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DressandchairThank you, kind lassies, for your very kind comments yesterday, especially you, Laura, the sweetheart who suggested I looked like Courtney Cox! That comment alone has made having a blog at all just so very extremely worth it! Alas, these days I bear far more resemblance to Grendel's mother than the lovely C.C., but you're such a sweet, generous crowd I'll let you persist in thinking I'm still cute if it means coming home to such comparisons. But really, thanks everybody. You are all just so nice. And I loved hearing all the other funny engagement stories!

Andy was reading the comments last night and laughed when he got to our friend Misha's (hi Meesh!), who wondered why I don't make wedding dresses. I said, "Maybe I should have mentioned that that one took me a year." Andy said, "Yeah, but you, like, made it in bed, while watching TV." Sort of true; we did live in a studio apartment with a Murphy bed then, and when the bed was out it took up half the room, so where could I go? I'd sit in the middle of of the bed, and hand-stitch silk ribbon to the hem. We actually had to move furniture around every night before we could go to sleep. Good times, though. Loved that place, and making that dress. As I said, I really loved that year, and part of it was just the experience of making the dress, and sitting under all that gorgeous silk organza, and dreaming. Good fabric is just . . . it's just so awesome. Piles of it is heavenly.

Dolldresses2This little fairy frock is a tiny confection that I've had for years, gotten for a few bucks at an antique store somewhere. It's one of my absolute favorite things ever, and I keep it with my little collection of little chairs. I have a collection! I found this shelf at a garage sale a few years ago, and I got it with the sole intention of starting a little collection of something, but I didn't know what I wanted to collect. I thought, "What do I like to do?" and then I thought, "Well, I do like to sit." So, you know, chairs.

These little tiny wire ones with the flowers are so sweet. And that double beach chair? Wow. A gift from my friend Kim, who used to be a display designer for big department stores, and I believe this came from one of those. One is made of a tin can (the white one with the green cushion)! That was from Shelly, of the aforementioned Button Day, and I think she got it on E-bay, and gave it to me for Christmas.

Amy P. and I were talking the other day about how much we loved Jenny's amazing dollhouse makeover. If you haven't seen that, take a look. It will just make you smile with your whole body.


What a great collection! Makes me want to pull one up!

Ooooh I'm mad for antique linens and baby clothes! I'm actually in the process of collaging a photo to hang w/ 2 dresses I just bought. Such sweet and fluffy creations!

P.S. My engagement story is a doozy! The hubs and I were at the Burger King drive-thru (romantic!) he had just ordered when he turned to me and said "Hey your rings in there" and nodded towards the glove compartment of his car. I replied "Ohhhh-kay" he edged up a space in the drive-thru line, leaned over and popped open the glove box. "Come on, just try it on" he said. I remember thinking "Ummm it's not supposed to go down like this" we moved up again in line (we were almost to the window now) he pulled out the white leather box, opened it up and handed it to me so he could pay the cashier. He then grabbed it back and said "I just wanna see if it fits, come one pleeeease..." so he took it out of the box, grabbed my hand and slid it onto my finger just in time to get to the 2nd window and pick up the order. He handed me my fries and that was it. We've been married for almost 7 years and the man never actually proposed! Oh well, at least I got some fries out of the deal :)

HAHlarious. Oh man. That's funny.

that p.s. is too much!!!
what some men will do...
i love your assemblage there.

It's true, you DO look like CC. I got my teenage awkwardness when I saw your pic. Why would you want to read my comments, you are one of the beautiful people, but then I remembered, the crafty beautiful people had SOULS and your has been out there for us all to adore on the blog so I should've known better.

now i can look for mini chairs for you. what fun i will have.

Oh yeh, the dress and chairs! Esp. love the french looking chair bottom left and the 3 on top.

i love little things! especialy furniture and food. actually those are two of my favorite things in normal size too. :)

One can never have enough chairs. Love the sweet little dress too. You have such a wonderful eye...

Love the adorable chairs. I am a big sucker for chairs -- full size chairs! I am always bringing home another from a thrift store or yard sale, imagining how I;ll recover or repaint it... My hubby would love it if I would pair it down to these mini-beauties that can fit on a shelf.

ah! I was just thinking the other day about finding a little chair for a table display. So darling!

I love your little collection of chairs. It is so cute. I collect things and have so much fun with the little displays throughout my house.

I also love the blog about buttons. A friend and I collect buttons as well and love browsing through boxes in antique stores and flea markets. I have an old box full of my grandmother's buttons... these I treasure!

oh, only you could make a crap pizza proposal sound so fabulously romantic!! congrats sweety, you look stunning!!!

love the chair collection... great inspiration to display more of my collections.. too often I hide them thinking I am such a dork ...

Oh, oh, I remember a little great aunt who used to have one of those coke can rockers on her living room mantle. I was probably 7 and was so obsessed with it, but I would never touch it (I was worried I'd get cut). I really loved it. What a memory.

I don't know where you find all these amazing tiny frocks (or smidgeons, as we call anything tiny around here, including children). They are so sweet. xo

A lovely collection! And it makes so much more sense than my collections of spoons and salt and pepper shakers.

I wondered why my ears were burning!

Your chair collection is the absolute cutest, I am in love with that frothy little dress! What a knack you have for arranging the cutest vignettes. Each object gains in stature. I am more prone to just crowding random things together and hoping it looks like it makes a little sense. :o/

I'm a little late commenting on this post but I wanted to say that I'm in that situation right now (living in a tiny apartment and completing my projects on the bed and on the kitchen table)! Great to know that I (hopefully) won't always be in this situation!

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