Take-Out Valentines

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Poppygroup6_1 Why yes, I do love pink! I'm also in the beginning stages of admitting that I like fake flowers better than the real ones. I know that's sacrilege, or something. But it always makes me feel so sad to throw a real bouquet that someone's given me away once it's spent -- they fade so quickly (and go through such torturous processes)! And the real ones in the garden -- as soon as I see flowers come up, I start feeling a strange longing for their return -- next year. I love the excited anticipation of their arrival, and those first few days of unfurling, and then I start getting anxious about their imminent departure.

But paper, while lasting not quite forever, lasts longer, travels better, and comes in gingham and polka dots. Also, it's cheaper. These are the special Valentine's Edition of the Poppyboxes I do at Posie all year long. Pink hangs around all year in general, for me, but at V-Day I really let it loose.


I have to agree with you on the flowers. I love fresh flowers, but I also love gazing out my windows and seeing them all over my yard. I try to buy flowers weekly, but I do admit to having some tubs here and there briming over with artifical blooms. They're beautiful, colorful, and always inspiring.

Oh, and the Poppy Boxes are darling!

I'm crazy over those poppy boxes!

I'm also so smitten over your lanterns. I have a large one in that style, but have been looking for them in smaller sizes... oh dear, now I have lantern envy! ;)

These are just so sweet. I love your shop site and your sound advice... I have moments of envy! Thanks for sharing.

As mentioned in email, the lanterns are vintage from an antique store in the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle (can't even remember the name -- it's mint green inside). Not sure where to find more; they are a bit rare. Anyone know?
Thanks all! A

These are darling!

I love pink too! Always have, always will. Those lanterns are such a treasure!

everything you do is so beautiful. i can't believe i get to see it in person.

these are so lovely!! seeing them just made my morning.

Haha. I hear you about the imminent decline of all things pretty and alive. My mom sent me a copy of Home Companion, Mary Engelbreit's (remember her?) magazine. When she mentioned the name I thought it would be all country craft, but it's actually VERY beautiful and well done and has some divine paper flowers in the Feb/March 2006 issue. I think it would be right up your alley. If you haven't checked it out, let me know!

The store in Fremont is called Burnt Sugar, I think...They might have more of those lanterns.
206 545-0699

I love the posies - I used to make paper flowers with my infants in Taiwan. Even the boys loved it!

I have a side question - could you please tell me where you found the gorgeous lanterns? I have a yellow one exactly the same & would love a pink one too.


sorry I just read the answer to my question...

sorry I just read the answer to my question...

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