single time, I feel like everything is going to be all right. Like it could even be great. I think that must be how his patients feel when he comes in the room. I know they do, actually, because they write notes that say so. None of this is to imply that it comes easy. He hardly rests. I think he needs more rest. I don't mean sleep, I mean more . . . rest. More pockets of space and time.

But he isn't really one for sitting down! If he could do fourteen things while sitting down, then, maybe. . . .


Alicia, you have a beautiful heart and I think your nurse is very lucky.

And I suppose you know by now the sad news of the miners. They are no less brave, though, the poor dears.

I loved this post! You made me laugh :) Your words about your husband are so touching, just lovely. You are both very blessed indeed to have each other.

This made me smile and warmed my heart! You're both blessed. ♥

Your husband is very lucky to have someone who can write about him so lovingly. You sound like a wonderful couple.

i love nurses too. (i work for a hospice.)
they rock!
i love reading your words.
nurses are great to have in the family. they can change the sheets with you in the bed!! how many people can do that?

What a beautifully-written love letter. You truly SEE your husband and know why it is you love, wow. That's powerful.

They can change the sheets with you in the bed??!! Really? Well, that's almost worth getting sick to test that out. Since I don't have a lovely nurse of my own at home, I'd have to test it out in hospital... nah, I'll just be envious of you :)

Oh, my beautiful boy and your beautiful words have made me cry again....hard!! Do you know that even from far away I think about him coming through that door, rushing in to get home to you and the loving coziness of the home you share? When I'm there I can almost touch the anticipation and then the joy at the return of our nurse- it's THAT real! Many are blessed because you found each other.

nurses are so cool. so awesome that you have one in your life!! i gained so much respect after being in the hospital for a week as a teenager!!

Can I get the name of the nurse calendar? My daughter is a new RN and I would like to get one for her. Thanks!

Hee hee...I love the way you describe yourself as a laughaholic while your husband is stingy with his laughter. I am in the same boat - anytime I get an actual laugh from my fiancee I am thrilled beyond belief!

I just wanted to say that I found this blog of yours via some serious surfing and this is the most beautiful thing I have seen on the Internet. I love your pictures very, very much.

And another thing. I have a niece, she's 7 and I adore her. So I feel something of a sisterhood to you ^-^
Thanks for keeping this blog.

What a beautiful post. A lovely comment by Suzan, as well. I hope it warmed your heart.

I've been a reader of yours for years and just recently started working my way through your archives. Such a fun thing to do! I read this post, I don't know, maybe a week or two ago and had to come back to it because I keep thinking about what you said about Andy meeting people where they are and seeing them where they want to be. I love that. I'm going to school to become a nurse and I hope to develop that quality, not just as a nurse but in my life. Thank you always for your beautiful words and insight and spirit that you share, as well as all the beautiful pictures.

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