The Littlest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs

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MauvebirdsmallThe rain stopped for about four seconds this weekend. I looked out the window, and the front yard was filled with little tweeters.

They were so happy! And hungry! They bounced all over the front lawn, looking for snacks. In their honor, these, made Sunday. Like most of you, I love birdies.

Here are Miss Merry, Miss Greenapple, and Miss Lemoncello. Mrs. Jellytot and Miss Gingerie are at Flickr. (You can see them in full size on Flickr [just click on that badge to your left]. And yes, they are for sale: $36 each, plus shipping. Just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you. Eventually they will go up on the Posie web site but not until the sale there is over, in February, so this is a sneak preview.)

Greenbirdsmall Anyhoo, as I was saying, I love birdies and I love mobiles, too, and I'd been wanting to make some for a long time. I've never worked with wire before, but I had an idea about a little cage that was also like a little nest -- bits and bobs stuck in here and there. So -- little wire cagelets, tufted with vintage flowers, ripped bits of fabric, spools of thread, ribbons, rick-rack, sparkly "grass," butterflies. I loved developing each one, and letting it tell me what to choose. I was going to hang a paper mache bird down through the center of each, but these little mushroom birds are just so adorable. I've always had some sitting around the studio because whenever I see a cute one I tend to pick it up, but I'd never really come up with a good project for them. They seem happy with this, I think.

Yellowbirdsmall It wasn't exactly easy to make the wire part of the cage, I must say. The thing flopped around all over the place, and it was difficult to get it straight and even. Also, it's really hard to photograph wire (I think). There is something very nonchalant and spontaneous about these when you see them hanging in real life; I had a hard time capturing that in the photographs. So far I've done five, and plan to do at least twelve for the shop in February. Sweet little Valentine's Day treats, I think. Maybe a few little glittery hearts hanging from the bottom. Or just one. I'll have to wait and see what the thing says.


OMG these are so beautiful! :) I love this idea so much. Yes, I love birds. Yes, I love mobiles. This would be PERFECT in my bedroom!

How perfectly beautiful. I would love to have something like this in my daughter's room. We are full-on obsessed bird-lovers here ourselves.

I LOVE these, I am doing my daughter's nursery in vintage birds and these would be adorable hanging over her crib - if you ever decide to sell any of them let me know!

what a great idea. the colors are so bright and cheery - much needed in this dreery weather.

OMG, how CUTE are these!! LOVE them.. and I am not a big bird person but I would have one in my room!!

laughing here about the wire comments - boy howdy, don't i KNOW about wire! i can just hear you cussing now, if you are anything like i with the stuff (watch those eyes!). and yes, how i do love birds. i once lived on songbird lane, and hated having to move, just because i lost that lovely address.
your cages are ever so dear! nina

Beautiful - I love the bird mobiles! We've had migratory robins in the neighborhood lately and it's such fun to watch them gorge themselves on mountain ash berries - the kids laugh at all the impossible positions the birds get into in search of more berries. Also, your title caught my eye - it's the title of one of my favorite songs right now by the "Be good Tanyas". Not sure if you meant that aliteration or not, but if you did, good on you!

Your creativity and invention continue to awe and inspire me. They are lovely and beautiful! XO

Wow -- thank you everyone. I modified the post a bit to refer you to Flickr to see the full images and two others, if you're interested; just email me if you would like to buy one. And yes, I was thinking of the BGTs when I wrote the title -- love that song, don't you?

Oh, these make me so happy! I would like to reward myself with one when I clean my workspace. How's that for motivation?

Pure genius. And gorgeous, to boot.

really lovely and whimsical!

by the way, that BGT song was partially an inspiration for my blog name (also, i call my children my little birds).

Another bird lover here too :) I love how fresh and light these feel - you're an inspiration!

PS- How much are you selling these for?!

cutest things ever! and I think you did a marvelous job of photographing them.

These are just lovely!!! Birdies are becoming one of my favorite decorations. I'd love one in my daughter's room! Just beautiful!

Beautiful! And so original!

Count me in as yet another bird lover! Those are so precious...what a fantastic idea.

OMG!! these are so pretty!! would you happen to have anymore for sale?

this is momo of candlemomo from flickr ^^

I love these so very much-like a WHOLE LOT!!!

So so pretty....

Hi, you sweet girls -- thanks for liking these. I'm so pleased you do! There is one cagelet ($36 + postage) left, and its Miss Greenapple, the middle picture on the post. She's at Flickr, too, if you click on the badge. More will come in the next week or two and I'll put them up on the blog before they go up on the site, so check back in if you're interested. Now, gotta gota bed! XO, a

Hi, dear one. I'm constantly amazed at your busy, busy brain and heart! These are soooo sweet- and so brand new! I've never seen anything even remotely similar. You're a creator extraordinaire! Love!!

I stopped cold when I saw these; I love them!

These are so beautiful! You have such a way of creating ideal moments that don't look created at all! Does that make sense? IO hope that's coming across as a compliment since it is one..... The part I don't like about online communication: the inflections in my head don't always get conveyed into the message.

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