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StubbyaudreyAudrey would like to thank everyone on Andy's behalf for their very kind comments yesterday regarding his guest appearance on this blog, especially those that indicated they were impressed by his wardrobe. She's also rather . . . bewildered . . . by the impressive cost accounting he detailed throughout, considering the man just learned where the checkbook was kept about a month and a half ago, and barely remembers where we are supposed to put the receipts. Or, come to think of it, the mail. Or almost anything else he brings into the house. But he is so flippin' cute we excuse EVERYTHING, everything, everything, because a knitting, silkscreening nurse who makes his own pajamas is just . . . well, jeez . . . the very best pal a furball could ever have. 



I would say Audreys human is quite the keeper!

Hi Alicia,

It's so funny you & I both joined whipup today. I have been in your store three times now to try to meet you and I always come in on the wrong days.

I'm a paper artist & knitter, and I'm in a bonnet phase right now. I love your shop. My best friend also has a store on Broadway (called Oh Baby). I'd love to meet you some time.

The dog is lovely.

Where I'm from in the southeast, we used to call guys like Andy "yellow catfish". An old fishing expression that you never threw back the yellow catfish, they were the good ones. Andy is most definitely a yellow catfish. I have a yellow catfish too, although if I ever saw him knitting I'd faint.

Congrats on joining Whip Up, now we'll get to read even more from you.

Oh, this dog. Too beautiful. What a trio you guys make!

How cany anyone who wears cowboy pants go wrong? What a great guy!!

Also, I don't think I have ever seen such adorable management.

Warmest Wishes!

Oh sorry for the second post, but I look forward to seeing even more your work on whip up!! Yipee!

Audrey you have a beautiful yin yang face!
You must be the balance for the humans in your life!

Your dog is the cutest and so is your blog! I've been reading it for a while now, and I really admire your talent.(Especially the crochet tea set and cakes! Absolutely fabulous!) I'm so envious of your home, for I too adore everything English.:) You have such a beautiful blog and style of writing, I wish you the best of luck with your business and everything in yor life! <3

Ha! cute! ♥

Oh no, I'm back again.
It's about Andy too. I was comparing him to my own Andy in my last comment, and your reminder about him being a nurse rang a bell. I remember Alicia saying her accident was the time Andy decide to become a nurse. Well my Andy also wanted to enter the medical profession when he saw me have our baby. But, he didn't go on to do that. Good on you Alicia's Andy for having the courage of your convictions!

OK, not only do you have a cool husband, but your dog is SUPER cute too!!!!

What an adorable pup!! Yes, he is very lucky to have TWO very talented people!!

Ha ha! What a cute cute girl!

I love visiting you here! Your humor and warmth are lovely. And this darling doggie, oh i just wanna kiss!

Audrey is so organised, I haven't managed to do any blogging all weekend and yet here she is, posting away and looking great at the photoshoot too, what a gal - that is some great household you have there.

Your dog is very cute as is your husband..keep both...also loved your sweet words about blog friends...

Your collages are so lovely, but I must admit, Audrey's face is the cutest thing ever! How is it that her face is so perfect?

He just keeps sounnding better & better!

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